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The distinctive twang of a quickly-picked Fender Telecaster, a booming drumbeat, striking fiddle, and pedal steel. Lyrics inspired by the journey from the Dust Bowl that brought many "Okies from Muskogee" west. And none of that countrypolitan Nashville nonsense. That’s the Bakersfield Sound.

Ever since before Buck Owens and his Buckaroos taught Ringo and the other Beatles to "Act Naturally," Bakersfield, CA has been an iconic town for country & western music, the smaller, tougher, grittier counterpart to Nashville’s music machine. The line goes as far back as the Maddox Brothers and Rose, through Buck and Merle Haggard, to Dwight Yoakam who carries the torch for the Bakersfield Sound to this day. When Nashville popped, Bakersfield rocked.

The Bakersfield Sound is a reflection of the Bakersfield attitude. Not as snooty as the Bay up north or as glamorous as La La Land down south, Bakersfield is Central Valley through and through, the county seat of the oil and agriculture hub of Kern County. Bakersfield works as hard as it plays and has, for more than half a century, had its own soundtrack to chronicle and accompany both.

With the variety of streaming services now available, you don’t have to build an extensive vinyl collection or get a bunch of CD box sets to hear the story of Bakersfield in music. You just need a good internet connection from AT&T and a way to listen.

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Looking for an AT&T Store Near Bakersfield?

Valley Plaza Store 2701 Ming Ave #151, Bakersfield, CA 93304

East Hills Mall Store 3501 Mallview Rd Ste 107, Bakersfield, CA 93306

Panama Ln Store 1601 Panama Lane Suite D-0107, Bakersfield, CA 93307

Coffee Rd Store 3401 Coffee Rd Suite B, Bakersfield, CA 93308

Truxtun Ave Store 4180 Truxtun Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93309

Ming Ave Store 4300 Ming Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93309

Marketplace Store 9000 Ming Ave Suite B3, Bakersfield, CA 93311

Rosedale Hwy Store 9160 Rosedale Hwy #400, Bakersfield, CA 93312

Bakersfield Store 6603 Panama Lane Suite B105, Bakersfield, CA 93313

Taft Store 12918 Brimhall Road Suite 100, Bakersfield, CA 93314

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Bakersfield

4.2 out of 5 stars | Based on 53 Reviews

SAMANTHA Reviewed ATT Reviews

It was hard to set up services because different agents said different information

IRENE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I've had this service for about two weeks now and out of these two weeks l have to call back to complain about the Internet not working every other day. At the moment I'm not too happy with the service

VICTOR Reviewed ATT Reviews

Vary friendly and professional services was my experience with both installations Thanks.. Keep up the hard work

MILTON Reviewed ATT Reviews

When the technician called and said he'd be by in about 20 minutes, he was right on time. After determining where the connections would be installed, he went right to work at installing my new DIRECTV receiver. Once that was completed, he set up the Genie DVR, and calibrated the satellite dish and DVR in mere minutes. Lastly, the technician explained the operation of the universal remote device and gave me a quick synopsis on how to select/record tv shows or movies. Overall, I give 5 gold stars to the professionalism and courtesy of the AT&T/DIRECTV Installer.

JOSE Reviewed ATT Reviews

as far as ordering service other was horrible was lied to when I would receive service didn't receive it till a week later when they told today's from ordering date the called to cancel and again told me it was gonna be over night still didn't receive it

ERICA B Reviewed ATT Reviews

Switched from brighthouuse. Had nothing but issues since day one. My wireless bill went up all of a sudden. Then my Internet and cable took forever to get hooked up properly. It seemed I called everyday for a week to get things right.

COLLETTE Reviewed ATT Reviews

It was amazing and we are saving so much money !! Thx for the fast internet and great customer service !!!

HERBERT Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very upset Technician never showed up and no phone call therefore I cancelled the service. Went with Vonage.

STEVE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The installer was on time and did a great job. The service so far has been as expected.

CHAD Reviewed ATT Reviews

It was excellent from ordering it over the phone setting the appointment and the technician coming out on time and setting up the service everything works and runs great thank you guys very much.

BLANCA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The best customer service and service ever!!

JOSE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Ive had good sercice overall so happy to have switched h to uverse I would defenitily would recommend to my family and friends thankyou aat

ANTOINETTE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love uverse! Have had it for the past three years and find it so easy to use. Just wish the cost was a bit less.

VANESSA Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T has the fastest speed internet I've ever had! I can use mobile devices, iPad and watch netflix all at the same time. They have the best customer service answering ever single question that I have.thank you AT&T!

GLORIA E Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service.

BIRGIT Reviewed ATT Reviews

As a new customer I could not be happier. The representatives and technicians were friendly, knowledgeable and courteous. I had some difficult circumstances connecting at first, but they even called an outside technician on the same day to get me hooked up as promised. Nothing but the best to say at this time. keep up the awesome work. Can not beat this , especially for the pricing offered!

ALLY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Trying to get a quote and setup was very hectic. I spoke with a very nice gentleman who gave me a great quote. I told him I was going to call and search with other companies, but would probably call back to lock in the deal he gave me and set up our service. Thirty minutes later after speaking with other companies, I called AT&T back to lock in the deal I was offered, and they didn't offer it. They increased the price. We did end up going with AT&T and the gentleman who installed our equipment was great. However, they have my name one the account misspelled and canceled our equipment shipping which set us back on instillation because of their error on the misspelling and address. I called to try and correct the name problem 3 times for over 30 minutes each time, and it is still not fixed. Happy with the actual service provided at our house but dealing with them on the phone is another story.

KATELYNN Reviewed ATT Reviews

After doing a lot of research on different internet services and providers, I'm happy to say that AT&T not only took the time to work with me but have delivered great service for a great price.

AURELIO Reviewed ATT Reviews

Like the channels available.

ANGELA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am a new customer and the install was good didn't have any issues and so far my Internet speed had been good

LAKIR Reviewed ATT Reviews

I just started a new service with u-verse it was not a pleasant experience as the modem went down on the third day after installation. But I do get the speed as I was promised to get, so I consider that as a positive part of it. I did not like that you guys charged me 100$ just for the installation that is too much. I can understand some kind of installation fees but 100$ its really too much.

BRUCE Reviewed ATT Reviews

When I call to talk to someone to get info the person I talked with was so helpful and caring. When the gentlemen came to my house to install the u verse was so friendly. He did a great job to explain everything and answered all my questions. I will recommend AT&T to all my friends and family

MARIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Wonderful service, friendly employees

DANIEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

technician arrived on time and went right to work to install my internet service in a very timely manner. installation was done very neatly, with tech explaining any question i had asked.

ROBIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Terrible. The guy who gave me the quote also gave me false information about the baseball channels, failed to tell me I could not transfer my phone numbers, failed to tell me I could not include the business phone, and was overall completely ignorant. My request was not properly entered into the system. I now have to spend another day waiting for a technician, after at least 2 hrs on the phone. To say the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing at att would be a gross would be a gross understatement! I'd cancel it all if I could!

JULIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installation was fast and flawless and the technician was very nice and helpful!

JOSE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service well informed sales representative

IRENE V Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love my service its quick and reliable

MARLEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

At is the best. I am a new customer and I love it! Had a little problem in the beginning but they were out here the same day to fix it! Love love love!

LYLA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excited about our new phone, internet and tv service... lots of channels and internet is running great.. technician was easy to speak to and was very helpful..

JERRY Reviewed ATT Reviews

The tech that came out was friendly and helpful. There was an issue with signal Strength, I've had another tech out before from AT&T trying to install service to my house about a year ago. He tried too, but was not able to make it work. The tech that cam out this time did his best to resolve the issue and he did. I appreciate his hard work and his diligence. The service is great too, it was worth the switch from satellite.

JERRY Reviewed ATT Reviews

The tech that came out was very helpful and determined. There was an issue with signal strength, he did not give up on the job. After trying everything he could possibly try, he resolved the issue. He called out another tech to check out the situation as a precaution. He was also very friendly and helpful. As far as the actual TV and Internet service, it was worth the switch from satellite. I recommend AT&T to my friends and family.

ELLIS Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am enjoying the u-verse experience

ROBERT Reviewed ATT Reviews

Internet service is great! Phone service not happy with, been a week and still haven't ported my old number.

HASSAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

i like the service, stars off for costumer support.

MARTA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Perfect for my family i love it!!!!!

SPENCER Reviewed ATT Reviews

So glad I chose AT&T! The service was great they worked with us to ensure we could get what we needed and quickly. Communicating with other AT&T employees and solving our problem. Great experience and customer service.

PETE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent installation. Answered all my questions. Very pleasant. Found the problem instantly.

CHRISTIAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I like at&t. Great survice and fast internet

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great connection speed, great service.!

MARY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everyone was very helpful at AT&T

SARAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service tech was amazing and fast with our installation, I really appreciate that. The only complaint I had was it took over 2 weeks too schedule a installation date, with it being summer break & kids out of school, it was the longest 2 weeks ever. But thank you for finally starting our service our house is back to normal ;)

BRITTANY Reviewed ATT Reviews

We are very pleased with our high speed internet and 300 channel bundle.

CLARISA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service was excellent I . Will refer you to friends and family. I'm going to make this short because excellent and perfect service says it all

AMY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Uverse is amazing...price is okay when u begin but doubling it when ur contract is over is ridiculous....

GARRETT Reviewed ATT Reviews

The initial sale was not bad, and the installation technicians were great... However I initially was told it would take 2.5 or more weeks to get it installed. I called several people on the standard hotline and was amazed at how unhelpful they were. After asking for a supervisor and getting transferred to the customer care line, a machine easily rescheduled my installation appointment over the phone. And gave me several times and dates to pick from, which seems odd considering 3 or 4 people told me "the only possible time is 3 weeks out". (I have never heard of a machine being more helpful than a person when it comes to customer service!)... whatever the case, I got it set up, and am very happy with the service! Best of luck to yall!

JANELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Our experience was very different with ATT. My husband was tied up for about 2hrs. total with sales ppl who didn't really understand what to do. We were extremely frustrated with the lack of professionalism and attention. We would have gladly switched and we wouldn't recommend ATT to our friends. Sorry for the bad news.

MARISELA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very good service! I love that you are able to speak to representatives and they are very helpful. I called in the other day and a representative helped me lower to a better package and better fitting my budget. Overall great service.

BEVERLY Reviewed ATT Reviews

The best I have ever had.

TIM Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service wasn't up on the same day. The tech people on the phone didn;t know which outlet to hook the modem to. In general, good service as a first time customer. Tim

JOY Reviewed ATT Reviews

love my service!!!!!!

MICHELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everything was taken care of immediately. Serviceman was very professional when he came to my home to place a plug in for my phone