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Emerald green waters, white sand beaches, and Blue Angels—those are the colors of Pensacola, FL. Part of the Panhandle that only burns when you forget your sunscreen, Pensacola is both port and paradise, where flip-flops are formalwear and the best parking spot isn't the one closest the door, but with the best shade. It's such a sweet spot, five nations have tried to rule it, but now it's part of the good ol' USA, with the patriotic pride to prove it, as the frequent Blue Angels air shows—they're stationed right here—can attest.

While Pensacola is perfect for tourists, there's a whole 'nother level for natives, who know the Emerald Coast is the only part of Florida that matters. It may be a destination for college spring break but that's far from it for Pensacola culture. In fact, Pensacolians prefer the other eleven months of the year, where the culture comes without the chaos.

So if you're making the Sunshine State's Western Gate your home, you'll want to stay up to date on the local goings-on with AT&T Internet. See who's playing the Pensacola Crawfish Festival this year. Check out what's poppin' at Palafox Place. Or try something different after dark, as the Pensacola Roller Gurlz bring Florida flair to the world of flat track roller derby. Or just head outside—it's the Panhandle, anything can happen.

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Cordova Crossroads Store 5090 N. 9th Ave., Pensacola, FL 32504

Sorrento Rd Store 13019 Sorrento Road, Pensacola, FL 32507

Pensacola Store 1680 E Nine Mile Rd, Pensacola, FL 32514

Ensley Store 9000 Pensacola Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32534

Pine Forest Store 2159 West Nine Mile Road, Pensacola, FL 32534

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4.5 out of 5 stars | Based on 34 Reviews

DANIEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Both Technicians arrived on time and did a thorough job. They were very professional and explained everything to me. The Direct TV technician stated they were out of guides and said as soon as they get some in he would let me know. He did indeed do that and left one at my door. The phone/internet technician said if we had any issues to not hesitate to call him as he lived not far from our house. Again great guys.

MATTHEW Reviewed ATT Reviews

Customer service and installation has been professional. The quality of reception is outstanding.

CYNTHIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installation as far as the phone and internet went well the TV however took a lot of fusing to get it straightened out the internet is the fastest we have ever had the phone works really good as well the TV it sprinkled outside and it went out and kept going out but great when it works the installers were wonderful as well and very knowledgeable as well

SARIKA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service is wonderful! No lags no glitches! I get the excact (and sometimes more) internet speed that i pay for!

PHILLIP Reviewed ATT Reviews

It's fast easy and definitely worth it! We use ours for Netflix and video games! We've had no problems and we access the internet fast, easy and very accessible! Thank you AT & T.

SHERRY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I'm hoping the customer service for this round of U-Verse is much improved since my last encounter with them because the Internet and cable is great!

CHARLES Reviewed ATT Reviews

Instillation was quick!

CASSANDRA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very bad service

PAUL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Had a problem and a lnstaller came out right away and took care of problem.

JENNY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am very happy with my services. I love how easy it is to have and fast it is to get help on or with anything it doesn't matter what it is. You can always count on at&t tech. Support if you can't understand the steps that is giving through emails texted or even if you just Need to speak to a real person over the phone that will make sure You understand or they will help U step by step no matter how long It takes over the phone. At&t is always on top of knowing y your wifi Network is down I just can't get over how they always have an Answer for every question you come to them With and if they don't know they will get tot the Bottom of it and get right back to U or have it Taken care of right away and most of the time Put credit towards your bill... I LOVE MY AT&T THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVELY CUSTOMER SEVERS

KIM Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service and awesome program guide

JOHN Reviewed ATT Reviews

awesome service AT&T always gives and a great product to have indeed

JOHN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great Customer service! Better value than COX.

BRIAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

so far I'm satisfied with the internet service everything is working great I remember commend this internet service to anyone who would ask me about wi-fi service thank you bye

NATALIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Internet install was easy. Only had an issue with the initial connectivity. The AT&T customer service reps called to make sure everything was going ok. I have had everything running for about a week now and everything is smooth sailing.

GREG Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had a concern about my bill and tech support, call the support number wait was not long, customer support was courteous and very supportive. She answered my questions and showed patient and understanding with my concern. Excellent service thus far

DANIELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

First time with AT&T and love it!

GREG Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent service from the salesperson on the phone to the gentleman who did the installation.

SCOTT Reviewed ATT Reviews

Art Uverse has been great so far and the installation went very well, the guy who came to install our equipment walked us through how to use everything he was very helpful and informative. N

DEBORAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

The representative who took my first call on a Friday gave me excellent service. At the last moment, I could not make a decision without another opinion and he emailed me after we ended the call and that inspired me to call again on Monday and continue my order. Each time I call with questions. service has been very good--Thank you!

MATTHEW Reviewed ATT Reviews

My initial appointment was cancelled and no one called to let me know that it was. There was a dispute about whether or not we could get it in our area. We finally found out that it was but I still had to take time off from my job and no one ever showed. I then called back and they fixed the error but I had to wait another week and then take more time off from my job. The customer service reps were nice but I felt very angry that no one let me know they weren't coming and then I had to wait again for service that could've been done initially. The only reason I still have uverse is because I like the product, not necessary how I was treated as a customer.

COLIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent service from installation tech

SAMUEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installer was excellent. No interruptions even during late afternoon Florida Thunderstorms!!

TIM Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service tech, Larry, did a great job and explained everything very well. The service itself is easy to use and is a great value!

SHERRIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was very pleased with my service. it was nice to be able to watch T.V. while it was storming. we never lost service,that was great even for our dog whom the T.V. calms here during bad weather.

EDDY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Notices were received both online and on the phone as the installation date was approaching. On the installation day, the technician notified us in advance and came within the specified time window and completed the work professionally. Overall it was a very pleasant experience from order processing to installation. Job well done. Thanks

ERIC Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service was outstanding! Follow-up of our scheduled appointment was above par and the technician far exceeded our expectations. He was very thorough with excellent customer service skills...all this with our two year daughter at his side! 5-star service!

HELEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

the reason for the low rating is the person I spoke with to start my service out and out lied to me, this is not a good way to start. I was erroneously told that my previous equipment would work and I could just return the new modem for credit- NOT TRUE. I was not informed that a phone line was required for this service, NOT GOOD. that you got the 2 stars was due to the service man you sent to see why my modem was not working. he was the person who informed me the new modem was required and a phone line. he was the kind of person who keeps AT&T in business, if you ask me. honest, knowledgeable forthright. I was ready to chuck your company, he changed my mind. you should be hiring more just like him.

KELTON Reviewed ATT Reviews

My U-verSe Is Amazing, The Installation Technician Came In And Hooked Me Up And Had it Rock'N And Rollin In No Time. Love The Wireless Connection For My Livingroom, Gives Me The Freedom To Place My TV Anywhere. Best Service Ever. Thank You AT&T.

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very happy so far with my service. Customer service has been very helpful with all my questions. Definitely glad to have at&t.

ARRYN Reviewed ATT Reviews

From the first phone call to inquire about Internet service, to the professionalism and ease during the installation, AT&T surpassed my expectations. I'm thrilled to give them my business and will be encouraging others to do so as we'll.

KYLIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Overall, great service. My initial set up call was so easy & I got a great deal. I've only had my internet set up about a month now, but no complaints-much faster than I had anticipated.

KIMBERLY Reviewed ATT Reviews

We love our AT&T internet service....easy install and no problems with connection!!!! Thanks AT&T!

JULIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The installation of my service was beyond reproach, the technician was professional, competent and efficient. Unfortunately the connectivity has not been up to par. I have continual "drop outs" when watching television that require turning off/on the TV or wireless receiver. I lost compete service for 12 hours due to a network outage within the first week. Internet speed is also spotty, sometimes fast as lightening and other times it takes minutes to load a page. So far I am disappointed but am hoping it is just new installation quirks and will get better.