AT&T Business Phone plans & services

Make the call with wireless, VoIP or landline plans

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Make your work mobile with AT&T wireless for business

Work from anywhere at any time with an AT&T Business wireless plan. Unlimited talk and text with nationwide 5G coverage1 lets you take care of business without interruption, whether you’re in the office or on the go.

Choose from a variety of wireless plans for you and your employees, and save more with every line you add. With pricing options to fit any budget and tons of helpful features, it’s easy to find the perfect AT&T Business wireless plan to help you get work done.

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Experience the future of calling with AT&T VoIP for business

Take your business phone plan to the next level with AT&T VoIP phone, available exclusively with AT&T internet service. This business-class VoIP service lets you make crystal clear calls over your AT&T broadband and offers a selection of additional features to help manage incoming calls, create conference calls, and set up call forwarding.

AT&T VoIP is perfect for businesses that need all the basic phone services but also want the additional functionality and flexibility of advanced cloud-based calling, such as:

  • Calling and routing features for smartphones

  • Toll-free inbound calling

  • Conference and collaboration options

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Get more with an AT&T VoIP bundle

Because AT&T VoIP phone services require an AT&T broadband connection, they are perfect for bundling. When you bundle your AT&T Business Phone and internet services, it's easier to:

  • Save money

  • Simplify your billing

  • Add extra features or AT&T services as needed

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Enjoy the reliability of AT&T Business landline

Perfect for businesses who need simple and reliable functionality, AT&T business landline plans give small businesses:

  • Unlimited local and nationwide calling

  • Voicemail

  • Caller ID and call waiting

Check AT&T business landline pricing as a bundle to get more of what your business needs for less.

AT&T Business Phone features

Call forwarding – variable

Forward your calls to any number, including voicemail. This is the most flexible forwarding option.

Basic voicemail

Store up to 30 voice messages for 31 days.

Caller ID with name

Shows the caller's name (even if it's unlisted) on your display unit before you answer.

Speed Calling 8

Program up to 8 frequently called numbers to reach your clients quickly and conveniently.

Three-way calling

Easily add a third person to a conversation to consult and make business decisions quickly.

Call waiting

Receive a call while you're on another call. Don't miss anything important.

Frequently asked questions

How do I contact AT&T Business?

Your business deserves a strong support system. Call 1-888-509-9350 to speak with a customer service representative about your AT&T Business services.

How much do AT&T small business services cost?

AT&T Small Business services can include wireless phone, landline, VoIP, and internet plans. Prices will vary depending on what your business demands. Call 1-855-504-1680 to speak with an AT&T Business agent to find the right services for you.

How do multi-line phone systems work?

Multi-line phone systems are designed to allow more than one person to be on the phone at one time. Many businesses require a multi-line system to keep up with incoming phone traffic.

How much is a business line with AT&T?

The price of an AT&T Business Phone line varies depending on if it’s wireless, landline, or VoIP. Call 1-855-504-1680 to get a quote for each service.

How much does a business cell phone cost?

AT&T wireless business phone plans start at $50/mo per line. Prices vary depending on features and number of devices on each plan.

Total monthly charges shown in table include the $20/mo. (3GB to 20GB plans) or $15/mo. (30GB and higher plans) per-line access charges for smartphones purchased at full price, on a qualified installment agreement, bring your own, or on a month-to-month term. Applicable per-line access charges for smartphones with a 2-year service commitment are $40/mo. (3GB to 20GB plans) or $35/mo. (30GB and higher plans). Device costs not included.

Can I get a business phone number through AT&T?

Yes, your AT&T Business Phone come with a phone number or you can transfer an existing number.

What is AT&T Business VoIP?

AT&T Business VoIP phone services allow businesses to make traditional voice calls over the internet. These services require an AT&T broadband connection.