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IP Flex

IP Flexible Reach (IP Flex) combines voice and data networks into one so you can make better use of your bandwidth, save on equipment, and access high-tech voice features not otherwise available.


Managed Internet Service (MIS) is a dedicated Internet, voice, and data connection that is proactively monitored and maintained by AT&T engineers. Speeds available up to 40Gbps.


An AT&T VPN with multiprotocol label switching (AVPN-MPLS) gives your business cloud services over a guaranteed private connection that’s run end-to-end by AT&T.

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Excellent Service

AT&T continues a 130-year legacy of excellent service by providing 24/7 phone support and organizing technicians into local taskforces that provide faster, more customized solutions.


Your business gets a guaranteed private connection, with AT&T supervising and maintaining the network end-to-end.

Choice & Control

Internet with AT&T is available with a security suite to help protect your computers from hackers, viruses, spam, and harmful websites.


While its competitors have only one or two, AT&T has multiple CO switches and offers fully redundant facilities to protect your mission-critical processes.

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