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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-855-430-6518
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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-855-430-6518

Discover the Benefits of AT&T Internet for Your Odessa Home

Odessa is more than a spread of flatlands rich with black gold and grizzled southern cowboys. As the foundation of Friday Night Lights fame, it has cemented itself in the annals of underdog success stories: a small(ish) town set against the grand landscape of Texas. Where high school football is concerned, it's pretty much got the market cornered.

Beyond Ratliff Stadium and the fierce hometown pride that lives here, Odessa could be considered a veritable smorgasbord of unusual attractions. Spend a day exploring curiosities ranging from replicas of iconic English landmarks such as Stonehenge and Shakespeare's Globe Theater (aptly renamed the Globe of the Great Southwest) to the second-largest meteor crater in the US to a giant statue of a rabbit named Jack Ben. Or, if your growling stomach rules how you spend your day, you can pop into Southern Maid Donuts for something sweet or get the best of something savory at Cork & Pig Tavern.

If nothing beyond your couch is calling your name, you can always stream plenty of entertainment right at home—as long as your internet behaves. With AT&T, you won't have to worry about a slow or patchy connection. Whether you're watching the story of the stalwart Permian Panthers (in movie or show format) or catching a Cowboys game, your picture will come through on a clear uninterrupted signal (no spinning wheel of death to be found in AT&T territory). Connect your devices quickly and enjoy the most reliable connection you can get. And don't worry—Odessa's still pretty great from the couch.

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Find AT&T Providers Near Odessa

Music City Mall Area Store 4101 East 42nd Street Suite B12, Odessa, TX 79762

E 42nd St Store 4937 E 42nd St, Odessa, TX 79762

Odessa Store 1915 N County Rd W, Odessa, TX 79763

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3.7 out of 5 stars | Based on 15 Reviews

JENNIFER Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everyone I have talked to at AT&T have made this difficult move much easier. Their customer service was great. The installer did a wonderful job. He was polite and even stayed with me till the app loaded on my phone and was working. Great customer service.

CHANCIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Awesome service

PHILIP Reviewed ATT Reviews

Fast and easy install. Fast internet, not a bunch of wires and mess. Should have switched sooner.

MEGAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had a great experience!!! Mr. Davis was a great service tech, and answered all my questions. Not doubting this service anytime soon!!

ASHLEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was supposed to have my LAND LINE installed on Dec. 1st. The tech called me , and I asked him if there was any way he could be there by 4:30. He informed me he would put it in, it might not be him but SOMEONE would call me and come out around that time. Never heard from them. Now, it's Dec. 7th. I STILL DO NOT have a land line installed/hooked up, Im getting very impatient, and the call center woman ( very hard to understand) could not understand that I would only be home after 4;30. I have half a mind to cancel this attempted service, and go elsewhere, where I will be helped like a paying customer instead of me having to work around them.

JESSICA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have to restart my Internet box every morning. Once I do that then it works fine rest of day.

FRANK Reviewed ATT Reviews

Exellent service

SAMMY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Never even had service installed. Horrible service per prior experience

JOHN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Well let's see I signed up for your direct TV service on August 14th 2015. I must say it has been the worse customer service I have ever recieved l. First the guy I called on Friday the 14th did not submit everything properly so I got an email saying my order was pending the next day. I called the next day and talked to a different person who went through and set me all up and told me my installation was to be on Wednesday the 19th between 9am and 11am. The window came and went I called on the 19th at 1pm wondering what was taking so long and the lady told me my order was placed on hold because the person before her didn't tell me I had to pay a shipping fee. So needless to say she got my account all set up and I paid the fee and then she tells me I can't get installed until September 15th!! Almost a month later! So here in sitting with no cable still but you all were quick to take my money I'm telling you I'm about at the of my patience and I'm seriously thinking about canceling before I get installed cause your costumer service staff do not know what they are doing and advising all of my costumers that's right I work for 711 so I see allot of customers and telling them to avoid atnt and your new direct TV service. I am very disappointed and disatisfied

TAMMY Reviewed ATT Reviews

After 9, YES nine HORRENDOUS years with CLEARWIRE internet service We feel on top of the world with ATT U-verse Internet Express! We don't lose connection ever and the tech was awsome! With them we could be offline for hours and zero customer service ... Thankyou ATT!

LORENA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great customer service. I was very please with the job!

RANDY Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service was great. The installation was on time and service since then has been great.

ROBERT Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far my AT&T u verse is working great. I've still yet to play at around with it but I like it.

STEVI Reviewed ATT Reviews

I've had no problems with my service so far! I'm very pleased and love AT&T.

PURCELLA Reviewed ATT Reviews

They have great customer care always there to help.