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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Monterey

3 out of 5 stars | Based on 8 Reviews

AARON Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service that I have received is better than anything else in the area. The technicians are friendly and helpful. The customer service is spot on.

DESIREE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The internet cuts out all the time. I use it for my laptop, phone and streaming to my AppleTV. Almost always cuts out.

EDWARD Reviewed ATT Reviews

ATT is ok service in Monterey, but u verse is limited if you live in an apartment complex. Old phone lines don't really work well for their system. Bottom line talk to you landlord if you live in such dwellings and decide if Uverse is right for your needs before signing a contract.

WILLIAM Reviewed ATT Reviews

It just worked, no headaches. For a couple reasons, I initially set up a technician installation. Two days later, it was automatically converted to a self-install, and calls to support were frustrating because they were saying that I initiated the change. If I wanted to change from self- to tech- install, it would cost $99. The reason I wanted a tech was that I am moving in to a house where the previous owners were not using the phone lines. Worse yet, contractors doing other renovations were mucking around with phone calls, so I had little confidence everything was still functional. However, vice paying $99, I borrowed a land-line phone and found that one of the outlets in the house still worked. I stuck with the self-install. When it came, I plugged in the DSL modem, waited 30 minutes (manual says at least 15), and it was working. I was already familiar with configuration of uverse routers (from work) so changing it to not raisable defaults was fast. From there, infrequent tests show I am getting download speeds expected. I'll do more checks during peak hours to see the variance. Otherwise, it just works.

MYOGENE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I would have rated our experience with AT&T zero stars, but decided to give a star for the technician who was the only AT&T representative who actually knew what was going on and told the truth. The agent on the phone who initially set us up with U-verse failed to tell us that we'd only be getting 1.5mbps in our area. I specifically told the agent that we didn't need 6.0 speed since we weren't gamers, but that 3.0 speed would suffice for what we wanted (streaming videos, uploading pictures, email). He raved about the quality and speed of U-verse, without specifically mentioning that it would only be getting 1.5 speed, and told us that we'd have no problem streaming videos with the "great offer" he had for us that day. It wasn't until we had to have a technician come out a few days later, since the self installation didn't work, when we found out that AT&T never really activated our service (thus voiding the $99 fee to have the technician ultimately install service). The technician measured the speed and notified us that we were capable of obtaining up to 5.8mbps. He advised us to go into the AT&T store, rather than calling, and tell the agent that our expectations at set up was 3.0mbps, not 1.5mbps. Thus we went to the store to upgrade to 3.0mbps, but again faced disappointment. The store agent informed us that although the technician may have measured correctly, the "system" in which they could upgrade our account was not updated yet. He then told us to call back in a few days to check if the "system" was updated. First of all, why would you expect me to call every few days to check on whether or not you can provide me with the service I should already be receiving. If customer service is a priority, how about following through and contacting the customer when you've updated your services to the customer's standards. Since signing up with AT&T, we have not been able to watch one movie without interruptions.

HARRY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was assured that the telephone system in my 4o year old retirement apartment could support a modestly fast internet speed. When I received my hardware kit I installed it without trouble but with quite a bit of work laying data lines from the phone outlet to the computer. After all that trouble, the system didn't work. In communicating with the support people I was told that I had the wrong hardware but they could send me a new kit and that would work. I decided that I had invested enough time and effort and I would look elsewhere for internet capability.

BENJAMIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Fast service! friendly installation technician, You guys are the greatest, thank you!

KAREN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The technicians who came out to activate our service did a great job. They ensured our phone lines were in perfect order so we could get the best internet possible. Very helpful!