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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-855-795-5779
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The word nerd often has a negative connotation. Just hearing the term can evoke images of pimply teenagers with pasty skin and pocket protectors. In reality, however, a nerd is just someone who's intensely interested in a particular subject. There are science nerds, for instance, but there are also sports nerds. There are food nerds, and there are music nerds. And no matter what kind of nerd you may be, Pasadena is a nerd's paradise.

For all you science (or sci-fi) nerds out there, Pasadena is the setting of The Big Bang Theory, as well as the home of Caltech, the university where the show's stars formulate all their latest theories in physics. For all you sports nerds, Pasadena gets bragging rights as the hometown of the Rose Bowl, where the eponymous college football championship occurs each year and where five sensational Super Bowl games have taken place. If you're a foodie (AKA a food nerd), try out the local favorite Pasadena Sandwich Company, where if you're feeling culinarily adventurous, you can choose to "trust the cook" and get a surprise sandwich made fresh. And if you're a music nerd, Eddie and Alex—of the hair metal band Van Halen—spent many of their formative years right here in Pasadena too.

Suffice to say, if you're going to get your nerd on in Pasadena, you're going to want a fast, reliable internet connection from AT&T. An AT&T Internet plan provides more than enough speed to stream Van Halen hits on Spotify, stream episodes of The Big Bang Theory on Amazon Prime Video, or stream the Rose Bowl live on ESPN. Even if none of those things are your cup of tea (and yes, tea nerdery is a thing too), with AT&T you can pursue whatever tickles your nerdy fancy. Get connected and start nerding out today!

AT&T Plans & Packages in Pasadena

AT&T Internet

Speeds up to 100 Mbps^

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AT&T Fiber
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Internet 300
AT&T Wireless

4G LTE data

per one line
AT&T Unlimited &More Premium

185+ Channels

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Pay Your AT&T Bill at These Locations

Old Town Store 83 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105

Foothill Blvd Store 3699 E Foothill Bl, Pasadena, CA 91107

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Pasadena

4.4 out of 5 stars | Based on 19 Reviews

CYNTHIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Signed up for new service for my business on June 10th and was told it would take up to 6 weeks in install. I called today to check status and was told since it didn't get approved until June 23rd, I have to wait 3 to 6 weeks from then. I was not told that from the beginning so I'm very upset that I have to wait longer now. I have a call in and still waiting for a call back.

MAMMIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I just started service with AT&T. The technician was timely, courteous and very professional and did not take all day long installing. I'm very pleased with service so far, especially speed of Internet service.

JESUS Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service and very knowledgable technician named Jon Was extremely helpful and very professional Thank you Jon!

PING Reviewed ATT Reviews

The technician who installed and activated my internet was wonderful, very helpful. Later, I was advised by him to make inquiry about cable TV and surveillance system so I talked to a lady called me back from AT&T and gave all my info to her. However, she never followed through with what we discussed (terms and scope of service) via email confirmation as she promised. I believed she couldn't copy down correctly of what was given via verbal on phone since I corrected once when she was reading back my email ...

MARK Reviewed ATT Reviews

The Internet service works great. Haven't used the phone. Only signed up for the phone because the salespeople convinced me it was cheaper than Internet alone. The installation guy was cool. Generally don't have to wait too long on the phone to talk to customer service. They did throw a lot of numbers at me which made my head spin. Overall I'm satisfied so far.

JAVIER Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent services by AT&T U-verse.

JACLYN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The technician was very thorough when he came to our house to install U-verse. He was very courteous while in our home ad did a great job. We are satisfied with the service.

DOROTHY Reviewed ATT Reviews

The customer people were very nice and helpful. I had a little trouble starting the internet access but the tech support was excellent with helping me to log on.

JOHN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installation started a bit roughs the lines coming into the house had to be serviced first, but once Rod showed up to do the installation, everything was smooth sailing. He figured out a way he wouldn't have to drill in my floors, placing the hardware in the baseboards where it was less noticeable. So far, so good.

HELEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent high speed internet. Awesome customer sevice!!!

CYNTHIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great customer service and installation technician!

LAURENDA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Easy and quick set-up. My service is running very fast and efficiently.

JENNIFER Reviewed ATT Reviews

The process has been mostly painless however I noticed that at the bottom this states Voice 200 which I had removed so hopefully this was correctly done. I opted for the self-install option which AT&T does not advertise for obvious reasons since it means that there will not be an outrageous equipment charge. I have not yet done the self-install so hopefully it will work and also be mostly pain free.

JAYME Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am a first time customer of ATT and have had their service for a month. While signing up I did not feel like they tried to upsale me, which was very nice. So far, I have no complaints! Everything is as expected and set up went smoothly.

NICOLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had a great experience signing up for AT&T with U-verse. The customer service representatives were knowledgable and helped me find the right package for my household. My roommates and I are all students, so it was very important for us to find an affordable package that still fit our electronic needs. We originally just wanted to purchase internet, but after being able to find us a good deal on a bundle, we decided it would be worth it to have. Having a DVR has also made our experience more enjoyable, since we can watch our favorite shows when we get home, and don't have to worry about missing any. Overall, I'm glad we made the switch to AT&T.

MARY Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far, so good. No trouble thus far using the internet service. Had a few hiccups last night, but at least it wasn't during financial transactions like our previous ISP. Thanks for a friendly and easy install. Our technician was friendly and knew how to find things that I didn't know what to look for (i.e. the telephone box for our apt building)

JENNIFER Reviewed ATT Reviews

Every customer service rep. I spoke to was extremely nice! I'd recommend uverse to my friends and family. They have patience and are willing to help! Amazing staff.

JORGE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The technician who installed my u-verse was amazing. He spent extra time on making sure it was functioning properly and took the time explain how it works. Very satisfied with the service, I have so many sports and movie channels that my previous cable company would charge for. Highly recommend service to anyone.

JO Reviewed ATT Reviews

I self installed, U-Verse, and it has been working great, very fast. I had high speed cable, and this is much better.