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EMILY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was not very happy with the way my order was handled, I felt the seller was trying to sell me the highest internet available even though I requested for the most basic since I would only be checking email. I also did not like that someone came by to "install" the router when I specifically said I could do it myself, and while he was there why couldn't he activate the ports in the room? He left all other ports inactive so now I am stuck with this ugly router in my kitchen. Overall the internet service is ok, sometimes it stops or slows down for no reason even though we will only have 1 or 2 devices. But this has been an ongoing issue with ATT, in my old Apt it used to go out daily at a certain time. Very annoying, I would switch to something better but there's no other "better" options out there.

YOON Reviewed ATT Reviews

Terrific!!! Now I don't have to worry about using data and paying more money to call my family in Korea~^^ Also the service was excellent!!!~^^

DANIEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

ATT was fast and helped me out with exactly what I needed and didn't try to up sell me. Thx

KATRINA N Reviewed ATT Reviews

had my uverse internet installed and it wasn't what I expected. my sales person assured me that the package recommended was the "perfect" fit for our needs. none the less I feel it wasn't. we specifically got internet to watch Netflix and surf the net. nothing major right? well seems that our Netflix is always pixelated the first half of each show and its kinda annoying. also when first installed it was EXTREMELY slow, about as slow as it was when I was running the Wi-Fi through my cell phone! anyways it took 24 hours+ to install office 365 which is ridiculous. so I called to have a tech come out for them NOT show up and wasting my whole Saturday waiting on them. when they finally came out on maybe Monday or Tuesday they tell me the wiring in my unit is "old" and updated the jack costing me like $50 when they said that uverse is available in our area NOT mentioning that they may need some sort of hi def wringing for it to run correctly. well after all the internet on my comp runs fine, but Netflix is still pixilated but what can I do??? ni do not want to go through this with a different company. beggars wont be choosers.