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37% of Ohio ALL HOME CONNECTIONS customers choose AT&T Internet speeds between 50 and 100 Mbps.

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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-844-244-9215
Get AT&T Services | 
Get AT&T Services | Call 1-844-244-9215

Get Your Columbus Home Connected with AT&T Internet

New to Columbus? Arch City has a lot to offer, from the beautiful Park of Roses to the North Market to the outrageous Doo Dah Parade (laughs guaranteed). You may have noticed, however, that it's not without its quirks. The cashier at Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace laughed out loud when a customer said "soda" instead of "pop," and two people almost got into a fight just because one said the word "Michigan."

But you've fallen in love with White Castle, caught a glimpse of Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Arnold Sports Festival, and after the fourth visit you now find Cornhenge to be one of the most compelling pieces of modern art you've ever seen. So it's safe to say you're settling in just fine.

You might as well get your home settled, too. Fast-moving, reliable internet is crucial in a place considered "the heart of it all." AT&T provides internet as precise as the OSU marching band's lines, not to mention customizable packages that allow you to choose among speeds up to 100Mbps1. With professional installation included in your plan, the only thing you have to worry about is calling in time to catch the Buckeyes vs. Wolverines game. And our techs are so efficient, you won't even have to use your sweeper after they're gone.

1Geographic and service restrictions apply to AT&T Internet services. Not all speeds available in all areas. Call or go to www.att.com/internet to see if you qualify.

AT&T Plans & Packages in Columbus

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Speeds Up to 100 Mbps*

AT&T Internet
AT&T Fiber
Internet 300
AT&T Wireless

4G LTE data

Per one line
AT&T Unlimited Elite

185+ Channels


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Find Your Closest AT&T Store

Sawmill Rd Target Plaza Store 6048 Sawmill Rd, Columbus, OH 43017

OSU Store 1589 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201

German Village Store 900 S High Street, Columbus, OH 43206

Olentangy River Rd Store 1555 Olentangy River Road, Columbus, OH 43212

Columbus Store 3845 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43213

E Broad Street Store 6598 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43213

Easton Town Center Store 3955 Townsfair Way, Columbus, OH 43219

Easton Continental Store 3952 Morse Crossing, Columbus, OH 43219

Reed & Henderson Store 1801 Henderson Road, Columbus, OH 43220

George\'s Corner Shopping Center Store 1545 Hilliard Rome Rd George\'s Corner Shopping Center, Columbus, OH 43228

Georgesville Square Store 1649 Georgesville Square Drive, Columbus, OH 43228

Morse Rd Store 1855 Morse Rd, Columbus, OH 43229

Stoneridge Store 4994 N Hamilton Rd, Columbus, OH 43230

Hamilton Rd Store 2583 South Hamilton Road, Columbus, OH 43232

Polaris Fashion Place Mall Store 1500 Polaris Parkway Space #2172, Columbus, OH 43240

Polaris Towne Center Store 1495 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, OH 43240

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Find Electronics Recycling in Columbus, OH

Now that you’re getting set up with new internet service in your area, you might be considering an upgrade to your equipment or tech setup. Find out where you can recycle old TVs, computers, and other electronics.

Environmental Reclaim, LLC 3600 Sullivant Ave, Columbus, OH 43228

Sage Sustainable Electronics 2801 Charter St, Columbus, OH 43228

OEW Recycling 2050 Williams Rd, Columbus, OH 43207

Best Buy 3840 Morse Rd, Columbus, OH 43219

Best Buy 1375 Poalris Pkwy, Columbus, OH 43240

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Columbus

4.1 out of 5 stars | Based on 117 Reviews

BILLIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very happy with everything just wish I knew how to set up my caller I'd up on my tv

AMBER Reviewed ATT Reviews

Tech was great. He had to add a new line for us and he was quick and very respectful. He answered all of the questions I had for him. Thank you!

UNIQUE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am not able to use my house phone. And the guy who hooked up my equipment took 5 hours to complete.

ERIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

They were very friendly and helpful.

MICHAEL LEROY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I really like our AT&T service. It's fast and great. I love that I'm not paying a super high bill for crapy internet. I have not had a issue yet. I have recommended a few friends to switch.

MARCELL Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service is a real great the customer service great connection I just love AT&T

SEAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Quick install and great service! Technician was very personable and professional.

ELEANOR Reviewed ATT Reviews

"Techians were very professional

JOHN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service was installed on time as promised. Very professional and courteous service by technician. Any problems with install were handled promptly."

JOHN Reviewed ATT Reviews

"Everything went as planned. Both the outside and inside installers were courteous and professional. So glad I changed from Comcast to U/verse!!'"

ASHLEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am so happy I are the switch

SHARON Reviewed ATT Reviews

Each representative was very professional and made sure I received what was best for my use. The internet service is great and I have not experienced any difficulties.

THOMAS Reviewed ATT Reviews

We were scheduled immediately and the technician was very professional. Great job AT&T. Thank you.

WALTER Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far, I'm pleased

WHITNEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

It started off bad. But once they came out to fix it. It has been better. I love it.

KATE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Kyle, the guy who installed my service did a great job. So far I've had a good connection with my service.

THERESA Reviewed ATT Reviews

My service was prompt and professional!

MARCELA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Came in time and offered great service

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

We are happy with the service. Although, The monthly cost is higher than the CSR stated it would be. Also, when the service was installed in December, we were told that the cable would be buried within a week. It's still on top of the ground. I was also told that I could purchase a wireless adapter to use on the other television in our home. When I call customer service, they seem to know nothing about this. So..... Service good. customer service, not so good.

KENNETH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love your products, hate your customer service.

TRAVELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service has been great

MOHAMMED Reviewed ATT Reviews

realy good service colombus ohi

AARON Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service tech was very knowledgable and helpful!

KENNETH Reviewed ATT Reviews

A little trouble getting installed (signal issues), but the techs involved fixed the issue and so far the coverage is great! Thank you.

HERNAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

My service I great the high speed internet is really fast and I can connect Murillo devices to it and the home is also great because it's always really clear

SHANE D Reviewed ATT Reviews

The customer service over the phone was horrible. It may have been the worst I've ever encountered. They were too worried about saying what they were coached to say, rather than listen to my problems. I was scheduled for 2 different appointments, with conformation numbers and recorded phone calls confirming my appointment. Nobody showed. The lady on the phone just talked about using her tools, and asking me questions that had nothing to do with my problems. The guy that did install my equipment was good and nice. He did a great job.

REGINA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I enjoy the savings.

ALEKIEA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I'm am very happy with my service. My bundle service is perfect for me and my family.

KENNETH Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far so good. I've been a Uverse internet user for less than a month and so far am pleasantly surprised. I really thought we would have speed issues because we've always had "traditional" cable internet, but have not been let down yet. Have to be honest we weren't going to get voice, we really didn't have a use for it, but it's been nice having a home phone again for some reason.

BETH Reviewed ATT Reviews

I really like the internet service. I have been using for a couple of years now and have no intention of switching.

TEYANI Reviewed ATT Reviews

I really enjoy having the service I can see my show and the internt is wonderful it very fast with a lot of people on it I so glad I choose AT&T thank you again

TERESA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The man who installed my service was great. His name was Eric he called me ahead of time to see if he could come early (which was great). He covered his shoes and was very helpful with all my questions. He got everything done and left me with all the information I needed. He was great....

NILE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am pleased. It brings TV and Internet into my home.

SARAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

When i first got the service it wasn't working. The next day they had a service man come and he fixed what needed to be fixed since the wires had been cut in the phone jack and we couldn't fix it over the phone.

ADRIANE Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far I have have been very pleased with my internet devices. Great connection and no Sharing with my neighbors is nice! Service call installer was very friendly abs efficient. Happy customer here!!

OVID Reviewed ATT Reviews

Att still as great when i had it years ago THANK YOU ATT FOR HAVING ME BACK

DEREK Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent service

STEVE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am very happy with the service. My agent who installed everything was efficient and great, He did a great job!

LOLITA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The customer representative who signed me up was very professional, patient, and give the best offer that fits my needs. I'm very excited to have at&t has my internet provide.

PEDRO Reviewed ATT Reviews

Internet is not working and hasn't worked since half hour after installation tech left :( Not happy with AT&T right now.

LUKE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Technician made quick work of my issue. Very happy with his service.net

LARRY Reviewed ATT Reviews

"Very please with the service I received as well as the professionalism. Thank you"

KENNETH S Reviewed ATT Reviews

The man who installed my service was amazing. If every aspect were like him, this review would be five stars. Sadly, my internet is spotty sometimes. All in all though, for the price I pay I will say the service is good.

JENNIFER Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have only had ATT internet for about a month. My service seems a little jumpy and I have had to reset the modem a few times, but that may be due to all the storms we've been having so I am going to see how it does this next month before I attempt to call customer service. On that note, I must say that their customer service has been excellent. There were issues with my lines when they first attempted to install my internet services. Both the phone rep and the technicians were very helpful and worked extremely fast to get my service up in running as soon as possible...which was in a couple of days. Thank you and keep up the great work.

JESSICA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Both the cable and Internet guys were on time, very helpful, and were done quickly. The cable guy went through how to use the new cable DVR, which helped a lot. Thank you AT&T!

BRITTANY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very thorough with the set up process and took the time to explain to me tricks and shortcuts. I only had one problem occur. When I called I did not have to be put on hold and all staff were polite, courteous, and helpful

CARL R Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far it's great service and good

EMILY Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service is working well. It is also affordable.

MATTHEW Reviewed ATT Reviews

Had me up and running in no time!!! Enjoying the U300 TV and the fast internet speed!

ALLEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The installation was smooth and easy. Everything was completed on time. One minor complaint is that U-Verse loses its signal, which requires a reboot which is a little annoying. Other than that, it's working the way they said it should.

ANGELA Reviewed ATT Reviews

My experience with the person I placed the order with was good. He gave me a date for installation of my internet. I left work on my lunch break that day and came home to meet the guy. No one ever showed up. I called customer service and the guy I spoke with told me they sent me an email on June 27th letting me know the exact date of installation. I didn't get an email until the evening of the 29th, the day before it was to be installed. I had to leave work again on the 2nd of July to meet the guy again. He was nice. Other than losing time at work unnecessarily, I am pleased with my internet service so far.

MONIQUE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love the Internet service it works very good it's very fast and I will continue to keep my service for as long as I can please keep up the good work and I love your customer service they're very polite and respectable and they're always there when your meet them once again thank you AT&T

STACY Reviewed ATT Reviews

My internet is sooo slow!! I can barely use my labtop to send emails. If I try to use Netflix the movie usually stops or it takes a long time to load.

KATHRYN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Difficult transition, issues with who sold the deal did not match up w/ those that were in customer service. Not sure things are still straightened out. Have not received first bill yet. Not a good experience

ALEK Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very easy and quick setup, left plenty of information to answer any questions I had as well.

SEAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very good, I am a Marine and the gentleman that came to install we're very patriotic and supportive so it was very refreshing. Tha k you for the awesome high speed Internet!

BRADLEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far service has been great. The installer was not only fast and did a great job, but he was incredibly friendly and polite. I will see more how fast and pleasant my connection speed and performance the longer I have it.

KIM Reviewed ATT Reviews

My experience hasn't been that great. Everyone has been really nice when talking to customer service and what not but there are hidden fees all of the time or things that come up that are not disclosed. On top of it our bill is always significantly higher than what we were told it would be. Nothing is ever cut and dry. I like the service and I like AT&T just doesn't cut it all the time. Thinking about switching .

PREKSHA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everytime I contacted AT&T for any complaints or the work that was not done, they were super awesome in handling all the issues. They make your work done as per request quickly in very friendly manner. Starting from the first call for inquiry to right now I just loved their services.

LYNDA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very happy with the service. The installer was very helpful. Customer service has followed up on everything that they promised me.

IRMA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Couldn't be happier. The install was professionally done, love the wireless receivers, more channels than I expected and the customer service was prompt when I had a question. I'm very satisfied and glad I made the switch to AT & T. Thank you.

CHRISTOPHER Reviewed ATT Reviews

I switched from wow cable internet too ATT and so much better my cable internet would drop its signal all the time causing interruptions in streaming movies! Now no problems with ATT

MARISSA Reviewed ATT Reviews

My tech Don was awesome!! He needs a raise, he did everything in a timely manner and he explained everything in such great detail. I love the features we have are amazing. He explained how the app works and it's very handy for people who have smartphones and use them on a daily basis. I really am looking forward to a wonderful experience with att all thanks to Don!!!!

TIARA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I absolutely love my UVerse! My install went great, and I have had no issues since!


This is the first time using AT&T. I like it so far especially the u verse. I will never miss my favorite shows again.

XIAOYUE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great internet service, fast enough for streaming and gaming at the same time! Stable enough without lagging at all

ROBERT Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have had AT&T phone service for years. Recently we did get AT&T for our home. The gentleman that installed our service was on time and took the time to explain everything about the channels and the internet. I am totally pleased with the service and would recommend it to anyone. Robert B.

RYAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Awesome job. I love it!

CAITLIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Internet is fine but I've only had it for a couple of weeks. Customer service and communication, however, is abysmal. If WOW offered service in my area I would switch immediately. Simply getting Internet installed was a huge ordeal and I hear something different from everyone I speak to. At least Time Warner waited until Internet was installed before they started screwing me over. So far I've been really disappointed.

SUSAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

They booked appt. . And later called the day before spot. To informing you don't have uverse at my address. I verified it twice with rep.

KAREN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love my U-verse! Plenty of channels for me to browse. I can watch all my shows on my computer, cell phone or tablet. My favorite button on the remote is "Go Interactive". The Apps are awesome! Speaking of my remote, I downloaded the U-verse app to my cell phone, and it works flawlessly! I'm still in the investigation stage, but I found that I could send personal notes to all of the TV's I have on U-Verse. My internet is super fast and doesn't stick! I'm a happy lady!

ANTONIO Reviewed ATT Reviews

The fastest internet I've ever had. customer service works hard to make sure your satisfied.

SAMANTHA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very impressed with the help that all employees provide especially when making a big move like I am for a new job. Only took a half hour on the phone to set up both cable and internet. To know there is no additional charge for them to come hook it up is great as well.

JOYCE Reviewed ATT Reviews

My initial reaction I was going to say ....Great, I love it, but last night I had the most Horrendous experience with the billing department ... the woman was almost a detriment to business in my opinion .... 1st of all her English skills were terrible ... I cannot tell you how many times I had to ask her to slow down and re-say what she said the first time ... I asked a question and she said, I need to put you on hold for a minute ... I was actually on hold for more than 30 minutes and then automatically disconnected at 7 pm .... and no one called back???? I am sorry but this is not acceptable by myself or anyone else that you serve .... The gentleman who connected my service was excellant ... absolutely wonderful ... so nice and very knowledgable ... and then to be treated this way ....

CHARLES Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love the channel line up. best of cable and satellite all rolled into one. Just want a faster internet connection. Loving the wireless receivers though.

DANYA Reviewed ATT Reviews

My experience was like none other.

ROBERT Reviewed ATT Reviews

It works well for what it is needed.

COURTNEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great to work with. Service set up quickly.

MICHELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Their good

AKASHA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love it so much better than others. LOVE IT!

ASHLEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love ATT!! I haven't had any problems!!!

APRIL Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am very happy with AT&T's internet service. It has great connection anywhere in or outside my home. The speed is 10 times better then the carrier I did have. Just went & got cell service through AT&T today hope I'm as happy with it as I am the home services. Thank You AT&T.

PATRICIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

our tech was very nice efficient answered all our questions took his time to explain everything to us we have never had at&t before so this is so new

ROCHELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Internet is good. Tv reciever we nt down first week. Awaiting replacement

CLEVER Reviewed ATT Reviews

At begining I had problem with installation but now my internet is very nice.

CATRINA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love that fact that I can hook it up myself! The service has been great too!

KEVIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I'm pleased with my AT&T service and installation experience. And will recommend AT&T to anyone planning on changing their service provider.

RACHEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Good efficient service.

RAJNIKANTH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installation was done properly and good. Installation guy was a nice person. I am still using the service. This is the first time. Internet is fast. Service is good.

CARNELLA Reviewed ATT Reviews

We are very pleased with our internet service with AT&T and really like the way they broke are payments up into 3 installments...VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!

MARY KATE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The woman I spoke to at AT&T was so friendly and helpful. My one problem with my experience was that I had to wait on hold for almost 30 minutes before a person could help me.

TRENT Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have to leave an excellent review. The service is great. I had a discrepancy with my first bill, and it was immediately adjusted by 25 dollars, hassle free!! Thanks

MARGARET Reviewed ATT Reviews

After I had committed to this service, I learned that I could not install if until 12 days later. The installation was relatively simple but I have not been able to get my Apple TV to work with it after nine days. This is distressing. I appreciate that this service is cheaper than the competition and the speed is very good.

JENNIFER Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had a lot of trouble setting up the router that was sent to me. And then I had even more trouble trying to get ahold of customer service to schedule an appointment. It was quite the headache, really wish we would've just scheduled an appointment from the start rather than try to install the equipment myself.

JACLYN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The rep that I spoke with when setting up service was extremely pleasant and helpful. He asked a few questions about how I use the internet and then offered me exactly what I needed instead of trying to push me to take more. The technician who came out to activate was very friendly. And I had to call tech support to help get my account set up, and they were excellent as well. I haven't had the service for very long, but I'm very happy so far and have had a great experience with everyone that I've interacted with. Great job!!!

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

Unbelievably bad service. Customer service representatives do not follow through with promises made, nobody seems to know what is going on, no proper accounting is made of procedures. I have spent 5-6 hours on the phone and I'm still not connected to the internet. But I am getting billed already, so I'm looking forward to another 3 or so hours on the phone dealing with that. One star is generous.

JACOB Reviewed ATT Reviews

I chose AT&T because I've nothing but problems with other providers such as TWC. To start, it took me about a week to even get everything set up. The first customer representative I spoke to was supposed to call me back the following day to talk about bundling Internet and tv, yet he never called me back. The next day I had to hassle with another representative about bundling tv and Internet, and she did nothing but try to get me to spend more and more money, instead of work with me on a simple bundle. Also, there was a big issue with the time frame of being able to get everything installed. I'm a full time student and I work 40 hours a week. I felt it was a little ridiculous that AT&T could not work with me and my schedule to get everything hooked up. All in all, my first experience with AT&T has been very disappointing. I hope the service I have scheduled to be hooked up is phenomenal...

TYRA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Technician was a little late due to high volume, however he was very thorough and did an excellant job once he got there..

MARISA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I don't think the customer service is great. Still trying to set up my internet. Don't want to use the new box, just wanted to use my old modem, keep my old pricing and this has been the hardest part of my move. Not sure why I thought just transferring service would be easy, clearly, it's not!

TANNER Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service was easy to setup on my own, but getting it to work consistently with xbox live and other wireless devices is a pain.