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43% of ALL HOME CONNECTIONS customers in California choose AT&T Internet plans with speeds between 50 and 100 Mbps.

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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-888-861-1944

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If you're moving to San Jose, CA, prepare for a world where HBO's Silicon Valley is a documentary and literally everyone you meet will have an idea for an app that does something you don't need an app for. And the name of the app will just be whatever the app does, minus a vowel. Or a made-up word, like Sprunge. Need a name for your app? Sprunge is all yours, we're not attached to it. We probably weren't going to get any venture capital for our idea to disrupt both the sponge and sprinkler industries, anyway. Unless you're investing? We can chat over a smoothie, or some Soylent, or whatever.

Anyway, San Jose has the third highest GDP per capita in the world—behind such James-Bond-searching-for-missing-microfilm cities as Zurich, Switzerland, and Oslo, Norway—and the most expensive housing market in the USA. Since you're already spending hella on house and home, you don't want to spend big on the internet connection you'll need for streaming your favorite shows. And you won't have to with AT&T Internet.

Affordable internet isn't the only way to save in one of the world's most expensive cities. For every trendy bistro with a quarter-sized portion of food on a manhole cover-sized plate, there's a place like the vegan-friendly Falafel Drive-In, with everything on the menu from hamburgers and burritos to traditional Mediterranean classics. Be sure there's space in the fridge for plenty of leftovers—it's even better the second day.

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Looking for an AT&T Store Near San Jose?

Eastridge Mall Store 2200 Eastridge Loop Ste#1092, San Jose, CA 95122

Story Rd Store 1705 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122

Oakridge Mall Store 925 Blossom Hill Rd Suite V17, San Jose, CA 95123

Cottle Road Store 5660 Cottle Road, San Jose, CA 95123

BLOSSOM HILL STORE 904 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA 95123

Hillsdale Ave Store 1815 Hillsdale Ave Ste 10, San Jose, CA 95124

Stevens Creek Store 5180 Stevens Creek Blvd Ste 30, San Jose, CA 95129

Westgate Center Store 1546 Saratoga Ave #P-50, San Jose, CA 95129

E Brokaw Rd Store 1068 E. Brokaw Rd Suite 30, San Jose, CA 95131

San Jose Store 436 N Capitol Avenue, San Jose, CA 95133

Hidden Glen North Store 2980 E Capitol Expy Ste 60, San Jose, CA 95148

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