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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-844-237-5837

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Often unfairly placed in the shadow of its iconic neighbor across the bay, Oakland is a city with a rich history all its own. Sure, SF's high rent and housing shortages may draw more people to Oakland every year, but Oakland residents know that this city has always had more to offer than a lower cost of living.

When you first move to Oakland, you'll probably be setting AT&T Internet up for your home office or to make sure you can stream your favorite shows at night. Take a little time to use that internet connection to research the history of Oakland, whether it's your new home or your hometown, and you might be surprised by what you find.

Three years before Yellowstone became the United States' first national park, the mayor of Oakland declared Lake Merritt as the nation's first National Wildlife Refuge in 1869. The decision was made to protect migrating birds who call this Oakland landmark home, and it paved the way for the creation of more protected areas around the country.

Longtime Oakland residents might also remember Oakland's role as a jazz and blues hub in the mid-20th century, with 7th Street music halls bringing the music of Aretha Franklin and Nat King Cole to the West Coast. Oakland's legacy of natural spaces, art, and music lives on today, and its growing population continues to bring diverse cuisine and culture to this liveable Bay Area city.

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Jingletown Store 2992 E 9th Street, Oakland, CA 94601

Oakland City Center Store 388 9th Street Suite 116, Oakland, CA 94607

Oakland Store 3333 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

Oakland Shops Store 5108 Broadway Suite K 106, Oakland, CA 94611

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Oakland

4.3 out of 5 stars | Based on 28 Reviews

BRIAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

We have the 24 Mbs service. It is more than fast enough to stream video on two devices. My only complaint is that it occasionally seems to stall for a few seconds, then comes back as fast as ever. These delays have been noticed on all our machines.

JENNIFER Reviewed ATT Reviews

great service fast installation

CELESTE Reviewed ATT Reviews

My husband and I just signed up and have been very happy with our service so far. We moved from an apt into a house, so we were a little worried about the strength of our wifi connection, but he technician helped us figure out the best place to put our modem, which is working out great so far! Both technicians were knowledgeable and super helpful.

ANTIGONNE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love my service

CAROL Reviewed ATT Reviews

The servic is reliable and of the highest quality.

LATOYIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

great service no connection problems. dont like that i only have 200 minutes on phone though.

NIKITA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service

BOBBY Reviewed ATT Reviews

My service was started on Monday the 9th of November.The service Technician arrived on time.He was courteous and Respectful. He had the equipment and working a short time. I am very pleased with ATT service and will recommend my family and friends.

LI FEI Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was very satisfied with the service that ATT provided. Customer service was great. Technicians came out to fix the service fast. They professionally answered all the questions I had. Very great service!

TYRONE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I'm so happy that I switched cable companies. I've saved a bundle. The services are great. The installation guy was marvelous, went step by step to make sure everything was working great for us.

ERICA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The first phone ordering follow up was a total disaster. After receiving email confirming my order, I called to confirm instais working well.lation time. Four hours later after several long phone calls and conversations with many different people, it became clear that my order had been lost or deleted. I then placed a new order getting a worse deal. This order went throughssuccessfull. Instalation went smoothly and everything I I would like to give the first irder zero stars and the second orf er 4stars

LUCERITO Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service

RHEA Reviewed ATT Reviews

All around, a much better experience as far as professionalism and courtesy. Was explained in great detail, as far as what to expect, and did not have to go through a lot of verbatim wrongdoings or miscommunication or anything. Was very clear and honest about my service. I also have 2x more t.v. channels than I used to.

LUCERITO Reviewed ATT Reviews

Long waits on the phone but Very good customer service

ENTESAR S Reviewed ATT Reviews

I think I am Not happy with my service. and from my last call to the At and T over the phone some time I have good costumer service some times I do not.

HELEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The specialist was very helpful in addressing my concerns about my first bill. She explained the bill breakdown and helped me adjust my service so that monthly payments would be more in line with the original quote I was given by the sales rep. The agent who signed me up for service should have been more clear about the actual cost of service so that I would not have had to make this call the address the first bill that was much higher than expected.

CLEMENT Reviewed ATT Reviews

Just got the tv service today and everything went well..but three mintes into watching a show the tv frozen.. not letting me turn to any other station..to my suprise i text the tec support person and told him the problem and he came back very quickly and fixxed it..his service as great. O would yell a friemd to go with att instead of any other service..

OLIVIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love my ATT ! Best Internet out (:

HOLLY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Fast installation but far too much time spent holding on the phone. Was on the phone nearly an hour to inquire about the time of my installation. Same questions over and over from the customer service person on the phone. Hope to not need to call again...

JASON Reviewed ATT Reviews

Customer service was very helpful and the set up was easy!

LEANNA Reviewed ATT Reviews

technician on time, quick, easy!

SEAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far it's all promises and no fulfillment. My internet service was set to be turned on three days ago but I'm still not online. There seems to be some organizational confusion about getting the right technician over here. Evidently, "inside technicians" are unable or not allowed to make repairs on the outside of the house and vice versa regarding "outside technicians". I'm giving two stars only because everyone I've spoken with has been very nice if not somewhat helpless to solve my connection trouble.

MIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

There was some hiccup during sign up process, but the customer service was able to make it right. Self installation was a breeze.

ANGELA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Though the installation didn't go as smoothly as possible (totally our fault), the AT&T technician (John) was very patient, helpful, and friendly. After what should have only been an easy 30-minute installation, he stayed for about 2 hours and made sure our service was working properly (on Valentine's Day of all days!). He even called the following day to verify that we hadn't had any problems after he left our apartment. Very great service, indeed!

ALLISON Reviewed ATT Reviews

Thanks Victor for making my experience with AT&T seamless and enjoyable!!

GIORGIO Reviewed ATT Reviews

U-Verse rocks! I was wondering how this service compared to their impeccable wireless service and I was not disappointed!

ANAND J Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T sales rep gave me misinformation when I signed up; I tried fixing the errors with 5 different customer service people and was not able to resolve the issues. Canceled service less than a month after signing up.

KEENA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have only had at&t u verse for month now, and I love it, it has all the other cable companies beat, it awesome