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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-855-228-0177
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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-855-228-0177

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Welcome to San Antonio, where the most important thing you need to know is that a day in the city is as colorful as its culture. Picture this: You're strolling down the cobblestoned pathways of the River Walk during the Texas Cavaliers River Parade, watching the vibrant barges wind their way along the water while people crowd on the banks to get a good view. A friend suggests getting dinner at the Casa Rio and then popping into the Esquire Tavern for a drink afterwards. Before you head out, you pull out your phone to snap some pictures and record a video to post on social media later.

It's pretty amazing to live in a city that provides constant "Pics or it didn't happen!" entertainment. Partying for ten days straight during the Fiesta San Antonio, or visiting the world's largest Mexican market (outside of the actual country) for some true, authentic Mexican food are post-worthy endeavors. That being said, you have to have a network that can keep up with your adventures in the Alamo City, both inside and outside the Loop.

AT&T Internet packages provide more reliability than you can shake a stick at, so whether you decide to upload your pics at home or through your mobile device on the go, you're more than covered. If you're not up for a night on the town? Stay in. Stream a movie or a show. Enjoy nearly no lag time and picture quality to rival real life. Doesn't sound too bad, does it?

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Stop waiting and start streaming with AT&T Fiber Internet 300. Built on a 100% fiber network, AT&T Fiber delivers the fastest internet speeds so you can surf, work, game, and stream without the wait time.

Internet 300 powered by AT&T Fiber starting at

00 /mo
Plus taxes for 12 mos. when bundled

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Quarry Crossing Store 7322 Jones Maltsberger Road Suite 238, San Antonio, TX 78209

Austin Hwy Store 1442 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78209

San Antonio South Store 8526 I-35 South Suite #104, San Antonio, TX 78211

North Star Mall Kiosk 7400 San Pedro Ave Ste. 5544, San Antonio, TX 78216

Enjoy 11225 Dessau Road Suite 102, San Antonio, TX 78216

North Central Store 13127 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216

Valencia Hills Shopping Center Store 13623 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX 78217

Rigsby Ave Store 5313 Rigsby Avenue Suite 101, San Antonio, TX 78222

City Base Store 3138 Southeast Military Drive Ste. 117, San Antonio, TX 78223

South Park Commons Store 2814 SW Military Suite 109, San Antonio, TX 78224

Southpark Mall Store 2310 SW Military Dr Suite 317, San Antonio, TX 78224

SW Military Store 7023 IH-35 S, San Antonio, TX 78224

Medical Dr Store 4727 Medical Dr Ste 101, San Antonio, TX 78229

Vance Jackson Store 2639 NW Loop 410 Ste. 102, San Antonio, TX 78230

Huebner Oaks Center Store 11745 IH-10 West Ste. 105, San Antonio, TX 78230

Wurzbach Pkwy Store 938 Wurzbach Parkway Suite 101, San Antonio, TX 78231

Sonterra Store 1141 N Loop 1604 E, San Antonio, TX 78232

Ingram Park Mall Store 6301 NW Loop 410 P08 Ingram Park Mall, San Antonio, TX 78238

Ingram Store 6045 NW Loop 410 Ste. 101, San Antonio, TX 78238

Westover Marketplace Store 8227 State Hwy 151 Ste 102, San Antonio, TX 78245

Bulverde Rd Store 17306 Bulverde Rd Ste 108, San Antonio, TX 78247

Tezel Rd Store 5538 Tezel Road, San Antonio, TX 78250

Alamo Ranch Store 5539 W Loop 1604 N Ste. 108, San Antonio, TX 78253

Potranco Store 11219 Potranco Road, San Antonio, TX 78253

North Rim Store 17503 La Cantera Pkwy Ste. 111, San Antonio, TX 78257

The Village at Stone Oak Store 22502 US Hwy 281 N Building K, Suite 101, San Antonio, TX 78259

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in San Antonio

4.4 out of 5 stars | Based on 49 Reviews

TRACY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love it so far. I love the choice of channels. But it does seems to go out quite a bit, not for long though.

VICTOR Reviewed ATT Reviews

On October 6 I went to a local AT&T office to ask for help in resolving my problems with a very high price for my internet service. Retail Store Manager was very helpful ! She did an exceptionally good job to find for me all services that I need (land phone and internet for a reasonable price), and also combined my payments to DirecTV and AT&T services in one bill (statement).She was very polite, patient and helpful in an answering on all my questions. I'm very happy and appreciate for her job done for me. Thx

ELIZABETH Reviewed ATT Reviews


NEIL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installer of internet service was clean and professional... customer service rep who set up the account was very knowledgeable and helpful. The dedicated 6mbps line from wifi streamed to smart TV make my Dish service buffer a little too much (you drop from advertised mbps when wifi) and the change over from one address to the next (from wives account to my account) was cumbersome and rude.

BRANDON Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love my new internet! The internet service I was using previously was very slow so I decided to switch and I am so glad I did!

CINDY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Att has delivered on everything they have promised I would recommend to everybody!!!!

CRISTIAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Superior to all other local service providers installation is professional system is intuitive and user friendly and most importantly fast and responsive.

MARIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Fantastic service!!! Two teams actually came out to install my internet during Fiesta and stayed til 7 pm. Wow!!! I recommend this service HANDS DOWN!!!

GABBY Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT& T provided me an ample amount of channels with great selection and an internet speed suitable for my needs at an exceptional price. I especially appreciated not having to get a service that I wouldn't use to be eligible for a promotional offer.

LEA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Our service has been great so far! Awesome deal $$$ The guy who came out to install it was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions! (I'm drawing a blank on his name but he did tell us!!)

JEAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service. Installation occurred as promised. Installer very knowledgeable and professional. Really happy with service.

TRACY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I called about my Order confirmation I received 4/3/2015 because I had a couple of questions about what was printed on the order confirmation. The confirmation did state to please confirm that the list is accurate, and call you if there were any discrepancies. I called and spoke to Chris, and asked why the Order Confirmation listed twice (below each phone number) "BUS LOCAL CALL UNLIMITED A" and did not list anything about unlimited long distance. He stated that AT&T "lies" on the Order Confirmation that they are wrong and he tells people to ignore them, He said I should wait until I receive my bill. He did not want to put long distance on the account because he felt AT&T would then bill our business twice for long distance. So I am waiting for my first bill to see if AT&T correctly bills my company. It was a very frustrating phone call with nothing resolved. The phone installation and the phone service so far has been great. I just hope the phone bill is correct I would hate to have to talk to Chris again, I hope that call was recorded so you can hear it.

RICHARD Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love my service, the other company is a lier ,ATT KEEPS THERE PROMISES

ADRIANA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had great service, from the sales rep., on the phone, toDavid, who checked the land line, and installed the phone jack. Thank you AT & T, please keep the land line service going. Everyone knew how to help me, and all guestions were answered.

LAURA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The professionalism has been above reproach. They found what the problem was to get us hooked up and started immediately to get us up and running. Each and every person has been polite and very sociable. AT&T makes the customer feel that they are appreciated. Thank you so much for this as have never had this from any other service providers. Line is fixed and looking forward to the next step in hooking us up.

ROBERT E Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service technician that provided the cable install from the main box to the trailer and then to the existing wall outlet was extraordinary. He was courteous, informative and very efficient. We would highly recommend this installer to anyone. You are fortunate to have such a qualified and customer service oriented employee. Thanks for the quality service and install.

MARLOW Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service is very good, and I am very satisfied.

PAUL Reviewed ATT Reviews

My ATT service is awesome! Fast internet and great one day service.

SHANE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great fast service and easy set up!

JORGE Reviewed ATT Reviews

not happy at all. way to slow. When I placed order I explained what I needed it for and they told me that the speed that I was getting was good for me. 1.5 for 3 computers, xbox, ipad, downloads, uploads, movies, games. I wil be cancelling this service as soon as I get my new service with another company

DANIEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very fast, professional, and courteous installers. Loving the speed.

MARIO Reviewed ATT Reviews

Bravo! a very well organized way to set up the service. The final touch was great too: the technitial showed up and connected the system. He offered to help making sure that internet was up and running and he left after that. Thanks!

FRANK Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great quality Internet. Consistent speeds and reliable service. Absolute upgrade compared to previous service with cable.

WILLIAM Reviewed ATT Reviews

I tried cable internet ,but it had problems. o I went to AT&T DSL and so far it's been good. Customer service is also good.

SERGIO Reviewed ATT Reviews

glad i switched friendly customer service excellent internet.

JAYKISHAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Being a student, AT&T U-verse has provided me with fast, reliable, and secure internet to accomplish my daily needs. Its is one less thing to worry about and makes life easier.

GERARDO Reviewed ATT Reviews

Two set of technician needed to show up to turn on the Uverse internet on a house which was previously had the service and the equipment already installed. First Tech needed to wait 2 hrs for second technician who showed up without the proper equipment because "someone" used his work truck and used parts/equipment the day prior when he was "off" and the truck was not restocked with the appropriate parts. Therefore, a third technician had to show up to drop the parts needed for the second technician to just turn the service so the first technician could just program the existing modem already at the house. Talking about efficiency and effectiveness...RIGHT..after 6 hrs on 90s weather which I invited the people inside the house because the temperature where too high to allow them to wait inside their trucks. All these events happened after my initial appointed was unilaterally cancel by AT&T Dispatching team because they arbitrarily decided to reschedule without asking anyone else including the customer, myself, if that was okay... The ironic of all is that you have a recoding message that this is the "NEW" AT&T, no wonder why I terminated my service with the old AT&T, but I am at your mercy because this neighborhood is only serviced by Uverse so I have to deal with the "NEW" AT&T for at least this summer... Jerry Ortiz

REBECA Reviewed ATT Reviews

" i love my at&t internet i just switched and i can see the big difference , the best speed i can have . i never tough that i can do a lot of thing in just minutes when with other internet companies takes me for ever. i dont have any problems with it."

RICARDO Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent service over the phone and the internet installation was easy. AT&T recommended Direct TV for cable since Uverse is not available in my area and so far, so good. Only negative is they contacted several times to confirm the appointments.

NICOLE L Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have at & t uverse Internet & I also have the cell phone service. My Internet service is amazing! I missed having Internet so much!

SONIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Good customer service.. fast service.

CHALA Reviewed ATT Reviews

We had a great experience with AT&T. Every customer service rep we spoke to was very helpful and assisted us with exactly what we needed. I would certainly recommend AT&T to anyone that is in need of this type of service.

NURY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I'm glad I finally got service but was disappointed about how many times the service date was rescheduled due to lack of communication at AT&T. Internet is a must have for me and I had to wait two weeks for no other reason other than people dropping the ball.

MINH Reviewed ATT Reviews

I so happy to get my wireless gateway internet working good.

VIRGINIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was so pleased that everyone I dealt with was courteous, helpful and just a pleasure. Thank you!

JUAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

exellent customer service. Installer very professional

BRAULIO Reviewed ATT Reviews

excellent customer service, super fast internet and I will never install TWC in my house, thank you AT&T for your service.

ILIANA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I almost made a huge mistake with going to Timewarner for internet, after I had enough of the constant up sales I called Att and they treated me right!

ANNE Reviewed ATT Reviews

My new AT&T service and installation went smoothly and I appreciate how timely the servicemen were. They gave me a time 1-5PM, called ahead and arrived and completed installation within allotted time. Even though there was a need to call a 2nd technician and make a repair outside of my apartment building, they were finished and I was up and running before 5pm. The service was very helpful and I felt my technician wen above and beyond by helping me make decisions on where to place the modem, etc.

ROHIT Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am glad I took ATT U-verse for my internet connection. Smooth, no issue, and self-installation was easy.

LINDA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The initial installation was not correct, the phone number left by the technician and his supervisor were not answered nor a return call from message left. Spent 1.5 hours on the phone with a service representative and got no help. Second repair person fixed the hookup, but couldn't solve the problem with one of our TV's and AT&T said "sorry, your problem". We must use two remotes to get it to work and fiddle with the "source" of the TV. Most of the remotes left did not work correctly and no ewmote user guide was left initially. When we use the DVR, Voices are sometimes garbled. So far, not at all satisfied withthis "service?".

BRIAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T U Verse is a definite upgrade from my time warner service and my kids love the fact that the can record shows with the DVR feature.

CARLOS Reviewed ATT Reviews

Nice and fast service.

LENARD Reviewed ATT Reviews

great job

CHUCK Reviewed ATT Reviews

Wireless Internet service does my household well...Netflix streams very clearly, and Internet connection is a breeze. The added Wi-fi for our phones is a plus, too!

EUNIS Reviewed ATT Reviews

I've had nothing but issues with my bill since i got AT&T even my most recent bill i was told it would be a certain amount n still it come out to be more n I'm being charged for a phone I don't even have I keep calling all they do is transfer me to some one else

CARMELA M Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had given up on U-verse was told there were problems in the lines outside and they didn't know how long it would take to fix it. when I called to cancel my order your service representative by the name of Lisa in Missouri started making calls she fixed the problem and got the service I needed. great customer service.

JOHANNY Reviewed ATT Reviews

It was ok. Installation appointment need to be more flexible . I had to take off work because they did have appointment for the weekend.

DARREN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love my new u-verse service!!! It's crazy fast and can use multiple devices. If you want fast service at a great price I can tell you that you will not be disappointed!