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Texas has no shortage of small, beautiful towns. In a state as big as this one, little spaces with large personalities are common, and as far as personality goes, Magnolia has them all beat. With shady streets and green hills as far as the eye can see, the only thing better than the scenery is the culture, and here it's as plentiful as the magnolia trees that serve as the city's namesake. Tradition blends with innovation—it's just as common to see old historic homes and buildings as it is to see a cutting-edge piece of modern public art. And since it's only a short drive from Houston, you'll get the full metro area experience without being completely overwhelmed.

Magnolia may be small, but it's certainly up to speed where internet is concerned. In such an idyllic place, it wouldn't do to have a signal so thin you can't see its shadow, and that's why so many folks around these parts rely on AT&T Internet to provide strong, steadfast connections. In the market for something more? Choose from several bundles to get the best of all worlds, whether it be TV, internet, or phone services. When it's time to stream the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, you'll be glad you did.

Winter may be coming to Westeros, but luckily locals here don't have much to do with it. Which is good news if you want to ride your horses around town or take a walk around the Stroll. Deacon Baldy's Bar & Food Trucks might look like an oversized warehouse-pavillion hybrid, but you'll rarely find more delicious food or refreshing cocktails. And who says New Orleans is the only place to find a good Fat Tuesday celebration? Mardi Gras on the Stroll is the highlight of every February, complete with a dancing umbrella parade and Cajun cook-off.

Who said looks were everything? Magnolia is the total package.

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