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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-888-404-7710
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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-888-404-7710

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If you're new to Akron, be warned. You're about to step right smack-dab in the middle of one serious battle. A burger battle, that is. The Galley Boy Double "Cheeseburg" from Swensons Drive-In versus Skyway Drive-In Restaurant's classic Double Cheeseburger, to be precise. Just about everyone in town it seems has picked a side. This local battle of the burger has become so intense over the years that it's even been featured on Food Network's Food Feuds.

Fortunately, there are some food items virtually all Akronites can agree on. Buckeyes, for instance. (No, not the Ohio State mascot—we're talking about the absolute best chocolate-covered peanut butter candies in the world!) What about Wally Waffle's larger-than-life waffles with bacon, chocolate chips, or whatever the heck else you want baked right inside 'em? No question!

Likewise, when it comes to high-speed internet, your fellow Akronites seem to agree. That's why so many of them choose the most popular internet service plan from AT&T for all their web-browsing and media-streaming needs. 'Cause let's face it: feuds over food may be one thing, but the last thing you want is to have a feud with your internet provider. With AT&T Internet, you'll have no problem streaming the aforementioned Ohio State Buckeyes. Or ordering a set of Goodyear tires online (after all, Akron is home to the tire giant). Or following Swensons or Skyway on social media. So, stop battling with your internet provider and sign up with AT&T today!

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Akron

4.5 out of 5 stars | Based on 35 Reviews

CHAUNE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Always been treated with great customer care. Services are always fast and precise. Thank you!

JASMINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service is amazing and very affordable!

ALEXIS Reviewed ATT Reviews

The wifi has been the most perfect connection and I would highly recommend U-verse to anyone!

RONALD Reviewed ATT Reviews

works quite well i cant help but to love how stable all my devices are all the time

JAYCEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Since I've had the service I have not had any complaints everything works fine and the Internet is amazing.

GERMAINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Just signed up with at&t your customer service is awsome. Thanks so much.

ALLISON Reviewed ATT Reviews

The initial sales associate was very nice and professional, however, he promised an installation date that was not available and then unilaterally rescheduled without providing notice. We waited all day for someone to come and finally called customer service to learn of this reschedule. At installation, the outside lines were woefully outdated and it took them two days to get the service to work. The tech who handled the inside installation was good and persevered through the process. We didn't get the internet speed we wanted but so far it has worked adequately. I give three stars instead of two because of the inside tech who was great.

ROBERT Reviewed ATT Reviews

I left Time Warner after 10 years of very bad service. So glad they are in the area now. I have not had one issue with steaming web content since my conversion to AT&T Uverse. Looking forward to doing business with AT&T in the future. One very happy customer Rob

PEGGY Reviewed ATT Reviews

We are really enjoying our new internet service with AT&T. We can all go do our own thing without any slow-down or disruption. Our service tech, was great and very informational with all the questions I gave him. Thanks! We are here for keeps.

STEVE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Should have changed along time ago. Love the wireless boxes and not having cables running all over the house.

GERALD Reviewed ATT Reviews

I think these people have no idea what they are doing,, but that's just my opinion

LASHARRA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love our U-Verse Bundle Pack! The quickness of the connection, the clearness of the picture on the TV, the quality of service... my wife, my children, and myself are very happy and ecstatic!

STEVE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have been very happy with my AT&T U Verse cable and internet devices so far. I haven't had a single problem and mh signal has been great. My internet speed and connections have been excellent as well. I'm so glad I made the switch over from Time Warner Cable.

DAVID Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very friendly and helpful guy cam to my house to help with a problem. Problem solved, it works OK, but a little slower than I expected.

CALEB Reviewed ATT Reviews

This internet service is blazing fast. Also had wonderful help during installation. There were problems with the line because I live in an old house, in a dicey neighborhood. They sent out all the equipment you could imagine to make sure I could access the internet and they had it all fixed in less than a day. Good job, fellas!

LANCE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service!

CHELSEA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Customer service is absolutely awesome along with the service itself! Only problem I ever had was that it was a little bit more difficult to set up internet on my own then what I had expected. But other than that, it's great!

MOHAMED Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service

RILEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was really happy with the service we received from a local agent; they helped us hook up our internet in our relatively old apartment and gave us the best available options. So far, I'm really happy with max speed too. :)

TARI Reviewed ATT Reviews

The technician who came to install service was fantastic! She was very professional, very helpful, and went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied. She was very thorough in explaining what she was doing, and how to use everything. She was even great with my 3yr. old, answering all her questions and letting her watch what she was doing! So far both our internet and phone service have been great!

EMILY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I felt the communication was poor. I generally don't even get the speed I paid for. Not even half. The person that installed it was helpful though.

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service. Very timely and professional.

MARTHA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The costumer service I received was good service. When we figured that my phone ports needed a technician, they sent one out to me at my earliest convenience, not theirs. The tech who came out was very helpful and fixed my jacks freed of charge. It had already been three days and having to pay for additional work would have made me cancel my wifi service. Thank you!

ALEXEA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was a little annoyed with AT&T at first, because I wanted my service to be activated on the 20th, the day I moved into my new apartment, but they didn't ship my self-installation package until the 18th, making the delivery date the 23rd. After that though, the technicians who came out were very helpful and won back my favor. The service is good too.

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installation tech was professional and curtious. Phone personel professional and pleasant. Overall I wasVery impressef.

CORY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Had some early on issues but whenever a problem occurs the at&t staff has always been very helpful in getting it resolved.

DONNA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I went with this company because the price was the best I found.

KYLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have yet to have service installed. The first AT&T employee was very rude to me and when my modem would not connect he told me that it is not his problem and could not direct me to someone to solve my issue. I ended up calling customer service and spoke to a woman named Selena. She was wonderful and extremely nice. She assessed my modem and ran a few tests and told me she could no longer help me that I needed a technician. She then set me up with an appointment and worked around my busy schedule. When the technician showed up we were unable to get into the building he needed due to the apartment complex being locked up. He called several people trying to make sure he did everything he could to help me and was very professional. His name was Travis. I am still waiting for my service to be fixed and this is my first time with AT&T. After my experience with customer service and my second technician I am looking forward to having my u-verse set up and working correctly.

RAQUEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had a problem with my high speed internet, I call AT&T and they were very polite. By the next day, my internet was up and running, the tech that came out was very professional, and very polite. Thank you.

SARAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

I received my box of router equipment early but it was disappointed that I could not start service earlier. Also the email I received was a bit confusing as it stated that I would have a person installing everything and I needed to be at my house on the start date but I was doing the self installation. When I called customer service they were very helpful and accommodating. The self installation was easy and I did not have to be present for the installation people.

ANN Reviewed ATT Reviews

We had a few glitches in the beginning, but your technicians came out and were very knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. And 3rd time was a charm because its been great ever since. Very pleased with AT&T!!! Thanks for hiring such great technicians!!!

ROXY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am happy to get internet! However at the age of 60, my 1st time, I find it confusing? But I get alittle better each day :-)

HEATHER Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love my service through you guys! I've never had any problems or anything wrong sense I've had it! I thank you for my service. I will share with my friends and encourage them to go through At&t! Thank you again! Heather

AUDREY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Although, I had to get upper management involved, with the process. The situation was rectified with the completion of the order. Prior to, the customer service representatives were polite but not very helpful. The service was not the best I was shocked and frustrated because I had never received this sort of service from AT&T... waiting on the line being transfered one number after the next and disconnected. Which is why I contacted upper management. Issue is resolved and we are satisfied. Great management team!

THOMAS Reviewed ATT Reviews

Am very satisfied with the changeover from T-Mobile wifi to ATT uverse intertnet connection. Downloading is much faster and far more reliable. The equipment was delivered as promised in a very timely manner. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. When I had a problem, I got excellent and extremely courteous help from your professional tech people. To do that however, I had to navigate past your little answering machine man. That was the only irritating part of my experience. Very satisfied with my start up experience, thank you very much. Wa