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Boost Your Connectivity with AT&T Internet in Los Angeles

Let's face it, a move to Los Angeles is anything but comfortable. Whether you're trying to make it in show business or just needed a change of pace, it's normal to feel a bit overwhelmed by LA's intense vibe. The glitz of Hollywood is dazzling at first, but might lose its appeal when you wind up lost on Santa Monica Boulevard, previously unaware that it spans four whole cities.

Don't settle for run-of-the-mill tourist traps while acquainting yourself with the City of Angels: Rodeo Drive, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, blah blah blah. Boring. Instead, pick out something for a friend at the LA coroner's office gift shop—just because they have one. If you're a YouTuber with at least 10,000 subscribers, make a video for free at YouTube's production center. Watch a movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery among the actors who starred in them (may they rest in peace).

You shouldn't settle for run-of-the-mill cell phone and internet service either. With AT&T you get a reliable, secure connection tailored for your lifestyle. Opt for a cozy night in and stream your favorite shows or take advantage of Wi-Fi hotspots around the city as you enjoy a night out with friends.

So before you even think of unpacking or going to the coroner's office gift shop, get on the phone with AT&T 24/7 customer support and order a package that's right for you.

Oh, and be sure to avoid licking a toad while you're in the city. That's expressly against the law. You've been warned.

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Vermont Ave Store 3625 Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Wilshire & Vermont Store 3150 Wilshire Blvd Suite 120, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Wiltern Store 3764 Wilshire Bl, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Downtown Store 425 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Westlake South Store 1605 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Mid-City Store 4700 W Pico Blvd Unit C, Los Angeles, CA 90019

Westwood Store 1100 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024

Hollywood Blvd Store 5065 Hollywood Blvd Ste 106, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Los Feliz Store 2900 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Eagle Rock Plaza Store 2700 Colorado Blvd Suite 164, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Ladera Heights Store 5323 W Centinela Bl No 270, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Westchester Store 8949 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

W Sunset Blvd Store 8000 W Sunset Blvd Suite B140, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Beverly Plaza Store 8471 Beverly Bl, Los Angeles, CA 90048

West Los Angeles Store 2333 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Los Angeles

4.3 out of 5 stars | Based on 105 Reviews

THEODORE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The guy who came to hook up the internet was really cool but getting him to the apartment was a hassle. You guys Just seem a bit unorganized. I scheduled an appointment and it got accidentally canceled and then I tried to make the next appointment and the customer care person gave me a Later date than the robot gave me and it was just one big mess. Glad to have everythjng sorted out now. Everyone didn't seem to know what was going on but they were nice throughout the process.

MARLON Reviewed ATT Reviews

I Have a very good experience with the isntallation the tech support explained to me step by step procedures. Im happy and satisfied i have internet now! I will recomme d this to others.

JACQUELINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Customer service has been superb from the first phone call to inquire about starting service. I had a credit protection in my credit bureau and the agent who was helping me was so helpful is resolving that. Then I changed my installation appointment 3 times with no issue and in no time with the online feature linked to the email reminder. I'm happy with AT&T.

TREVOR Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installation was INCREDIBLE - the technician was awesome, very fast, knowledgeable and friendly, and it was a difficult install location. I would give AT&T 5 stars+ based on the installation, but their customer service over the phone is absolutely abysmal. An employee actually told me i HAD to sign up with and pay a third party customer service platform to receive AT&T U-verse service (not true) and it took over three hours and 5 follow up phone calls to rectify after she took my credit card information and charged me. Truly awful phone support but otherwise happy with the actual internet service.

ROWAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The process wasn't perfect but I appreciate that AT&T tries to make things right.

ARMANDO Reviewed ATT Reviews

U verse works great happy with the Service we've received and installation was timely and professional

MELISSA Reviewed ATT Reviews


JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

I did not get the information I needed about my recent bill. I talked to four different representatives but never got an answer about my problem. I will try again tomorrow.

JESSE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Prompt arrival, professional service.

PASCUAL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very happy with your service, the technician was very cordial and professional!

JHAIR Reviewed ATT Reviews

The Internet is criminally slow. I hate it and regret that I'm signed on for a year, there is no better plan that you currently offer. I'm very unhappy to be honest.

LESLIE C Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love this Network.

LESLIE C Reviewed ATT Reviews

I Love that both comp. came together to form a great package for all.

CARLOS Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service installation was fast and easy. Great communication with representative. Thank you.

JASON Reviewed ATT Reviews

My installation dude was great. Customer service was great. Sometimes my internet would get someway unstable at times but... oh well. life.

STEVEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installation guy for the Internet was good.

SALVADOR Reviewed ATT Reviews

I Love It, Facilitates In Every Tech Need

DYLAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

My service is even faster than they told me it would be and the technician who installed it was amazingly polite!

DANNY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service and excellent customer service every time I call.

NICHOLAS Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T made moving to California from Boston the best experience they were on time, affordable, and the nicest people I've ever met so happy I chose AT&T!

NOE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Technical excellent service, helpful and professional.

ISAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

It sucked that we had to wait over 2 weeks to have a tech come install our wifi, but when he did come he was super polite and hard working unfortunately I don't know what he did because our internet was super slow and he came back and reset and worked on it and got it up and working but after he left, the wifi on our tv was super slow, luckily my fiancé is tech savvy and he figured it out and now we have the internet speed on all our devices. Overall At&t was very polite and did try and help us when we had a problem.

TRACY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Timely delivery and easy setup.

YESSENIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I got my wifi installed the very next day I called to create an account. Very quick and reliable service. Thanks!

WILLIAM Reviewed ATT Reviews

I'm rather pleased with the performance so far, but I'm a little disappointed to see some YouTube content still buffering several times during playback. I thought that would stop by eliminating Time Warner.

SANDRA Y Reviewed ATT Reviews

My installation was great!

SARAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Someone came on Monday to set up our service -- they told me it was a two part service and someone would be there later that day, or the next morning. No one showed and I took 2 days off work. I called on the third day and after waiting on hold for a half hour I was told someone would come by after lunch. NO ONE SHOWED UP. Now four days later, I have no service -- no one has called to give me an update and I am not sure anyone will show up and connect my service.

ALFREDO Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service it's very fast and the technicians who installed my u-verse were very friendly and fast. They even left a business card to contact them directly couldn't ask for anymore it was a pleasant experience and I'm glad I chose att❤️

NAHUM Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love my service, get to play my ps4 and still watch netflix without it ever slowing down. Once i connect to the wifi we are good to go

EDGAR Reviewed ATT Reviews

The only one thing I didn't like is that they change my Installation date without consulting me. I feel that I should have a saying in that.

ALAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

internet is working great, Thank you.

ALEXANDER Reviewed ATT Reviews

Good stuff

GINA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love the att service

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have to say, I am pretty disappointed with my service. While, my internet is operating fine, the customer service has been very poor. I was lied to by the operator that helped set up my service and my router was sent to the wrong address and was almost stolen. After all of this, my customer service agent was very unhelpful in resolving the issue. I was promised a manager would contact me and never received a call. I am quite upset with my service thus far.

LUIS RENE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Although the modem was acting up, the ATT representatives and professionals dealt with all issues in a fast and accurate pace.

VIRGINA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent service

ANNE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service very friendly and helpful

GINA Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far it been great fast internet speed very happy with it first time customer for att

STEEVEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service is great, technicians are very competent. The phone support is bad and not very well organised.

ATENEA Reviewed ATT Reviews

so far so good...quick internet for the cheapest price that covers my area!!!

ERIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The technician was extremely helpful, quick and pleasant to deal with. He went above and beyond to fix an issue at installation. He was even early! I am very happy with my services so far.

MIRANDA Reviewed ATT Reviews

My tech Josh was a great employee he stayed very professional. And toThis day im very happy. When i first ordered att over the phone the associate was AMAZING i told i haD TWO kids under 2years old and i really needed internet. And he sent Josh out two days later. And he showed up three hours earlier than was estamated. ATT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

NICOLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I would have completely canceled service if it wasn't for the cancellations department. Every time I look at my bill there is a charge I didn't authorize or something is wrong. When I call customer service, they send me in circles with no resolution. Finally I had had it and called to cancel. Cancellations department was excellent and listened to all of my issues while resolving them in under 20 minutes. Other than that, it is a very well-known fact across greater Los Angeles that AT&T has some of the worst customer service. Point in case: this review states at the bottom that I have U-verse Internet and home phone. I never authorized a home phone charge and the service rep I spoke to added it on without my knowledge. I had no idea until I called cancellations. Good luck.

CATHLEEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Joel was excellent in setting up our system. We have no complaints at all.

ARELI Reviewed ATT Reviews

I really love the service my family enjoys it couldn't made better choice thanks

ART Reviewed ATT Reviews


SHALOM Reviewed ATT Reviews

even though i am in a large city the highest internet speed they can give me is 6. It also took me calling 3 times before I could get the correct service and I was on hold for a very long time each time. But the service people where very nice and helpful and when I finally talked to the loyalty department they where helpful.

DON Reviewed ATT Reviews

Was easy to order and set up by myself. The service has been fast and reliable so far. The price is way better than my previous supplier.

VANESSA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent service

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

at this present time I have not had a problem with the internet service that I received from you guys so at this present time I will give you guys 4 stars.

JOHN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The overall product is top notch. It is ATT so they keep the bar high and maintain this. The service and timeliness was very good too despite place not already being set up previously. U verse is nice to have. The next generation of service. Only thing keeping me from perfect is my concern over bandwidth allowances and speed. The options Att has are wonderful but in my opinion, albeit political too is speed should be available to all. It is the people's internet.

CELESTE M Reviewed ATT Reviews

The ATT technician who installed my internet hardware was super friendly and efficient. Everything is great so far in terms of products and customer service!

ZOHAR Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great. Very easy to use website. Thanks

TODD Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have, in my life, never experienced such incredible customer service. Everyone I talked to was very friendly and answered all of my questions. The install was right on time and took an even shorter time than I expected. I am happy with the product as well. We were direct tv / time warner customers, and for what amounts to about the same price, we get more channels and faster internet. I am very happy with ATT, top to bottom.

RYAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Sales department earned my business, customer service exceeded my expectations, installation tech was great, product service performance excels...would definitely recommend over other service providers.

LADRIENA Reviewed ATT Reviews

My U -Verse Internet works excellent. When using Netflix I have no buffering and that's a big plus! Overall I've had a great customer service experience!

MATHEW Reviewed ATT Reviews

U-Verse and AT&T are the best!

ALA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had hell with at&t in the beginning to install the service but now everything is smooth

IASHA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The overall service is actually pretty good but the customer service is close to sewer substance! The representatives are clearly not on the same page so of course the customer is not getting the correct info.

JULIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very disappointed. We ordered Internet weeks ago. They made a mistake and signed us up for Internet and phone. Had to cancel that and reschedule with JUST Internet like we wanted. They sent our modem to the wrong apartment. So then they had to reschedule the aactivation date AGAIN! It took almost 2 weeks before we finally got out Internet all set up. And the whole time I was calling to solve the multiple problems I kept getting passed around to different numbers to call. Such a hassle.

MARTIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great internet speeds!

ADAM Reviewed ATT Reviews

The gentleman who installed our internet service was on time and very pleasant. He had a tight area to work in so I somewhat understand, but he did leave boot scuffs and dirt from his gloves on our wall tha we had to scrub. Our actual Internet service/connection works really well 90% of the time, then has random periods where it isn't connecting at all or has a weak signal. This wouldn't be an issue except my wife works from home and our internet needs to be solid. We are overall satisfied, but not quite 5 star satisfied.

DARNICE Reviewed ATT Reviews

the service is fast all my tvs connect to wifi with full strength. i love it I will never go back to cable

JENNA Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T has been the best and fastest internet provider I have had yet. Great service with the installers and customer service is through the roof! I will be a AT&T customer for life. Thanks so much.

ALFRED R Reviewed ATT Reviews

I made a big mistake leaving AT&T a year to go to Hughes which was a disaster. But I'm Happy to say I'm back.

MONICA Reviewed ATT Reviews

took forever to set up, first installation guy was rude, second was awesome. Still, the misinformation from a rep was annoying.

SERGIO Reviewed ATT Reviews

I really like my service I am happy with the service that I have. I would have love to have got a much faster service than just 6mb, but that's not an option because I can recieve that in my area. But as far as the service I have it's great better than other services I had in the past. I have recomended it to family an friends. Thank you for the service and plan to be a long time costumer.

MELINNA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very helpful. Gave me all the information I needed and explained everything thoroughly.

DAISJONAI D Reviewed ATT Reviews

Att&t is the best cable company there is the service is excellent and they have the best customer service u go att&t

CAMILLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love how everything went well with the installation. The tech was very professional, kind and respectful. He made sure the wires were at there best. Answered questions I had and it clear to understand. My internet works great. The menus n remotes were easy to control and understand.

CARMINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great value and super service

JOSE LUIS Reviewed ATT Reviews

Its been very good ͵ the speed is good and we don't have any trouble at all .....excellent:-) :-)

MARIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great Customer Service, they deliver what they promise

QUENELL Reviewed ATT Reviews

I gave five stars for overall experience. But I would suggest that where the kit is coming from they make sure that it is shipped out on time. I pit in my order on 05/07/2014 and finally received my kit on 05/21/2014. Your representatives that helped me with the purchasing process and status of order were all great! I had AT & T in the past about 10 years ago. I decided to get WiFi for the home and came back to what I feel is a great company to be with. At & T is super amazing and your products are superb.

ERIC Reviewed ATT Reviews

First time having internet, very easy set up customer service is great! Internet pretty fast!

AMIRA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Customer service is really good, service connection for cable and internet are normally working properly, knock on wood:-) I would highly recommend others to sign up!

DEBRA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am completely satisfied with my AT&T internet service. Keep up the good work AT&T.

RENEE Reviewed ATT Reviews

It was a quick set up and the tech who helped me start service was very pleasant and helpful!

ELIZABETH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Im pleased with the connection so far. The tech who helped me set up was awesome

ANTONIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Im very Pleased with the service so far and the technician who helped was very nice. I would recommend the service to people.

LISA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I wanted a copper phone line, and AT&T was the provider. Getting to the right department over the phone was chaotic and I had to call multiple times since they couldn't find my account. I was also sent to out-of-my-area call centers which was frustration. But once the right department was found, the technicians came out as scheduled and found, repaired and replaced the existing phone lines. Additionally, as soon as the phone line was working I got bombarded with solicitation calls. It would have been highly desirable if I was asked if I wanted my phone line to be unlisted when the order was processed. If the beginning of this transaction had been smoother, it could have been perfect.

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T's Internet service, help desk and speed are fantastic!

YOUJIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Giving them one star only because there is no option to give zero. Absolute nightmare trying to get correct info and set up the service. I called Sept. 3 to get internet in my new apt. It's 20th and still no internet. Equipment finally arrived yesterday but does not work.

KENDRA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great customer service. Every time I've called, a representative has been helpful or has gotten me to the correct person. I wasn't able to self install myself, but two great reps came over to my house and set the internet all up for me. They also gave me great a great suggestion on how to get Netlix hooked up to my TV. Thank you for all the help!

MIREYA Reviewed ATT Reviews

My experience with customer service was terrible. They originally scheduled me for saturday morning. I waited, waited, and waited some more then called and was told that technicians were running late and I should wait until 2pm. So I waited again and no one showed up. I called at 2 and was told that no one would show up and I was rescheduled for Monday. Each phone call was about 20 minutes longs and irritating. Beyond waiting, it was difficult to get answers each time I called. They have decentralized channels of power and information so that agent can solve any problem or answer any real questions. I wasted a whole day and had to take a second day off. The customer service was awful. The only salvation of entire experience was the competent technician that installed the cable on Monday. The technician was polite and made sure everything was in working order before he left. Before this experience I contemplating turning to AT& T for cellular service but at this point I dont want to give a company with such poor customer service more of my money.

NANCY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent customer service. Very pleasant and professional. He informed me exactly what he had to do to instal phone line.

BRIAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T is the best network I've choosing in the last 3 years and I plan on keep this service for life. Thanks! I am satisfied with all this company has to offer to me and keeping me connect to the world.

CHRYSTINA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Overall, my experience with the AT&T U-Verse was positive. I was up and running within minutes of installing it. I have no complaints about the AT&T U-Verse, it's been performing well for me over the past few weeks.

ADRIAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Best service

ELINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The first appointment didn't happen. There was some confusion, and I was partially responsible. Then when the technician came, I found out I didn't have a "drop", since it was new construction and a different crew had to come out to do that. Juan Carlos tried to get them here that day. They were supposed to show and didn't. But he made sure that I was set up for the next day, and had everything else ready to go. Got me in touch with his manager to make sure I was assured it would happen the next day. And even though he would be off the next day, gave me his number and told me to call him if I had any problems. Overall....the AT&T experience was a bit frustrating....but Juan Carlos made up for it. What a terrific employee....and representative of your company!

ARIADNA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I really like the fact that they were fast on connecting my service they were on time and the techs were very polite and had great customer service ..they follow up with me on the phone after the work was done ....excellent customer service on the phone

WENDY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am new to AT&T internet service but a customer of AT&T wireless for over five years, and I very satisfied with the service I receive.

CARLOS Reviewed ATT Reviews

great services for a fair prices.

DAYANA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great Internet service for a good price!

MALORY Reviewed ATT Reviews

overall great service and friendly assistance.

MARK Reviewed ATT Reviews

Set Up was quick and easy. They were in-n-out in just a few minutes. Quick and On time.

TRISHA Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T is great! It was easy to up and get connected.

MARLA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I did not have the best experience with AT&T U-Verse. The technician didn't bother showing up for the first appointment (even after we had gotten two confirmation phone calls) and then AT&T insisted that they couldn't schedule another appointment for 10 days. The hassle didn't end there - it seemed to be one problem or communication nightmare after another. In the end - it took seven different technicians and two weeks for us to actually get any internet. Communication between "Dispatch" and costumer service is spotty at best, and it took four different days of having to stay home for them to install it. Costumer service will tell you that you can't make appointments for the next day. It's not true. You can. And once you have AT&T technicians coming to your house everyday - you realize this. I'm not sure what system they operate off of but information seems to get lost in the shuffle and in my experience - they never knew what was actually happening (I had a call to ask about "my service" but I was still waiting to even get it installed - this sort of thing happened with appointments... I'd be at home waiting for someone to show up and they'd cancel without notice.) I'm hoping the internet itself is worth the complete and utter hassle and frustration that the installation was. So far I'd say I couldn't recommend this company.

YESENIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far its great to have peace of mind with the quality that AT&T offers families like ours, having a land line always available is the best practice for any family. We do have and use cellphones, but land lines are the most reliable in the case of emergencies.

MARCELA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Thank you very much for the service installation went great, the service tech was awesome very helpful... thanks AT&T