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AT&T Internet Plans: Service You Can Count On

Only high-speed internet from AT&T gives you over 99% reliability* and no hidden fees for Wi-Fi or Equipment.

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when bundled, plus taxes & equip. fee
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AT&T Internet

Compare AT&T Internet Packages

Depending upon availability in your area, your download and upload speeds with AT&T Internet can reach triple digits. It’s high-speed internet with the emphasis on speed.

AT&T Internet

Speeds Up to 100 Mbps*

AT&T Internet
AT&T Fiber
Internet 300
AT&T Fiber
Internet 1000

AT&T Internet Plans & Prices

Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly high-speed internet option for surfing the web or max speeds for streaming and gaming, there’s an AT&T internet plan for your household. Compare prices and speeds below to find your perfect internet fit.

AT&T Internet PlansDownload SpeedsStarting PriceNo. of DevicesBest For
Internet 100Up to 100 Mbps*$40/mo11-3Gaming in real-time, streaming HD videos, sharing pictures and videos on social media
Internet 300Up to 300 Mbps††$40/mo212-13Multiple users, binge streaming, competitive gaming, downloading large files
Internet 1000Up to 1000 Mbps††$60/mo312-13Ultra-connected homes, serious gamers, telecommuters, and large file sharing

Last updated Oct 1, 2019

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With AT&T Internet, get a price you'll love and the reliability you deserve

Stop waiting and start streaming with AT&T Fiber Internet. Built on a 100% fiber network, AT&T Fiber delivers the fastest internet speeds so you can surf, work, game, and stream without the wait time.

Internet 300 powered by AT&T Fiber

00 /mo
for 12 mos when bundled, + taxes & equip fee

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Why Choose AT&T Internet?

You’ve learned about the speeds, and you know the reliability. Now check out the extras that set AT&T Internet apart, adding value to each and every package.

couple using device on couch

Expert Technical Installation

Set an appointment time that works for you to get internet that works. The expert AT&T Internet installation team gets you up and running in no time. All you have to do is sit back and surf.

people playing video games

Wi-Fi Gateway Router

Your monthly equipment fee includes all of the equipment you need to go wireless in the home, as well as all of the repairs and replacements you may need. Connect multiple devices and get online without being tied down.

woman checking phone on couch

Smart Home Manager

Simplify your home Wi-Fi experience with AT&T Smart Home Manager. Set up a guest network, see who’s connected, and easily update network names and passwords from your mobile device.

people using tablets

Parental Controls

Keep the youngsters on the right internet track with parental controls by your included Internet Security Suite, powered by McAfee®. Monitor what is accessible online, set access timers, and personalize filters for children of different ages.

woman and child taking selfie

Access to the National AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot Network

Get online at no additional charge at thousands of locations across the United States. Whether you’re working from the coffee shop or streaming shows away from home, you can take your internet to go.

internet security logo

AT&T Internet Security Suite

Keep your connected devices and home network safe for surfing, streaming, and downloading. Viruses and spyware are no match for AT&T Internet Security Suite, powered by McAfee®.


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The Speeds You Need

Download time and speed varies based on your internet use and plan. Choose the plan that lets you surf, stream, and download at the speeds you need without missing a beat.

music note icon
Time to Download a 1Gig File
hd tv icon
Time to Download a 90-min HD Movie
devices icon
Simultaneous Streaming
100Mbps1.4 Minutes1 minute10 devices at the same time1
300Mbps< 1 Minute21 seconds11 devices at the same time1
1000Mbps< 7 seconds< 7 seconds12 devices at the same time1
music note icon
Time to Download a 1Gig File
< 1 Minute
hd tv icon
Time to Download a 90-min HD Movie
1 minute
devices icon
Simultaneous Streaming
10 devices at the same time1
music note icon
Time to Download a 1Gig File
1.4 Minutes
hd tv icon
Time to Download a 90-min HD Movie
21 seconds
devices icon
Simultaneous Streaming
11 devices at the same time1
music note icon
Time to Download a 1Gig File
< 7 seconds
hd tv icon
Time to Download a 90-min HD Movie
< 7 seconds
devices icon
Simultaneous Streaming
12 devices at the same time1

Bundle + Save

Bundle high-speed internet with AT&T Wireless, DIRECTV, or U-verse TV and cut down on costs and bills while upping your services. Create a custom bundle or try a popular package—either way, you save.

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See What Others Have to Say

4.3 out of 5 stars | Based on 15346 Reviews

RIAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

It's ok so far I've had it but don't like the limited gigs I get for internet

Allie Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service and availability for installations, however, cellphone reception comes and go

Steven Reviewed ATT Reviews

Solid connection without dropouts. Consistent download/upload speeds and great management tools via the app. The data usage cap is restrictive and a blatant attempt to add charges onto your bill, or get you to spend way more on a plan that is more than you need. Otherwise customer service has been great and the quality of the service is excellent. I would recommend this higher if not for the restrictive and punitive policies they have regarding data.

Tyler Reviewed ATT Reviews

When I ordered U Verse I already had Directv and phone service through ATT. For whatever reason a second account was created making bill payment a pain. I asked ATT to combine the bills several times but for some reason it never worked. Finally a guy from ATT called and said he would combine the bills but would have to shut off my internet for about 20 minutes. I said that was fine. 3 hours later still no internet. I call and the person tells me I asked to have my internet disconnected. What?! I said I didn't and please turn it back on. Sorry, we have to send someone out. What?! At that point I had had enough and then I did cancel my service. Then a few days later I cancelled Directv. I will soon cancel my phone.

AUGUST Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have used other companies but at&t is way better thanks for the great service

MICAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Fast reliable installation

JOSE Reviewed ATT Reviews


SHAWANA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent service

TOMMIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

My husband and I bought a cabin in Murphy and only needed a landline. ATT did not pressure me for anything else. They provided what we needed.

EDDIE L Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love AT&T,I would high recommend to anyone.

FREDDY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Ok, so I've had AT&T for 3 months now and I usually don't write reviews. Mainly because I don't have the time; however, I must give an A+++ to the installation crew because they were really great. I was running late and hadn't made it home yet but they told me not to worry, to be safe on the road, and that they would wait for me. They installed fiber optics in my home, checked my tv, made sure my wireless devices were all working, and even hooked up my new wireless printer (that was still in the box) for me! So nice and professional. I then had an error on my bill and called customer service they were so nice and accommodating, no hassle like you usually get with other companies. I was pleasantly surprised with AT&T service, from sales to customer service - I've been really happy.

JANICE Reviewed ATT Reviews

My internet was hooked up fast and tech was very professional. The sales rep., Kelley, was extremely helpful and quick to get things completed for me. I was very happy and satisfied with my service.

ERICKA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am very happy with AT&T internet. It has been reliable and fast internet service at a very reasonable price. While my need to contact customer service has been minimal, I have had only good experiences.

ICHIRO Reviewed ATT Reviews

Your technician did a great job and we are very satisfied with our new telephone & internet system.

DAVID Reviewed ATT Reviews

Easy, fast and friendly.

CONSTANCE Reviewed ATT Reviews

So glad that I switched fro Verizon, I love AT&t

NANCY Reviewed ATT Reviews

It was a bit rocky getting started, and getting my first bill sorted out with all the "promised" discounts. All appears well at this point in time. I did like that a sales rep came to my home - this is a great feature, as sitting around in a "wireless" storefront is just awful.

BETTY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Mostly, things went fine.

ALCIDES A Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have a problem with one of my u verse wifi box, and they try to fix thru technical support and they wasn't able to do it, they sent a technician and he spend 2 hrs to get everything working correct. I very happy with their services

HELEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T you can never get ahold of customer service they were a late in stalling my cable then they just shut me off after she told me I had until the 25th to pay the whole bill did not know that I sign up for a payment plan because I try to make it in there to pay half the bill I should have stayed with Spectrum

MARK Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far my AT&T service has been great! The internet speed is exactly what I need and is great for the price. I stream a lot of live TV and shows, and I haven't once had a problem with my speeds. My review would be a 5-star, but the installation tech showed up over an hour after the end of my 4 hour window. He was great when he showed up, though. Overall, a great experience!

KENDRICK Reviewed ATT Reviews

The Wi-Fi service is great and the price is very reasonable 40 dollars. I can't beat that. Thanks AT&T😁😁

FARANAK Reviewed ATT Reviews

Att tech was really knowledgable and the set up was fast and smooth. Thank u

PATRICIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service and super nice man Mike was a very kind and knowledgeable person who knew what he was doing.

ANDREAS Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everything was fine setting up TV&internet. The chat assistance also was very fine helping me with setting up automatic electronic pay.

SHELBY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great fast and convenient service!

SANDY J Reviewed ATT Reviews

The person who cam to house to install our uverse was awesome, walked me through everything helped me with passwords and logins great experience

DAVID Reviewed ATT Reviews

Dealing with my recent move has been a nightmare. AT&T has all these different divisions and communication between them is poor. Overall the people I have dealt with are fine, but getting service online or by phone is the worst I have experienced with any company, period. I am contacting the public service commission for help with getting out of my contract.

GARRY Reviewed ATT Reviews

The HD hasn't worked since I got it. The picture keeps freezing.

SEAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

ATT was very quick and helpful setting up our service in our apartment. The Internet is great!

MARY Reviewed ATT Reviews

At&t works great for me and it is a reasonable price and its always loads fast never slow and I never go over on data its the best high speed internet service you could possibly get and really the only one u can get down around were I leave at

JENNY Reviewed ATT Reviews

This service has been the best out of any other service provider I have had! No interuptions in service and fast and friendly customer service! I couldn't be more pleased!

GLORIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Wonderful company

CARMELLA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love my new AT& T Uverse and internet services. I also love the customer service I received from placing my order to the installation. I am so glad I chose AT&T!

HERBERT Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far, it has been great...

MARK Reviewed ATT Reviews

Good intro offer. Service quality tbd.

CHASE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very poor service. I had to give my information multiple times in order to have simple questions answered. it took 2 hours to finally get an answer that I was mislead by the sales rep and didn’t need any of the equipment which was sent to ‘my address’. possibly the worst service i have ever received

LUCRETIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Kevin was punctual and worked quickly. He explained everything to my satisfaction.

COURTNEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installer was awesome. Service has been great so far.

KATHERINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent service!

ALLAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I like it slot it's very fast🤦‍♀️👍

ADALBERTA Reviewed ATT Reviews

My service tech was awesome and knew exactly what he needed to do and was in and out.

PERLA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Good service but I am trying to get a discount that is offered through my employer , other than that all is good. Only thing is that my WiFi goes on & off frequently, a tech came by to fix it but constantly doing the same

KAREN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service and installation was excellent

MARY Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far so good

SONJA Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far I am very pleased with AT&T's service! I have the internet service which I love and TV. I sure like having all these stations, although I can only watch one at a time as I told my grand daughter making a joke. But I do enjoy being able to see so much more than I was with my other cable company and so much more less expensive. I am on social security and have to watch my money very close and going to lunch with friends once a month and my TV is my only form of enjoyment I have. So it does mean a lot to me.

LEXUS Reviewed ATT Reviews

They have many options and the the sales people are clear and easy to understand the service and cost. The technicians are friendly and respectful.

CHARLENE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The tech who did the install was great and the service thus far has been nothing but great!

KAITLIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service! Fixed cables and was very friendly

PAUL Reviewed ATT Reviews

The first installation was hours late, after rescheduling online and over the phone, the technician still showed up at the apartment despite me rescheduling. Everyone I talked to seemed confused and disorganized. My girlfriend had to leave work early to let him in while I received confused calls about the rescheduling. The tech was super nice and got everything installed relatively quickly. After he left the internet was fine for a few hours and then stopped working. The next day I spent over an hour on the phone with the "help" hotline AT&T provides. The lady seemed to barely speak English, asked the same questions over and over and over frequently putting me on hold to ask someone else for directions and was beyond useless. She finally agreed to send out another technician, which is what I asked for in the first place but had to waist an hour on the phone to achieve. The second technician was on time and effective. Overall an awful first impression of AT&T, super unorganized, the helpline was the worst I've ever experienced and it took 2 days and several hours of my time just to hook up internet in one room of an apartment.

KEITH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Josh was an efficient and professional technician. The installation was much faster than anticipated, and experienced no issues. The internet has been good with no problems since the installation. Very happy here!

CHARLA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very Happy with my service. I had no issues on the day of the install I actually appreciated the fact that the installer stayed in contact with to let me that he was gonna be late arriving and why and then letting me know that he was on his way.

GALLEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Onsite installers were nice but had multiple issues getting setup that still aren’t resolved.

TERRY Reviewed ATT Reviews

was very helpful and knowledgeable

BILL Reviewed ATT Reviews

What a difference, I had U-verse and Direct TV installed. The workmanship was outstanding. Nothing seem to be a problem, and was installed faster than they allowed. Thank you for everything.

ROCKY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Was late for install by over an hour, internet seems faster than Spectrum

YANET Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service very fast internet that my kids love

TAIWO Reviewed ATT Reviews


PATRICK Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far so good. Works well!

JEREMY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Fast, reliable, courteous. Thank you!

GHEZAL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Had lots of issues previously with ATT internet in NC, but in SF have had no issues so far.

JOHN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very Fast and consistent.

BREANNA Reviewed ATT Reviews

My family is enjoying the internet service that we have received from at&t thanks for the great service

JORGE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service was good. It took a while to be installed but it was good service.

CORIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Amazing! Loved the guy that came out. Explained it all to me and patient with my 2 year old

JOSE Reviewed ATT Reviews


JOHN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great and fast installation. Fast connection with no issue. Love that fiber optic cable!!

ABRIEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Connection is very fast. Download speeds are also quick.Overall, I am satisfied with my service and the price isn't too bad either.

SETIRIBO Reviewed ATT Reviews

The technician was efficient, he called and said he will be at my house by 8am and he did, but I was at sleep. By the time called him he was on another job but he me back and rescheduled for the next which was Sunday, I thought he was joking but he actually came on Sunday morning at 8am just like he promised. I was impressed I never knew at&t works on Sunday. He did my installation and walk me through it step by step. All want to say is thank you. And I will recommend At&t..

LONDELL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Can't really give y'all a good review was Lie To twice about getting Fiber Optic internet and I only got regular internet I was promised fiber optic and when I call to complain could nobody do nothing for me bad customer service

RUTH Reviewed ATT Reviews


JOHNSON Reviewed ATT Reviews

Good for the area.

LISA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service. Love the high speed

KENNETH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Switched over from Verizon. Very happy with the cell phone service and internet. Pretty much have service everywhere I travel. Customer service is good as well.

MELISSA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am very pleased with the level of customer service on the phone as well as the techs who have come to my home to set up service! It has been a great experience.

HONEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love the customer service, the technician was very knowledgeable and did a great job. The fiber optic was installed professionally and looks great. The technician spent time explaining all about the service. I am very pleased with my new ATT internet service.

CYNTHIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The installation was painless- the technician communicated with me when he was en route so I was able to stay at work a little longer! No issues with the service since installed. No waiting for Netflix or Hulu to load and inexpensive too! overall satisfied!

MANUEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everything was 100% with my internet fiber install to the house into the house new modem and even the checking of all of my devices. Tech was a real pro. neat courteous could not ask for a better experience plus the fiber internet kicks! 😊

LISA Reviewed ATT Reviews

After we had to put your team off 2x because of scheduling issues, Mark came out last Wednesday and completely set us up! I didn’t think it would be so easy. He was professional and helpful! He encouraged us to keep our old cable provider in case any problems arose. After checking to see things worked sufficiently, I called and cancelled the previous provider. Although they tried to offer me a deal to stay, it still didn’t compare to what we’re getting with A T& T. Sometimes it’s hard to switch, but you all made it easy, even my first call to the service representative was pleasant! Thank you!!!

MARIO Reviewed ATT Reviews

This review is for Internet only. We had a few issues upon initial installation and once we called a technician came and did not leave until it was resolved. He even waited after fixing the problem just to make sure it was a go. Since then our internet connection is good, fast and reliable doesn’t drop anywhere in the house. We are happy with the services thus far!

PEDRO Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love my new Direct TV services it is so easy to search for channels and the HD quality is by far the best. Our internet DSL service is amazingly fast.

ODARIUS Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love the internet.

PATRICK Reviewed ATT Reviews

The installer was wonderful. Did a great job explaining things. I really appreciated him setting up all my wifi devices before he left.

JESSICA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Getting an account set up was very easy and I was provided with excellent customer service.

TYLER Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service is good. Customer service - not so much. Also the router/modem device they give you does not support bridged mode, so I cannot use my own router.

SUSANA Reviewed ATT Reviews

When i have a problem or question they try to help me the best they can

JOSE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service works great. I have had no issues with it. The installation was quick, the technician was friendly and helpful.

JEFFREY D Reviewed ATT Reviews

Awesome service

JUSTIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

At&t service has been outstanding. People are very customer friendly and service has been great. Came out when promised and set everything up in a timely manner. Kudos!!!!!!

THOMAS Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent service... Tim did a great job on installing my WI-FI he was very friendly and helpful explained what he was doing and was very knowledgeable about his work and have great service with AT&T

JUSTIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love everything about att great service lots of channels to watch and Wi-Fi always has great connection and fast and reliable

CAROL Reviewed ATT Reviews

My interaction with Xylie B was refreshing. Her efforts were exemplary and customer oriented. She explained my bill and although I misunderstood what I was being charged for, she did not judge my actions and considered my age in her rapport with me. She was able to get the fees waived that I had misunderstood and was most courteous throughout the conversation. This individual is truly someone AT&T can be proud of. Her actions display the best of AT&T.

NAVJOT Reviewed ATT Reviews

Mobile service was great. We are enjoying it. It took little longer but st the end it was compensated.

CHANTHARY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great techs and friendly

ROBERT Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service was great and the technician was very knowledgeable and he set the internet up in a very reasonable amount of time thank you

ANGELA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Calling AT&T was the WORST!!! Wasted at least 5 hours of my life trying to coordinate through the phone with them. But the workers that came and installed my service were fantastic - quick and professional. Had an ok experience

BRICE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Effective and efficient

BETTY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love the TV and the shows are funny!

SAMANTHA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service is very poor, I love in a 400 sq ft studio and can't play Netflix or check my email. Plus during my install they were hours late outside the scheduled time. Only reason they showed up was because I called. Very unhappy only a week in.

AMY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Not a fan. Buyer Beware - Worst customer service experience ever. I have my doubts whether this review will be posted. Think twice if the offer seems too good to be true. Salesman made a lot of promises but there was no follow-through. It took multiple very long phone calls and an internet chat to get the bill straightened out. They record the calls, so they should have just listened to the sales call. Installation people were great though. However that doesn't make up for the deceptive salesman and the customer service people who kept trying to placate me without resolving the incorrect billing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get AT&T Internet in my area?

AT&T Internet is backed by an advanced digital network available across the United States and serving large population centers, suburban areas, and outlying rural districts. To see if AT&T Internet is available in your neighborhood, visit and enter your zip code.

What AT&T Internet speed should I get?

What AT&T Internet speed is right for you depends upon your specific need. If you just need to get online to check email and do some occasional shopping, AT&T Internet is the right choice. If you’re constantly streaming TV and movies or playing games online, you’ll want higher speeds for better bandwidth, like fiber service with Internet 300 or Internet 1000.

Where can I Learn More About Internet Lingo?

Internet vocabulary can seem like a whole other language. If you’re not sure what the difference is between megabits and megabytes, modems and routers, or bandwidth or broadband, check out our internet glossary page to find the answers to all your questions.

My AT&T Internet isn’t working, what should I do?

Visit our customer service page. AT&T Residential Customer Service is available Monday-Friday, 8 am to 7 pm, and on Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm. In addition, you can try optimizing your connection.

What is the number for AT&T Internet customer service?

AT&T Residential Customer Service, which can offer customer service for your AT&T Internet package, is available by phone at 1-800-288-2020.