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37% of ALL HOME CONNECTIONS customers in Ohio choose AT&T Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps.

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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-844-572-9073

Discover the Benefits of AT&T Internet for Your Toledo Home

When you first move to Toledo, you'll be busy unpacking and exploring town. Sure, setting up Internet will be on your list of to-do's, but so will checking out those famous hot dog buns with celebrity signatures at Tony Packo's (and enjoying a plate of chicken paprikas while you look), walking or riding along the University/Parks Bike Trail, and admiring the Glass City's eclectic mix of architecture in the Old West End and downtown. If you enjoy visiting nationally ranked zoos, you'll be adding a visit to Toledo Zoo to that list as well. Toledo isn't a big city, but this revitalized Erie Canal town has plenty to keep residents busy.

When you do get around to hanging out at home, you'll be glad you trusted AT&T Internet to give you fast, convenient service when you need it. Toledo gets chilly in the winter months, especially next to Lake Erie. On the coldest days, you'll be glad to have fast streaming and reliable Internet when you want to avoid snowy roads and work from home or stream the newest binge-worthy show when the sun sets early and the temperature drops. Once summer arrives again, use your WiFi to stay up-to-date on Toledo's full calendar of events, like the Glass City Beer Fest, the Glass City Marathon, and dozens of other festivals.

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Speeds Up to 100 Mbps*

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Pay Your AT&T Bill at These Locations

Westgate Village Shopping Center Store 3330 W. Central Ave Suite A4, Toledo, OH 43606

West Central Ave Store 6755 W. Central Ave Suite 103, Toledo, OH 43617

Franklin Park Mall Store 5001 Monroe Street Suite 1555, Toledo, OH 43623

Monroe Street Store 4906 Monroe St, Toledo, OH 43623

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Find Electronics Recycling in Toledo, OH

Now that you’re getting set up with new internet service in your area, you might be considering an upgrade to your equipment or tech setup. Find out where you can recycle old TVs, computers, and other electronics.

Recell One 6540 W Central Ave Ste P, Toledo, OH 43617

Best Buy 4505 Monroe St, Toledo, OH 43613

AccuShred 1114 W Central Ave, Toledo, OH 43610

Map of Toledo, OH

Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Toledo

4.2 out of 5 stars | Based on 46 Reviews

DANIEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

We have only been with at&t for a few weeks and so far we are thrilled with the TV selections and the service. Internet has been fantastic also. No problems at all!! The team that came out to install were professional and did an excellent job!

TAMICA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I recently received Internet service and I am happy to say I am very satisfied with my service. The technician was very helpful and polite and got the job done in a timely manner.

CHANELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everything was good jus upset that the digital cable wasn't in my area yet!

BERNICE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I enjoy having at&t the service is great and the internet is fast and i have no problems with the service at all.

JENELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

theres no other option but att

JENNIFER Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everything went smooth and quickly. Great service and great internet. Thanks AT@T!

SAMUEL L Reviewed ATT Reviews

I didn't realize that AT&T service was so fast in my area, coming from a cable provider I expected a significant slowdown, but I was surprised at not only how fast the service was, but how reliable. Streaming video content was much smoother than my cable connection which was rated faster than what AT&T provided.

CHAD Reviewed ATT Reviews

great service from a great company !

BRITTANIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far so good. my only problem so far has been that i had to have a tech come out after only 4 days of service to reinstall everything because the first tech did not install it properly. He used buckeye internet cables that were already up instead of installing at&t cables and re installing. Which caused us interference for the first 4 days. We had no service for those 4 days which was not a good way to start a relationship. But so far we have been okay since it was fixed and installed properly.

CHRISTAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great Service Fast & Easy to set up

JARED Reviewed ATT Reviews

We had a great experience with your product and service and will recommend to family and friends.

FRANK Reviewed ATT Reviews

The tech was knowledgeable and professional. The service is great but with flaws

JACKI Reviewed ATT Reviews

This was probably the easiest part of my move. No hassle smooth installation. Simple online ordering, flexible installation, and a professional installer. I would recommend this service to anyone!! Great channel line up, excellent internet service. Thanks AT&T!!!!!

TRESEAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

When it work Its fast but it freeze alot

NATHALIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Att&t has helped me reviewal and installation of my service easy and fast . I have enjoyed its services for about 2 years now and so far no problems . Always easy the connect with a representative

BETH Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service from the team was phenomenal from the initial call to those who provided the care in my home. Only constructive feedback: when installing the equipment, have the expectations explained during the call the approx. length of time it will take. I should have also asked. I did not realize it would take 4 hours, and had to make arrangements for someone to come stay while work completed (due to work obligations). In the long run, it all worked out well, and they were super nice.

KIERSEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The two men who helped were incredibly kind and made me feel comfortable with having them in my home. Very satisfied with the service :-)

NANCY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very satisfied with my service. Customer has been very helpful and friendly.

DINA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service is great so far. Great reception, fast Internet connection. And the cable guy who set up our connection was reallynice and helpful.

MARY C Reviewed ATT Reviews

Our technician was A#1. So helpful and knowledgeable. My husband and I are "computer deficient". The technician was patient and so thorough .......explaining each phase of our U-verse. We made the right choice not to go with our local cable company.

LORI Reviewed ATT Reviews

The tech who came out to set up my service was very nice and cordial and got the job done very quickly. I am imppressed with the speed of the internet service and the clarity of my phone service. I should have switched a long time ago. Thank You Lori

LATOYA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have not been apart of att for to long I switch from buckeye.So far every time I call in every one has been pleasant and the service I like.

LATOYIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service has been awful so far. I've had three different techs out here and they would say it was fine, but I still didn't have any service. The tech finally resolved the problem today. Thank goodness for those that actually work. I'm just now using the service, and today it seems fine. I hope to be able to rate it differently in the future.

MYLISHA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love it its the best tv phone and internet service around

ROBIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent service and excellent tech, Eric. Everything is just as I had expected, all good in the neighborhood!

LINDA M Reviewed ATT Reviews

I really love my nrw service, I will. be happy when Att is zone for cable in our building. at Lakewoods here in Toledo

ROBERT Reviewed ATT Reviews

it's graet

TIMOTHY M Reviewed ATT Reviews

My At&T service installer Timothy Stoner was the most helpful technician I've met. He got the job done quick and right and I love the internet service.

DENISE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love my service

TANDAGALAR Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far, I am pleased an happy with At&t, products and services .

DEREK Reviewed ATT Reviews

My wife and I have had ATT for less than two weeks and are absolutely dissatisfied with your company. The customer service has been more than horrendous and we will likely be hoing back to our previous provider before the trial period ends.

WANDA F Reviewed ATT Reviews


ERICA Reviewed ATT Reviews

It was awesome thanks again for everything

ANTOINETTE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love my service I just wish it was an easier way to change the wifi password…

DENISE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service is slow. When I click on a link to a web page I get a connection error message. I have to close the connection error page and retry the link again before it will connect.

AZIZEH Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am very happy with my service so far. I am glad I switched to AT&T.

FIRAS Reviewed ATT Reviews

My first appointment to set up internet service was canceled without explanation, and I was not notified until I called during the expected time slot when nobody showed up to my apartment. No reparations made, either, just rescheduling to the following week. Not off to a great start, hope it gets better.

ALAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love being able to watch shows on demand, they installation tech was very professional and knowledgable. i have no problems so far, i need to buy me a phone so i can use my svc, A.

ANGELINA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love my service. I have never had any other service besides Buckeye cable and I feel amazing to no longer be a hostage to that company.

STELLA Reviewed ATT Reviews

My experience with the AT&T products and services have been very good! I have no complaints! :-)

JENNIFER Reviewed ATT Reviews

It took two technicians to come out (on one occasions I waited 8am-8pm and no one showed) and also 100's of phone calls from me to the tech support number in order to finally get a technician out here that checked everything and finally got it to work. I was seriously disappointed in AT & T until this last technician came. I almost canceled it. I am also not looking forward to paying a bill when I didn't have service the majority of the time. Hopefully this completely fixed the issue and I will be able to do my school work, watch movies and browse online with ease. I do want to mention that everyone I talked to was very friendly though . One Tech Support Representative sounded so empathetic that I really felt better talking to her . I think her name was Regina. (I am not sure but I talked to her twice). I am looking forward to a better experience with AT & T .

SANDRA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am happy with the service and the person who installed it was very helpful. The only complain I have at all is trying to get a human on the phone when calling into their system!

MATTHEW Reviewed ATT Reviews

I've had DSL, Cable and wireless. Uverse is by far the best so far. I currently have the low speed for internet access and my netflix runs like a champ! My only wish is that they would remove the data cap for trusted customers. Did I mention that my Call of Duty scores have doubled since switching? RAH!!!

JESSICA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everything is great thanks for your best service me an my family love it thank u so much for providing ur services to my an my family we wiil be adding to our bundle in a few weeks thanks...;)

DIANE Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far the service is great internet is fast jusy like I like it. TV has good selection od channels. If you cant find anything on the TV for every age to watch there must be something wrong, there is more than enough to watch. Glad I made the decision

KENYA M Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was apprehensive initially because ATT missed my install date. When I called in the representative was very pleasant and was ready yo remedy the error. Great customer service! Once the tech did arrive, he was personable as well.