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Pflugerville Crossing Store 1616 FM 685 Suite 101, Pflugerville, TX 78660

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Pflugerville

4.6 out of 5 stars | Based on 18 Reviews

JOSEPH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great so far. Really enjoying getting actual advertises speeds.

PHILIP Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very courteous and on time.

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

great customer service! great product! wish i would have made the transition sooner!!

ANA L Reviewed ATT Reviews

We have been very satisfied with AT&T so far! The technician did a fabulous job getting us all set up and the service has been great!

EMILY Reviewed ATT Reviews

The agent went over my concerns in detail, and answered each question.

RAVIL Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T is the best cable/internet I have ever had. Great reasonable prices and the app is great as well. Customer service gets an A+ from me.

BRYAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Professional and courteous technician and excellent sevice.

BRYAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Fast, courteous and professional!

MEGAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Jared, the guy that hooked up our intenet, was nice. However, I wish we could get faster and more reliable internet and our area. Ours goes out a lot.

JAMIE FRENCH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Let's start with the fact that I had the Internet and phone installed and the installer did not tell me my new phone number so I called to get the number and they stated that they could not give me that information and that I needed to go to an att store to retrieve it. About an hour after installation, the modem began to have glitches. The settings reset back to their original format. I called to have this fixed and they told me how to do it myself. The very next day, it wasn't working. I, yet again, had to call and they told me how to reboot it over the phone. The very next day, the modem stopped working, again. At this point, I just wanted a new one, but instead, the man told me that I had to restart it MYSELF! I have the upgraded version to 12Mbps and my phone internet almost always works faster off of the wifi. Lastly, when I ordered my package, I was given a total value that I would be billed a month. I knew I would have taxes on it, but NO ONE mentioned some of the fees I would be charged monthly. This has been the absolute worst service I have ever received. I am switching back to time warner cable immediately.

CARL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Guy was the visiting technician. He understood the problem, came up with a great solution, and communicated with me throughout the process. Very good experience.

ASHLEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love it! Always the best

NICCOL Reviewed ATT Reviews

The internet is super fast and easy to access. Customer service is great and the technician who installed the modem was very professional.

BRIDGETTE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Ordering with customer service was a nightmare. I had to talk to multiple people, one who asked me for the previous tennant's security answers. Insane. However, the person who came to install it was awesome and the service works very well. So a couple hours on the phone was worth it in the end.

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great services helped me out a lot! 5 star service


Im very satisfied. its fast and has excellent connection:)

ETHEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service from the time I purchased it, to the time the man came to hook my line up has been great! The people they have working there are the most friendly, helpful people. I am very satisfied with my service!

KEITH Reviewed ATT Reviews

A little hiccup at begin when setup to install but after that everything went smooth and working great