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Sacramento is a great place to call home. Or should we say Sacramenno—locals will know you're a brand-new transplant if you pronounce the "t."

Sac natives are foodies, and that's not just because we put avocado on everything (though avocado is hella good). Burgers, wine, farm-fresh produce…You name it, we have a local favorite. Start bookmarking all the restaurants and wineries you want to try. You'll have dozens of tabs or windows open just figuring out where you want to go for dinner.

You aren't a real Northern Californian until you've tried the wine. Visit the Old Sugar Mill to tour fifteen (yes, fifteen) wineries offering wine local to the region. You can even bring your dog.

We're also known for farm-to-fork dining here in Sactown. There's a festival and everything. Experience one of the many events or simply visit a local restaurant. For the ultimate fine dining experience, try The Kitchen.

If you still have room for dessert, stop by a local ice cream shop. Everyone has a favorite depending on what neighborhood they're from. Those living in the Land Park area say Vic's is the best. Gunther's is number one for people from Curtis Park. For East Sac, it's Burr's.

If you're looking for a cozy night in instead of going downtown or to the city, AT&T is your one-stop shop for all things entertainment. Watch the Kings with crystal clear TV service or binge-watch your favorite Netflix show with a fast and reliable AT&T internet connection.

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Looking for an AT&T Store Near Sacramento?

Meadowview Rd Store 1441 Meadowview Rd Suite C, Sacramento, CA 95814

Arden Way Store 1689 Arden Way Suite 1102, Sacramento, CA 95815

Arden Fair Store 1743 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95815

Midtown Store 3100 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95816

Marconi Ave Store 2820 Marconi Ave Suite 3, Sacramento, CA 95821

Mack Road Store 6051 Mack Road, Sacramento, CA 95823

Howe Ave Store 1415 Howe Ave Suite 71, Sacramento, CA 95825

University Village Store 2244 Fair Oaks Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95825

Calvine Rd Store 8240 Calvine Rd Suite D, Sacramento, CA 95828

Spring Delta Shores Store 8166 Delta Shores Circle Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95832

Natomas Marketplace Store 3591 Truxel Rd Floor 1, Sacramento, CA 95834

Park Place Store 4670 Natomas Blvd Suite 130, Sacramento, CA 95835

Madison Ave Store 5044 Madison Ave. Suite B, Sacramento, CA 95841

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Sacramento

4.1 out of 5 stars | Based on 65 Reviews

BIANCA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love At&t

ROSEMARY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I like it

LESLEE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great customer service. Thank you

SAMUEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T is a good internet company, however you must listen carefully when reviewing a plan because there is a specific difference between megaBITS per second and megaBYTES per second and you have to ask because they wont tell you the difference and you'll be so happy with an affordable plan, yet you'll regret it later because you're racking on 12megabits per second and wonder why your upstream bandwidth is so low. All ISP do this, its just a matter of choosing the lessor evil.

LAVONNE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Fought for a long time against getting u-verse. Had a bad experience when we first signed up a couple of years ago, someone at ATT disconnected entire computer system only to find out we weren't in an area where U-Verse was allowed. After a week of no internet I was angry with ATT and vowed never to get U-Verse. OK, broke down and ordered it and I am ever so glad we did. The installers, line men and supervisor were the greatest, nicest guys one would ever want to meet. My internet runs so good now, no more buffering, kicked off line,faster than when it was new.

JENNY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Good Internet service speed.

GEORGE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great internet & phone service at affordable price. I love AT&T internet service because there no buffering or connection oriented problem. Great services & reliable customer service representatives.

ROBERT Reviewed ATT Reviews

Speeds are faster than the last ISP. I'm having some problems where I need to reset the adapter every so often.

JOANN Reviewed ATT Reviews

My technician was early (9:00am) and installation was so quick and seemingly easy. I can stream music and movies most of the day. My only qualm is that videos can slow down in the evenings- but not too often. I am happier with AT&T versus Comcast and may upgrade to a faster connection in a couple of months.

JOHN Reviewed ATT Reviews

very good services....... Excellent

ERIN M Reviewed ATT Reviews

My experience with the service has been alright. The customer service varies, depending on employee, but that is to be expected within any customer service industry based company. I haven't had any issues with the internet itself however so that is a plus.

ELYSA Reviewed ATT Reviews

We have been with AT&T for 15-20 years, because the products and services are both great. Thank you!

RONALD Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have just re-started ATT service after years of being with Comcast. I went to Comcast because I could not get U-Verse at my apartment. Finally, I have gone back to ATT U-Verse! Best decision I have made! These guys are the best!

SCOTT Reviewed ATT Reviews

customer service on the phone was horrible, pricing never matched between three different people and the scheduling was different on two occasions and still showed up a day early. took two thursdays in a row off to be here and still didnt get service. finally showed up 1 hr after i got off the phone trying to order service for the last time and the tech showed up a day early, so I let him install and was late for work that day. the one bright spot was the tech, he was, courteous, knowledgeable and professional. I hope your customer service is half as good as I've been a part of so far. Guess it really doesnt matter anymore since I'm locked in a year contract and I'm at your mercy.

COURTNEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

the service was fantastic

COLEBE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very pour service on the set up to get someone out to schedule to install

COLEBE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Not good I had to have 3 techs come out and I finally desired to do the self install. First tech was great but line problems second tech useless third tech fixed the line but dealing with customer service was brutal . I felt like I was getting the run around with no one taking charge on the phone and second Tech

ANGIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

ATT provided excellent customer service. I was also pleased with U-verse and the high speed internet bundle. I would highly recommend ATT for value and service.

TYQUAN K Reviewed ATT Reviews

Nice customers service ,

SURESH Reviewed ATT Reviews

It's fast reliable n makes my job done on time

MITCHELL Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had a great experience with AT&T. The service was good and the price was right. I got all My question answered.

MITCHELL Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T has the best price for U-Verse TV and Internet. They are always willing to help with all the questions that I have. I recommend them to everyone

CHERYL Reviewed ATT Reviews

I started my new U-verse on 9/21- I am having problems with the beeping before I get the dial tone. The 2nd time a service worker came to my home he found an additional problem and they are working on my problem. So are I am not 100 per cent happy but hopefully they will find the problem causing the beeping - my internet is great-

SUE Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far, I haven't been even able to find out which service I have. I'm almost afraid to call my son in Utah because I don't know IF or WHAT charges I might get charged. Online site is useless... live chat is useless... and so far, Face Book help is useless. How A.T. & T. got to be such a high-profit company is beyond me. You need SERIOUS changes in your SUPPORT.

JHANAY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I absolutely love my service with AT&T ! They have outstanding customer service that actually care about your needs as the customer .. The technician that came out to install my internet service was very professional and informed me with everything I needed to know he came on time and installments where quick .. I recommend AT&T to all my friends and family

LETICIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I signed up for Internet service for my daughter while she goes to college. In the week and a half that she should have had service, so far she hasn't had a single day without a problem. The technicians have been out for 5 or 6 times and she's had two modems. She's had to go to different places (Starbuks, McDonalds...etc) to get homework done. It's been a true inconvenience to say the least. The technician was there again today and I hope this time it works for more than a few hours. I hate to look for another provider, but that's what I'll have to do if this continues. Leticia

RICHARD Reviewed ATT Reviews

We are very happy with our internet service! Our technician, Jasper was very efficient and helpful. He explained everything in a manner that was very easy to understand! Thank you, AT&T!

DANNY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I haven't had my at&t service very long I just have a home land line at first it was a little difficult to get it working properly but is working fine now thank you

MANUEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T there service was up to expectations .not only is there internet fast also there service.happy Iam

XAVIER Reviewed ATT Reviews

Good service but didn't let me use my old modem. They are making me rent one even though the new one is identical to my mine (same model--which I bought from them a year ago)..


The wait times on the phone are ridiculous, and far longer than we had to wait when checking out prices for Comcast, Direct TV, etc. Then, installation was ridiculous, taking almost a week of various guys coming by, then sending others. The last guy (Don) was really nice, but the system of sending one guy, then a specialist, then someone for outside, then someone for inside, etc. is a real turn off.

CONNIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Was able to get the day I needed to get hooked up, and they did a great job getting me up and running, II haven't had any problems, everything seems to be running just fine..Thank you~AT&T! :)

HANNAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

I give 5 stars because every time I have called everyone is very polite and they are willing to help me with my needs

KATRINA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very fast and reliable service. The price is affordable and staff is helpful

HAMED Reviewed ATT Reviews

The technician was friendly, professional, and set everything up quickly.

MARY Reviewed ATT Reviews

We love it... u verse has the most variety of movies and kids entertainment. We had COMCAST and it doesn't even compare. .

DAVID J Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service is working great but the instalation needs help. It took a week to after the original installer to get my Internet working. And after I called AT&T to come out again.

JOHNATHON Reviewed ATT Reviews

Not always getting 18mbs but most of the time it's pretty close

MARIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I recently moved to Sacramento and needed internet FAST. Wilfredo was my premises technician. He arrived on time to my scheduled appointment and helped me reset some wires that were messed up in my apartment. He was very patient and efficient throughout the set-up process. Even when I had trouble logging into my laptop many times, he was so patient and waited for my laptop to work so he could explain the process of logging on to at&t to look at my account and check my speed. I was very impressed by his work ethic and professionalism. He always had a smile on his face. Since the set-up, internet has been working GREAT the past couple weeks. I watch Netflix just fine, without any lags at all and am able to do my homework online at an efficient pace. I was worried that the U-verse Elite was going to be a bit slow but thought wrong. Very happy with the service from AT&T so far. Thank you Willie!!!! Happy customer here.

JONATHAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great customer service, helped me choose the best plan for my needs and saved me money.

RICHARD Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was lied to when I ordered my service that I could have 5 boxes and they will only give me 4. Then I am told that nothing can be done about it.....very poor customer service

BARBARA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love AT&T. The installer Danny was awesome and my internet works faster than Comcast. AT&T's pricing beat them out. Very Happy.

KULBIR Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am happy with my new service i givegrade9

BRUCE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installer was very professional and everything works great

BILL Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far everything has been great. The only negative I had was I was not able to take my old phone number and transfer it to my new service. The technician that installed the service was excellent even though it required a new line to be run from the pole to the house. He kept me informed of the situation and made sure it was all working when he left.

GILBERTO Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service I love it great customer service

LORI Reviewed ATT Reviews

On time, helpful, and awesome!

THOMAS Reviewed ATT Reviews

The sales representative was very friendly. It took a while, but we found the products which worked for me and my family.

MARIO Reviewed ATT Reviews

I'm actually loving my U-verse Internet Max.... I recently had Comcast and they said there internet was faster, but did not explain why so priced so high. When U-verse seem faster and more cheaper, again I am very pleased with my new account with U-verse Internet Max.

MARK Reviewed ATT Reviews

The last service we had was really slow and customer service wasn't helpful at all. As soon as we switched to AT&T, it was night and day. Much more speed and great Customer service. Thanks AT&T !

KELLY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I did not seem to have the option of self installation, so the installation charge was quite steep. The modem that I already owned apparently does not work with UVerse which is also disappointing. The installation took about an hour and a half and when the connection wasn't at its fullest, they called an outside party to take care of it which was nice.

MATTHEW Reviewed ATT Reviews

Amazing cost savings on both equipment and services. My representatives were very helpful and ensured I was taken care of.

MIYA Reviewed ATT Reviews

for whatever reason (that the representative could not quite explain) I couldn't sign up online and so had to pay an extra 50$ for initiation but other than that the service has been great. set up was easy.

KATHERINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have now had U-verse for 1-week and the transition was easy. The technology is much better than Comcast. The customer service reps I have talked to have been helpful and kind. My internet is faster. My teenagers and myself are very pleased!

VICTORIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Thank you so much:)! The person that helped get my services started was a big help i was in a difficult situation, he had excellent customer service, beautiful and unconditional communitcation and a sence of humor;)! Thanks again!

TOMMIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love u verse.. I'm still getting the hang of the channel numbers. .

DAWN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The router arrived a day early! Setting it up was easy and straight to the point. I was using WIFI within 15 minutes of set up. The speed is great. Very very happy with the U-Verse high speed internet.

MARLYN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love it!

EPPIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

i was very upset when they schedule to connect my service, they change the date without letting me know, without calling me and i was waiting and waiting untill i gave them a call. they told me that they could not make it untill the next day. Luckily i had the day off other wise i would of cancil the whole thing. I just hope i don't face any other issues.

JADE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I ordered my AT&T Internet around March 7th,2013 and it took a very long time. There was two cancellations on AT&T's part, lots of waiting, and some frustration on my part. Through it all, AT&T was very helpful, always were considerate, willing to listen and help. After the long wait and fixing all the difficulties, my internet finally got here today. It arrived March 22. I'm really glad I decided to stick it through and wait, because the internet and the service I recieved has been great! I'm all connected now, and I'm very satisfied with AT&T U- VERSE:) Thank- you!!!!

MISTY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Had a few snags initially getting my account set up but eventually got everything sorted out, billing corrected, and service is great.

DANIEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

I don't have a bill yet so I don't know how to pay for the service...also, I apparently cannot pay online and the sales team is closed by the time I get off of work.

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

I did the installation myself an it was quick and easy. Since then my Internet is fast and I've had no issues.

SHARON Reviewed ATT Reviews

Technician was professional and timely when activating the line. No disruption in service transtioning from one provider to AT&T.

CHRISTOPHER Reviewed ATT Reviews

love my new at&t internet service..the speed is jist the same as my last service but at a better cost..the phone reps are nothing but helpful whenever a question arises..you have a customer for life.