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Boost Your Connectivity with AT&T Internet in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a big city with a small town feel. There's plenty of stuff to do in both the most populated city in Florida and the largest city by area in the contiguous US. If you head outside that is!

There are several festivals to attend no matter what you're looking for. Just be sure to give yourself enough time—it takes at least thirty minutes to get anywhere. Try the Jacksonville Jazz Festival (the second largest in the nation), One Spark for crowdfunding and sharing ideas, or the Great Atlantic Music and Seafood Festival. Fishing is considered a sport here. So be sure to check out the Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament.

Speaking of sports, are you a Gator or a Dawg? The "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" is one of the year's most anticipated events between college football rivals, the University of Florida Gators and the University of Georgia Bulldogs.

Want to slow things down? Try taking a walk along the miles of beaches (you know which ones to avoid) and stop by Publix for a sub and a cookie. Get on down to Hemming Park (the city's oldest) for food trucks, farmer's markets, and the monthly Art Walk.

There are only two seasons in Jax, summer and January. If it's summer, get outside and have a good time. If it's January, get comfy and catch up on your favorite shows and movies with AT&T TV or internet for streaming. No matter your budget, AT&T has a plan that will work for you.

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185+ Channels


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Find AT&T Providers Near Jacksonville

Oak Street Store 1620 Oak Street Suite 205, Jacksonville, FL 32204

Normandy Blvd Store 7077 Normandy Blvd Ste 1, Jacksonville, FL 32205

103rd Street Store 6147 103rd Street, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Roosevelt Square Store 4495 Roosevelt Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Lakewood Store 5635-1 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32217

Dunn Ave Store 1680 Dunn Avenue Suite 45, Jacksonville, FL 32218

River City Store 725 Nautica Dr Suite 106, Jacksonville, FL 32218

Oakleaf Store 9508 Crosshill Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32222

Jax Mandarin Store 11113-102 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32223

Pablo Creek Store 3267 Hodges Blvd, Suite 11, Jacksonville, FL 32224

Golden Glades Store 12220 Atlantic Blvd Suite 111, Jacksonville, FL 32225

Regency Park Store 9498 Atlantic Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32225

Collins Plaza Store 7051 Collins Road Suite 401, Jacksonville, FL 32244

Argyle Forest Store 6001-31 Argyle Forest Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32244

St Johns Town Center Store 4663 River City Drive Suite 101, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Southside Blvd Store 9039 Southside Blvd Suite 200, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Enjoy 9774 Florida Mining Blvd South Building 800 Suite 809, Jacksonville, FL 32257

Old St Augustine Store 13820 Old St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32258

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Jacksonville

4.6 out of 5 stars | Based on 83 Reviews

APRIL Reviewed ATT Reviews

No complaints!

CODIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everyone I have dealt with whether it be installers, sales reps or customer service reps have been very courteous. There were a few hidden fees I wasn't aware of which is why I only gave 4 stars.

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

Tech did a great job product works great I told some friends about it hope they get it as wells

CHRISTOPHER Reviewed ATT Reviews

Experience was pleasant. Had issues and they helped solve them quickly.

KATIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Wonderful services.

RICHARD Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love att. Very helpful technician and customer service I had AT&T U-verse when it first came out 2003 Hyatt have been waiting for it to enter the area that I am in now and I am a happy camper thanks AT&T

JACKIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The Installation when off fine. I am enjoying my services.

SHEDRICK Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T has excellent service and I am very very satisfied with the service I have from them.

DORIS Reviewed ATT Reviews

Similar issues to others. I told them that I already have a modem and, it was one from AT&T. It was usable. I told the sales rep that if I had to pay for a new one (rent) then I don't want the service. I was assured that there shouldn't be any problem. The technician came (he was great) an had a new modem. I said again as long as they don't charge me for it as I already have a Uverse modem. Lo and behold, my bill comes and there is a $7 chage for the modem, rental fee. Getting through to someone at AT&T is difficult. I love the service BUT, hate the lies.

DAVID Reviewed ATT Reviews

Self install and in love with it

BRITTNEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love my new service J recently purchased with you all!! Thank you so much it is great! Keep up the good work!! The

ASHLYN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have really enjoyed the variety of high quality television channels and the fast internet connection! Highly recommend to anyone interested!!

CONNER Reviewed ATT Reviews

I'm only giving 4 stars because of the man who set up the internet in my home (I believe his name was Robert). He was very helpful, kind, and did a great job. Other than that, the person on the phone when I was setting my service up was extremely rude and I opted to pay for the "best" internet that is offered. I am not impressed because it can get pretty slow and go out at times.

DAVID Reviewed ATT Reviews

Elected to get internet service with my house phone. For ordinary use, this service is all you need. Browsing works fine. The installer put in a line that is capable of providing any service upgrade I need/choose. Good price.

LINVOL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Loving my internet service. streaming and downloading Movies and video is a blast. Telephone service is a plus also."

JAMIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Outstanding installation and love the channel lineup. Much less confusing than Xfinity. My grand daughter loves at kids channels

CARLO Reviewed ATT Reviews

This is my first time using AT&T as my cable and internet provider...so far it's good. However, sometimes there's a glitch on the cable tv i just hope that it doesn't happen everyday. Only time will tell.

FREDERICK Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service has been great would recommend it to everyone.

STEFANIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Though we had to wait for our service, due to rescheduling. AT&T took care of us at the earliest available day. Robert came early in the morning, and even when faced with some technical difficulties. He got through and we were Internet ready that day! Great customer service, in person, via email, text, as well as through the phone. The speed is amazing with so many devices hooked on. I'm looking forward to my services as the year goes. Thank you AT&T.

MARK Reviewed ATT Reviews

John was prompt, professional and informative. I appreciate his work on a drizzly Saturday morning as he got us up and running with Internet, Uverse, and TV.

BARON A Reviewed ATT Reviews

Just got the service and I love it so does the family and it doesn't leave you broke just for tv

LOREN Reviewed ATT Reviews

My service with att has been great. Friendly representatives who were willing to take the time to find plans right for me. I appreciate this so much!!

JACQUELINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love the prices are better than Comcast

NEFTALI Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love my service the best most reliable service ever hello att goodbye comcast headache services. Att rocks AAA+++++

GREGORY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Good Internet

MARY Reviewed ATT Reviews

THE people who came out and hook up my service were wonderful and took time to explain everything to me. the person who took my order to have ATT was very helpful

BROOKE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service thus far is excellent! The installation was fast and easy and the gentleman was very kind. I have had no issues thus far and I am very thankful for this alarm system.

PORCHER Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had a very good experience when signing up for AT&T. The woman I spoke with was very helpful and was able to work around what I needed. I did not have any problems at all !

DOROTHY Reviewed ATT Reviews

When everyone turns their back on you, you always have to go back home. Before there was Xfinity, everyone had AT&T. Home is where the heart is. Glad, I was accepted back home with opened arms. Thanks

ANDREW Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love ATT! My service has been working great since set up, great prices and my installer was fast great and kept me informed the Entire time!

ANDREW Reviewed ATT Reviews

Our installer Justin was on point. He even has new fiber optic cable ran to the house from the box giving excellent t.v. Quality and wifi signal.

LARRY T Reviewed ATT Reviews

the technician who hooked up my internet service was very knowledgeable and took the time to insure that all of my tvs and computer were online and working with no problems. My service is great with excellent speed and strong signal. I could not be happier with the service and product . It is a pleasure to be back with ATT after a short absence.

PARIS Reviewed ATT Reviews

the recent transaction I had is when I requested to move my service. I called customer service and call center agent replied. the request I had for expediting the service was never followed up. nevertheless, the technician came in two days and was very good in his service

MELISSA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Awesome service so far. I'm looking for my new relationship with AT&T.

NELLIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am a new customer. I called AT&T because I work from home and Comcast caused me to almost lose my job. I called AT&T on a Wednesday and I had their service on Saturday. The customer service is exceptional.

TIMOTHY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Daniel, our technician, overcame several hurdles to complete our install, was polite, and left no trace behind. Thanks for your help.

LOIS Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am very pleased with the wire techs. They were both very efficient, friendly, and informative. Four stars only due to length of time for technician appointment, without service for a few days. (wire techs), both get FIVE stars. Thanks guys!

TAMICO Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am loving my new AT&T internet service I was with Comcast for years and the only difference is the price. AT&T is half the price

AMANDA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Thomas did a great job. Friendly, timely and answered questions accordingly. Called the next morning to check if there were any concerns. Pleased with service.

BETTINA Reviewed ATT Reviews

My service technicians were very professional and knowledgeable. And even when I called a few days later with a question, my call was answered politely and professional. It was great.

SHARON Reviewed ATT Reviews

The technician was awesome. He's the best I've had for any install. I moved here from IA and he went above and beyond.

SAYE V Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service tech was amazing!

BRANDON Reviewed ATT Reviews

Internet is not as fast as Other competitors in the area Very disappointed

DAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Switched from Comcast and I am glad I did. My installer was professional and fast and helped me get all setup where I could hit the ground running. My dealings with customer service have been excellent. Thank you!

PAMELA Reviewed ATT Reviews

My service works great and have not had any problems with the internet or tv. You have knocked Comcast out of the box with your great customer service!!! A happy Customer :) Pam H

RALPH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Loving my new AT&T Uverse internet! Compared to the poor service and poor connection speed I just got rid of with a competitor, I am SO h happy I made the switch to Uverse. Thank you AT&T!

JOHNITA L Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was pleasantly surprised with the friendly help I received and look forward to staying with you guys.

DOROTHY Reviewed ATT Reviews

customer service at att was great the technician who came and installed universe was awesome I would recommend AT&T to my friends and family

BRIAN T Reviewed ATT Reviews

Best choice I've made all year!!!

TINEA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The self installation did not go so well. I had to call the support line to get help and after 3 hours we had our internet set up. The customer service that was provided was outstanding.

MICHELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Our service provider was great. And all our products work great.

ROB Reviewed ATT Reviews

The guy that AT&T sent over to do our installation was really detail oriented and thought of everything. Great service with a smile, our system has been up and running for more than a week and is flawless.

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

100% improvement over the Comcast service. Prompt courteous installer. Minor glitch that was cleared up immediately by customer service. Not a technician error. Looking forward to a lasting relationship.

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

After much haggling and numerous phone calls to ATT, I finally got the internet uverse service that I asked for. To make a long story short, ATT did not initially give me the bandwidth or cost/month that I signed up for. Furthermore, their install tech did not arrive at the time I was told he would be at my home. The 3-star rating (average performance) is due to these initial screw-ups, but they were eventually straightened out and now I'm happy with the service. Folks - keep good records of what ATT reps tell you on the phone (including date and time of the phone call; also get the employee ID of the rep you are speaking to). This can be important information if you need to call ATT to get something resolved.

GEORGE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The tech was on time and very professional. Completed work, cleaned up and explained everything making sure everything was up and running.... Great Job

JONI L Reviewed ATT Reviews

I would have given 5,because I know at&t normally does exactly what they say they would,but when I was forced to change my services from uverse,to dsl,nothing went right about the order! And when I call at&t,they act as if I not a customer,because they don't know the services I have with them! It's been over 3 weeks,I still have not received my dsl boxes!

STEPHANIE A Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installation was quick and the connection is superb!

LEANN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love the services..

FREDERICK Reviewed ATT Reviews

Good services

TIFFANY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service. Great customer service. Satisfied customer.

MARK Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T is the best.I love being with them and they really care about how I feel..thanks AT&T..

JONAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

We were kinda shocked at first when we realized Uverse family didn't have half the channels we were used to. We've adjusted. Now we're quite happy. We like the easy to navigate menus and DVR.

DAVID Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T personnel were friendly and efficient.

JOHN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great value great service

JOSHUA Reviewed ATT Reviews

great customer service. the technician eas fast and frendly.

MAUREEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The technicians were awesome...it's unfortunate that we had two in forty-eight hours though. The order had to be changed when the first tech. was here and it was not entered properly...so our U-verse was turned off....we spent three hours on the phone that evening with different serves representatives...and it was not resolved until the next day when a 2nd technician arrived and corrected the problem. Very frustrating. -_-

JILL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service! I'm loving streaming my Netflix online! All of the customer support representatives have been very helpful. They even called to make sure I was satisfied with the setup, and asked if I had any other questions (which I did...and they answered)! Thanks!

MEG Reviewed ATT Reviews

My U-verse experience has been outstanding!! The technician was very professional, fast and efficient, and answered all my questions. After the technician left, I had a knock on the door...the area manager made a follow up visit to make sure I was satisfied and inspected the installation...which was perfect! Customer service and billing are excellen, too...thank you!!

CHARLES Reviewed ATT Reviews

The install went quick and the ATT Rep was courteous and professional.

PHUONG Reviewed ATT Reviews

The guy was very friendly has a lot if connections describe the steps in details to us what he's doing. Good man!

RISHI Reviewed ATT Reviews

the service i received was great and above my expectations...they took their time and were patient and just great.

PAMELA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Lovin it!

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service!!!! Love AT&T and the service you provided so far. Jimmy

JONATHAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

First the guy that took our order was trying to over sell us on everything, we said just wanted Internet ASAP! Took a week in a half before we called back and the guy put a date at the end of the month so we got it changed it and modem came 4 days later... We were also told our payments would be split up so our first bill would be$90 it's a hundred dollars over that and where's the free 30 days satisfaction we were promised???.... It has been a terrible experience so far and I'd rather deal with a company that is up front and truthful and honest.

JARED Reviewed ATT Reviews

Customer service is big for me. I don't call often, but when I do, I like to have a person answer the phone without having to do too much. Thanks!

ANGELA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service tech was fast and professional. He checked that my internet was up and running before leaving. So far my service has been able to handle the wireless needs. Good Job ATT!

BRIAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

For the most part my service has been great. However I was told that the connection that I have would be able to handle streaming video and using my computer for the Internet at the same time. There have been a few issues as far as that is concerned. It has only been a week, so admittedly this review may be premature. I will say that everyone that I have come into contact with from AT&T has been exceptionally pleasant to deal with.

NATHAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Quick and easy setup. My internet is running smooth and fast. Plus, more affordable than my previous ISP!

ALICIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service representative was polite and punctual. I appreciated his willingness to assist with my U-verse wireless modem. When he discovered that it was not working properly, he quickly got a new one from his service van, got the internet going, and even set up the wireless connection on my Wii! I hope that he sees this review; tell him I said thank you! And yes, I have already recommended your service to a bunch of my co-workers here in the area :)

MIKEL M Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everything works great!

KRISTIN L Reviewed ATT Reviews

My sales associate was very helpful with helping me figure out which bundle was best for me, which made my life a lot easier. Also, my installation guys were amazing. The first day my service was set up one of my remotes quit working, so my original installation guy called around and found another installer that brought me a brand new remote. That is what I call customer service..

MADISON Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love it it fast and it is the best I can play online and my wife can be on the Internet to it very good thank you AT&T for it .

KENNETH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent service, excellent customer service, great internet speeds and a great low price!