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41% of customers in North Carolina chose internet speeds up to 100 Mbps.

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Welcome to North Carolina. Your new passion? College basketball. Use AT&T Internet to stream it at home, in your car, during class, at the mall, and literally everywhere in between. But choose wisely between Duke and UNC—once you commit, there’s no going back. That shade of blue will be your color for the rest of your life.

There are also two types of barbecue to choose from (the vinegar-based eastern and ketchup-based western), and they’ll both rock your world. Get a side of collard greens with pork drippings, then drink some sweet tea or craft beer to wash it all down (“diet” is a four-letter word in these parts).

Besides the culture, the North Carolina landscape will take your breath away. We’re talking fiery technicolor sunsets on the coast, open fields and peaks and streams along the Blue Ridge Parkway (prepare to get teary-eyed when the leaves start changing color), and the roar of Whitewater Falls—the highest waterfall in the east coast. There are even blue fireflies twinkling around in some parts of the Smoky Mountains. If that’s not magical, we don’t know what is.

There are so many reasons to love North Carolina, we can’t even begin to name them all. You can easily spend your whole life coming up with reasons why you’re proud to be a Tar Heel...or a Blue Devil.

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The Carolinas make a great case for prospective college freshmen—just take to Instagram to see what the hype’s all about. Between tiny college towns jam-packed with pride to larger, historic cities with enough history and greenery perfect for any scenic shot, there’s more than enough reason to head down to North Carolina once you flip your tassel.

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North Carolina Ranks #2 for Quality of Digital Life

With a fast average internet speed at 42.4 Mbps and with 92% of Tar Heel State residents having access to broadband internet, North Carolina ranks second in All Home Connections’ Quality of Digital Life Report.

What Makes North Carolina a Top-Ten State in Digital Life?

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Percentage of income spent on the internet


National Average:


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Internet Speed


National Average:


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Percentage of households with broadband coverage


National Average:


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Percentage of children in a household with a computing device


National Average:



To determine which states rank highest for quality of digital life, All Home Connections’ data team analyzed four key metrics:

  • Internet affordability (25%). This factor measured the average cost of the internet vs. average personal income in each state.
  • Internet quality (25%). This data point analyzed the average internet speed in each state.
  • Electronic infrastructure (25%). For this metric, we analyzed the percentage of broadband coverage by state.
  • Accessibility to computers and tablets (25%). For the final data point, we determined the percentage of children in a household with a desktop, laptop, or tablet as of 2019.

The data for each category came from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the U.S. Census, Internet World Statistics, and the National Center for Education Statistics.