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Five gig internet

AT&T 5 Gigabit Internet

Support the Most Cutting-Edge Technologies of Today and Tomorrow

Unsurpassed speed, when nothing but the best will do. Upgrade your home with 5 GIG fiber internet.

  • No Price Increase at 12 months
  • No Annual Contract
  • No Data Caps
  • No Equipment Fees
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Level Up to AT&T 5 Gigabit Internet

AT&T Fiber 5 GIG Internet can power your home or small business to the fastest levels on the market. Looking for the best internet available? AT&T’s 5 GIG Fiber Internet boasts top speeds, secure connections, and the broadest bandwidth possible.

  • 5-GIG equal upload and download speeds†
  • Build content, go live, and influence faster than before
  • Our maximum speed for truly immersive experiences
  • Gives elite gamers the ultimate edge with our fastest speed to outperform their competition
  • ActiveArmorSM internet security
  • Fiber-fast speed, and network reliability to support the most cutting-edge technologies of today and tomorrow
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What is NVIDIA GeForce NOW?

GeForce NOW is a game-streaming cloud-based membership that connects to digital PC game stores and stream games you already own. You can then use nearly any device like your laptop, TV, a tablet, or your phone to connect into the GeForce NOW platform:

  • Games are always up-to-date in the GeForce NOW cloud. 
  • Features the highest resolutions and highest frame rates from the cloud.
  • Powered by AT&T Fiber if you’re playing on a PC, laptop, or tablet in the house—or through the AT&T 5G network if you’re playing on the go.
  • Our GeForce RTX 4080-class performance servers are robust enough to support a competitive gaming experience.

NVIDIA recommends using an Ethernet connection or a 5GHz wireless router for reliable performance in-home.

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Get up to a $200 AT&T Visa® Reward Card when you sign up for AT&T Fiber

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Experience Everything Your 5 GIG Fiber Internet Has to Offer

Visit the AT&T Internet Resources center to broaden your internet know-how and ensure that you have the best possible online experience. The resource center includes topics such as how to optimize your internet speed, how to work safely from home, how to set parental controls, how to ward off hackers, and how to travel with AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is 5 GIGs of internet?

5 GIGs (or 5 Gbps) is equivalent to 5,000 Mbps.

Is 5 GIG internet fast?

Not only is 5 GIG internet fast—it’s AT&T’s fastest internet available. To put 5 GIGs in perspective, check out All Home Connections’ guides for internet speeds for streaming and gaming. With AT&T Fiber 5 GIG Internet, you’ll never have to worry about lag.

Can I get 5 GIG internet for my business?

Yes, AT&T Fiber 5 GIG Internet is the best plan for an ultra-connected business. With speeds up to 500x the average household speed, your business will operate at the highest levels of connectivity. For more information on business internet, check out All Home Connections’ business plans and services page.

Is 5 GIG internet available in my area?

AT&T Fiber 5 GIG Internet is currently available to more than 5.2 million customers in 70 metro areas. To see if it’s offered in your area, take a look at All Home Connections’ availability page.

Is 5G faster than gigabit?

Gigabit internet reaches upload and download speeds up to 1 Gbps (or 1,000 Mbps). 5G’s speed, on the other hand, is determined by the wireless coverage in your area. If your 5G connection is strong, upload speeds can reach from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps.