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43% of ALL HOME CONNECTIONS customers in California choose AT&T Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps.

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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-855-708-8024

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When you don't want to live too far away from San Diego or Los Angeles and you still want that small-town feel, Ramona is the place to be.

If you're new to town or just haven't gotten around to it yet, hike eight miles to the top of Mount Woodson and snag an Instagram-worthy photo at Potato Chip Rock (or eat a bag of Lay's® while standing on top of it, if you're feeling cheeky). If an eight-mile outing doesn't sound appealing, Twin Peaks Trail has a variety of short, easy hikes surrounded by mountains and desert shrubs. Or, skip the hike altogether and have a picnic at Dos Picos County Park.

Then of course there's the Oasis Camel Dairy. Intrigued? You should be. Skip the Sahara, you can ride a camel right here. Try some camel-milk chocolate if you're feeling adventurous, and check out the camel milk skin care products (including bath bombs and lotion). If you really want to go all out, use AT&T Internet to book a camel handling and training workshop and learn more about camel culture and care.

When it comes to vineyards and wineries, Ramona doesn't mess around: Vineyard Grant James, Turtle Rock Ridge Vineyard & Winery, and Salerno Winery are just the start of a long list of wonderful places to visit. Treat yourself to a few wine-tasting tours, and enjoy the cozy, welcoming vibe that will keep you in Ramona for years to come.

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HBO Max Logo Included for the first 3 months

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