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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-866-354-8836

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They say you learn something new every day. Well, here's your something new for today: herpetophobia. What's herpetophobia, you ask? It's the irrational fear of reptiles. Coincidentally, if you suffer from herpetophobia, you might want to steer clear of Gainesville, Florida, because this place is more than a little obsessed with one particular breed of reptile. Namely, gators.

Not only is Gainesville home to the University of Florida Gators, but it's also the birthplace of the sports drink Gatorade (which was originally invented for UF athletes, go figure). This city is so enamored with its college mascot, in fact, locals lovingly refer to the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium as "the Swamp." And with the purchase of a special T-shirt, you can go "Gator Stompin'" at various locations about town for some free food, drinks, and live music.

But gigantic swamp-dwelling lizards aren't the only thing Gainesvillians are obsessed with. They're also pretty enthused about sinking their teeth into a killer deal on high-speed internet, which is probably why so many of 'em pick AT&T as their number one internet provider. Whether you use the internet for casual web browsing or for streaming all your favorite content, AT&T provides you with all the speed you demand.

So go ahead and get connected with AT&T today. After that, you can look up more fun and interesting facts about gators each and every day of the year. For instance, did you know that alligators can grow to weigh well over 1,000 pounds? (Huh. Guess you learned two new things today!)

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Oaks Store 6110 NW 4th Place, Gainesville, FL 32607

Gainesville Butler Plaza Store 3626 SW Archer Road, Gainesville, FL 32608

Gainesville Store 3720 NW 13th Street, Gainesville, FL 32609

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3.6 out of 5 stars | Based on 16 Reviews

SEAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Although I can only receive DSL it is still close to the same grade as I had with local competitors, but cost a fraction of the price. I am happy with the the service, but because I didn't have uvers getting signed up was a bit more difficult.

MICHELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far, so good! Service tech was great. He arrived right when he was scheduled to, and did an exceptional job hooking up my internet, and showing me how to use the my AT&T app. My internet connection has been working well, and videos have been streaming without a problem. I have only had my AT&T internet services for a week though, which is why at the moment I gave 4 stars instead of 5.

KEVIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Montrellis the service tech that came out to install my service was great! He spoke well an introduced himself an explained what the work order was for. Then asked if everything on the work order order sound correct an back if I had any questions. Montrellis did a great install an left no mess behind. He was a perfect representative for your company. You should feel proud to have him apart of your team!

SHERI Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am disappointed with the service I have received so far. I asked that a manager call me back to assist in my problem and I have yet to hear from them. They don't listen to their customers at all!

VICTORIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T internet customer service is kind of sucky & the wait time is ridiculous, but the technician that came out really knew his stuff & I was completely satisfied when he fixed the problem with my internet connection.

SANDRA Reviewed ATT Reviews

did not receive all my pieces needed to connect to internet was sent on a wild goose chase looking for the pieces did not feel that customer service was aware of what was going on had to leave work twice to meet with technician

SUVAPAP Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service , very easy to installed by my self with technical support guy help, Thanks so much.

SARAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service and get techs who set up your service.

MONIQUE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The customer service representatives I spoke with were very helpful with helping me getting my internet working,even when I wanted to just give up. I'm very grateful to them all because I love my service.

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Technician was very helpful in helping me get wireless service up and going. We ran across a couple of glitches, however technician was able to overcome these obstacles rather quickly.

JENNA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I ordered the service several weeks ago, and the promised delivery date was August 26. At&T sent an email with this date as well, and then out of nowhere, I received a letter in the mail saying my delivery date is September 4, over one week after the date promised, with no explanation nor apology. I tried to phone and complain, but it's such a bloated and poorly managed company that I never got to speak to anyone relevant. Nobody in customer service even knew what hours the sales department was accepting calls. AT&T is awful. I am limited to DSL in my current residence, but after this year I will NEVER use ANY of AT&T's services again.

SCOTT Reviewed ATT Reviews

Been waiting all day for my tech to come activate our service, but no luck yet. Very excited but getting impatient!

DAMIEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Price is OK but connection quality is really poor. I can not even watch a simple youtube video without having to wait several minutes evry few seconds.

SIERA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Just started using this ISP. Had an issue with the hard line in my home (not AT&T's fault), they were hear the next day and fixed everything free. Since then I've had flawless service and Bandwidth never decreases. Very happy customer here.

VINCENT Reviewed ATT Reviews

so far so good.

ELISA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I'm fairly satisfied as of now. The signal keeps coming and going, but I didn't figure out what the real problem is yet. Maybe it's normal for the cheapest connection. Oh well. I didn't really find out how much it's costing me monthly yet, with taxes and all, but we'll see. Pretty good all in all.