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43% of ALL HOME CONNECTIONS customers in California choose AT&T Internet plans with speeds between 50 and 100 Mbps.

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The distinctive twang of a quickly-picked Fender Telecaster, a booming drumbeat, striking fiddle, and pedal steel. Lyrics inspired by the journey from the Dust Bowl that brought many "Okies from Muskogee" west. And none of that countrypolitan Nashville nonsense. That’s the Bakersfield Sound.

Ever since before Buck Owens and his Buckaroos taught Ringo and the other Beatles to "Act Naturally," Bakersfield, CA has been an iconic town for country & western music, the smaller, tougher, grittier counterpart to Nashville’s music machine. The line goes as far back as the Maddox Brothers and Rose, through Buck and Merle Haggard, to Dwight Yoakam who carries the torch for the Bakersfield Sound to this day. When Nashville popped, Bakersfield rocked.

The Bakersfield Sound is a reflection of the Bakersfield attitude. Not as snooty as the Bay up north or as glamorous as La La Land down south, Bakersfield is Central Valley through and through, the county seat of the oil and agriculture hub of Kern County. Bakersfield works as hard as it plays and has, for more than half a century, had its own soundtrack to chronicle and accompany both.

With the variety of streaming services now available, you don’t have to build an extensive vinyl collection or get a bunch of CD box sets to hear the story of Bakersfield in music. You just need a good internet connection from AT&T and a way to listen.

AT&T and DIRECTV Plans & Packages in Bakersfield, CA


AT&T Wireless

AT&T Unlimited Starter®
Per one line

AT&T Multi Gig: Fastest Internet. Straightforward Pricing

Now delivering up to 5-Gig Speeds1

  • No Price Increase at 12 months, No Annual Contract, No Data Caps, No Equipment Fee.
  • AT&T Internet Security with ActiveArmorSM included: 24/7 proactive security that helps stop threats before they get to you.
  • AT&T All-Fi delivers a powerful consistent connection with Wi-Fi 6 technology
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AT&T 5G.
Fast. Reliable. Secure.

With AT&T 5G, it’s not complicated. You’ll get fast, reliable, secure 5G that’s available nationwide. Plus, both new and existing customers get our best deals on a wide variety of 5G smartphones, and all our unlimited plans include 5G access at no extra charge. Discover what AT&T 5G can do for you today.

Not just fast, Fiber fast, at our lowest price ever

Stop waiting and start streaming with AT&T 1 GIG. Built on a 100% fiber network, AT&T Fiber delivers the fastest internet speeds so you can surf, work, game, and stream without the wait time.

AT&T Internet 1000 powered by AT&T Fiber

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Looking for an AT&T Store Near Bakersfield?

Valley Plaza Store 2701 Ming Ave #151, Bakersfield, CA 93304

East Hills Mall Store 3501 Mallview Rd Ste 107, Bakersfield, CA 93306

Panama Ln Store 1601 Panama Lane Suite D-0107, Bakersfield, CA 93307

Coffee Rd Store 3401 Coffee Rd Suite B, Bakersfield, CA 93308

Truxtun Ave Store 4180 Truxtun Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93309

Ming Ave Store 4300 Ming Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93309

Marketplace Store 9000 Ming Ave Suite B3, Bakersfield, CA 93311

Rosedale Hwy Store 9160 Rosedale Hwy #400, Bakersfield, CA 93312

Bakersfield Store 6603 Panama Lane Suite B105, Bakersfield, CA 93313

Taft Store 12918 Brimhall Road Suite 100, Bakersfield, CA 93314

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