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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-833-657-2825

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The word nerd often has a negative connotation. Just hearing the term can evoke images of pimply teenagers with pasty skin and pocket protectors. In reality, however, a nerd is just someone who's intensely interested in a particular subject. There are science nerds, for instance, but there are also sports nerds. There are food nerds, and there are music nerds. And no matter what kind of nerd you may be, Pasadena is a nerd's paradise.

For all you science (or sci-fi) nerds out there, Pasadena is the setting of The Big Bang Theory, as well as the home of Caltech, the university where the show's stars formulate all their latest theories in physics. For all you sports nerds, Pasadena gets bragging rights as the hometown of the Rose Bowl, where the eponymous college football championship occurs each year and where five sensational Super Bowl games have taken place. If you're a foodie (AKA a food nerd), try out the local favorite Pasadena Sandwich Company, where if you're feeling culinarily adventurous, you can choose to "trust the cook" and get a surprise sandwich made fresh. And if you're a music nerd, Eddie and Alex—of the hair metal band Van Halen—spent many of their formative years right here in Pasadena too.

Suffice to say, if you're going to get your nerd on in Pasadena, you're going to want a fast, reliable internet connection from AT&T. An AT&T Internet plan provides more than enough speed to stream Van Halen hits on Spotify, stream episodes of The Big Bang Theory on Amazon Prime Video, or stream the Rose Bowl live on ESPN. Even if none of those things are your cup of tea (and yes, tea nerdery is a thing too), with AT&T you can pursue whatever tickles your nerdy fancy. Get connected and start nerding out today!

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