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Listen. Hear that? That subtle thrum of an acoustic guitar? The rhythm of the King of Rock and Roll and the beat of the King of Pop? That's the sound of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame beckoning you to discover the legends that live within its halls. You have to admit you got a little emotional at the Beatles' display, and stared a little too long at Michael Jackson's sequin glove.

You have to admit that Cleveland is more lit than the Cuyahoga River.

Okay, the river has been through enough as it is (catching fire 13 times and all…). But Clevelanders are enjoying a rejuvenation of the city, and the once deep industrial roots are loosening and growing into an atmosphere of culture and vitality that's as refreshing as a coconut bar from Pincus Bakery. This is where Superman first took flight, where the term "rock and roll" was born and started a musical revolution. And with an official song like "Hang On Sloopy" by the McCoys, you could say the city is as balanced as that impressive four-part harmony, which the OSU marching band still pays tribute to on the reg.

Whether you live on the East or West Side, getting reliable internet in your home is as essential as Bertman Ball Park Mustard on a Polish Boy (who eats yellow mustard?). Despite the city's tumultuous love affair with LeBron James coming to a tragic end (not bitter about it at all), you can still watch the Cavs and the Browns play from the comfort of your home on ESPN, or stream the games on a mobile device with AT&T internet service. You won't even have to worry about your connection when spending a day on Lake Erie. The city is your oyster, so get to it.

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Stop waiting and start streaming with AT&T Fiber Internet 300. Built on a 100% fiber network, AT&T Fiber delivers the fastest internet speeds so you can surf, work, game, and stream without the wait time.

Internet 300 powered by AT&T Fiber starting at

00 /mo
Plus taxes for 12 mos. when bundled

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Steelyard Commons Store 3606 Steelyard Drive, Cleveland, OH 44109

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Cleveland

4.3 out of 5 stars | Based on 63 Reviews

KENNETH Reviewed ATT Reviews

We just had AT&T U-Verse installed at our new home yesterday (11/18). Jake (the Installer) had his work cut-out for him and he handled it like a true professional! The Installation was long but SUCCESSFUL...As we say in the military...BRAVO ZULU (A job Well Done) Jake... We are extremely satisfied and the service is as we were told it would be...PERFECT! THANK YOU Jake and AT&T for such a WONDERFUL PRODUCT!

JONATHAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I only have the internet and phone service, and I must say I am very satisfied and happy with being apart of the at&t family. Keep up the good work guys. Warmest regards

PAUL E Reviewed ATT Reviews

Dislike the remote. Dislike your guide operations!

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Terrible customer service have been a customer for years and when I transferred service I was not properly informed on my current service disconnection date, which resulted in loss of service at my current address. When I called to resolve the problem my installation appointment was put on hold which resulted in NO service at either residence. I spent FIVE HOURS, yes FIVE HOURS on the phone trying to resolve this terrible problem. I was never told my service appointment was pretty much canceled until it was an hour after my appointment time and I did not receive a call from the technician for my new service installation. I was put on hold for hours, promised call backs from supervisors that never came. After 2 days of dealing with this I was then called and told that my service was not going to be turned back on Nor my new service was not going to be installed because of my balance due that was only due 4 days prior, not to mention I had called and set up a payment for the following Friday. So after being a LOYAL AT&T customer for years I was denied service for a bill that was only 4 days past due. Now if my service was actually on the bill would have been paid but the 2 days I spent working with your terrible customer service team why would I pay a bill when I was being denied service? I will be sure to NEVER use your company EVER AGAIN AND I WILL SPREAD THE WORD OF THE TERRIBLE AND RUDE SERVICE I RECEIVED. I am now with your competitor and have had a wonderful experience. I'm extremely disappointed in the service AND CUSTOMER SERVICE I RECEIVED. I will be leaving negative reviews on any social media site, website or any other means I can to share with people to save them from the misery I experienced. Worst company I have EVER DEALT WITH!!!!

LISA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Thus far my experience has been great!! From my initial enrollment the representatives have all been nice, kind, helpful, and knowledgablw about att product. In addition, my services are great the cable and internet.

LATERRA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Awesome! Not to mention,This service Is very affordablr

MAX Reviewed ATT Reviews

My Tech Chris was great!! He really helped make my connection to AT&T a pleasant experience.

JENNIFER Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installer was super friendly and very informative. He knows his stuff. So far it's been great. Much better than the past company with the initia TWC.

ALEX Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love att service.

JOSHUA Reviewed ATT Reviews

had a bit of a problem with customer service. after everything is working correctly i can say that i am satisfied with the service.

JOANNE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent customer service and the Tech guy who hooked up the service was wonderful. Very knowledgeable and professional. He took the time to answer all my questions. Even called a couple days later to make sure everything was working correctly. Great guy!

MARY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was happy until I received my bill and saw my phone number had been changed. Something I was not told at time of appointment nor installation. That change caused an issue with my employer! Called customer service and was told that I could get my old number back however I would have to wait close to two weeks.

BUTOYI Reviewed ATT Reviews

great service but our area is get difficult with network, internet is slowing down.

FRANCK Reviewed ATT Reviews

Really good. Every thing work great. No regret no complains Kinda expensive though lol

SHANDALYN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Quick service good customer service

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

ATT is the best

THOMAS Reviewed ATT Reviews

installation was professional and courteous

KIMBERLY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service is excellent!! Thanks AT&T.

CHARLES Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service tech that came to house was awesome. Called before his arrival. When completed he explained everything in a professional manner. Was very impressed. Thanks

WANDA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I'm soo satisfied with my new services..I have not had a home phone in quite awhile...I know it sounds weird..but I feel safer at home now..not to mention a little stress free knowing I won't miss anymore calls from my grandkids..because either my cell phone is dead,didn't hear it ring,or just can't find it..lol..just being able to tell friends now "oh I have AT&T" 😍 A name well known by the World.....thanks...

ROBERT Reviewed ATT Reviews

The set up was amazingly fast, three days after I called the services were set up ,and all of the needed equipment was here. Best of all it was all done while I was at work!

JENNA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installer was very fast, neat, helpful, and informative. Great service so far.

BECKY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am very happy with my service and so are my kids. I am so glad I went with AT&T

VINCENT Reviewed ATT Reviews

Internet seems to be working well after a week. Some minor issues with the original router, but it was replaced that day at no additional cost.

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am very pleased with my new at&t bundle. I just purchased a new home and was transferring my old service to the new service. I had a little trouble with my electric carrier trying to assist in my att setup. They created a new acct which caused a few problems. But once i contacted at&t they corrected it all beautifully. Thank you at&t.

ASHLEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great start - nice gentleman who set everything up.

HYUNG MIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Pleased with the service. Have had the internet service for a couple of weeks now and I am very satisfied. Setup was easy and fast: connect, follow the very-straight-forward instructions on the packet, enter your password, boom! You're connected. If you do experience any problems, AT&T service crew is always there to help you out. Overall, very satisfied with the service so far.

LISA Reviewed ATT Reviews

It is great to have reliable internet service but sometimes it cuts in and out which is annoying when l am watching something on huluplus or Netflix or anywhere online.

TAMELA Reviewed ATT Reviews

It's good for basic but because they use phone jacks it's limited on where you can put the box.

ALEXANDRA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Just became an AT&T user this month, but so far so good! Relatively helpful customer service representatives and friendly service technicians!

RYAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T's installer was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Since the install my service has been good so far. Unfortunately my wall was damaged during the install. It was an honest mistake and I enjoyed the installer's empathy once my wall was damaged. But I did have to do some patch work on my wall because we hit a 2x4 when installing the box. So two holes were drilled. It's unfortunate. However, the installer was able to answer all my questions with ease and handled the rest of the install in a professional manner. Because of these compensating qualities of the installation, I believe my installer to be reliable. My install just did not go that well due to the outdated hardware and invasiveness of my install and the damage to my wall.

MARGARET Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was hesitant to call At&t for internet because I had them before but when I called the man I spoke with was very polite and knowledgeable of the services I was getting. Our technician was on point and so was the wire man for the main utility pole who had to come out. I'm very satisfied.

JEFFREY Reviewed ATT Reviews

The person that installed my service was very good. The service meets my expectations.

LAVAR Reviewed ATT Reviews

Best service in town... You can't go wrong by purchasing At been around for decades

EDDA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am very happy with the AT& T service. It was a pleasure to see that someone is doing a great work. I can truly recommend AT&T service and products. Including the internet.

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Internet works good. But I thought I would be billed the next month and not the same month . I also thought the $100 fee would be broken down in multiple payments but maybe I heard wrong.

BRITTANY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service and a ton of channels !

HASSAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far, so good. Excellent customer service is a nice plus

SHARONDA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service is great. The best service i have had

IFTEKHAR Reviewed ATT Reviews

The internet line is excellent, but comes with too many gimmicks!

AVERY Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T have good service and good workers the worker explained everything to me for I can't understand our service he was a nice worker

LATRICE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have had a excellent experience with at and t thanks alot guys !!

CAMERON Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great Service all the time

CHARLES Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent service and the installer did excellent work also!!!

SHAWN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Compared to our previous internet service provider, AT&T U-Verse is at least TWICE as fast, MUCH more reliable, and at HALF the price. Who could ask for anything more? Shawn Cleveland, Ohio

CLIFF Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very good follow up service

STEVE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent service and great installers- fixed my tv so now 1080 all the time! Thanks!

KELLY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Absolutely the worst experience getting set up. They changed my start date half a dozen times, each department (sales, technical) didn't know what was going on and kept transferring me/passing me back and forth; nobody autonomously could handle my problem. 3 weeks later I finally have an install date but who knows. On top of all of this, for a publicly traded company they send me three emails a day and call me once a day to review or change my service- don't they know that this is running against all good marketing and customer service practices, littering my inbox with emails that contain NO relevant information and are basically spam! I don't need to be bothered with the summaries of my service that's not even installed! Overall horrible experience.

KAITLIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

My roommate and I have been nothing but pleased with our cable package through AT&T. As previous Time Warner Cable customers, we have been pleasantly surprised at the superiority of your cable services. We rate this at 4 stars rather than 5 due to the short distance that our WIFI signal exhibits. The router was placed in the middle of our fairly small apartment (less than 1000 square feet), and does not reach either end of the apartment. The speed of the internet in nearer rooms is incredible, but we would be more impressed with this portion of service if it covered our whole apartment. Overall, this is a great first experience with AT&T!

TERISSA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love my internet connection. It reaches throughout my entire house with complete connection. Which is much better than the service we had.

KATIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

After I received my self installation kit I realized my house has no wall jacks. Customer service was above and beyond helpful. When signing up with att the employee didn't try to up sell me he actually told me I would be ok with a lower speed. Very impressed.

MELISSA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love att service. Best out there. Cant beat the price...I have uverse internet and its so fast.

GLENN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very pleased with the service and connection so far. The tech was very helpful, fast, and courteous. We would recommend uverse to anyone!

NICOLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent customer service. The installation technition was very helpful and professional as well!

MICHELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service men that came out to work on my service were friendly and professional. They did a good job and even wanted to clean up their mess. Good job!

GEORGE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Totally unsatisfied. We went over a week without phone service when we switched back from verizon to AT&T. I had to call tech support to get someone inside the home to fix the problem.

ALAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent customer service, and a very personable staff. I would recommend AT&T to anyone who is in the market

VALENCIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am very pleased with your services and I very impressed with getting help with my internet services.

ADEEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Quick and easy enrollment, good reliable service.

GEOFFREY C Reviewed ATT Reviews

There were some complications about my order and I had the run around for a while, but in the end I finally found a knowledgeable employee that took care of everything and should have internet tomorrow (crosses fingers).

DELINA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Signed up with AT&T u-verse a little over a month and a half ago and already Im disappointed in the customer service and with the automated bill pay by phone system which apparently has its flaws. However the actual Wifi service has been consistently pleasing. Making a payment by phone was misleading. When i tried to get the issue resolved I was treated horribly by a disgruntled and not too friendly customer service representative who made me feel as if I was a bother. She assured me that I would get a call back from a manager in which I have yet to talk to that manager and its been over a week now. Im a stickler when it comes to customer service. And sorry to say, my experience with AT&T's customer service has just been poorly.

JOHN Reviewed ATT Reviews

"The technician who came out to install our internet was excellent. He made absolutely sure that everything worked properly before he left. The internet has worked wonderfully since then and we've had a great experience. "

SANTOSH Reviewed ATT Reviews

The installation process was quite simple and took minimal time.