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45% of ALL HOME CONNECTIONS customers in Georgia choose AT&T Internet plans with speeds between 50 and 100 Mbps.

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The Deep South has called you home. More urban than the genteel towns toward the bottom of the state that seem frozen in time (looking at you, Savannah), Lawrenceville still lives life at a leisurely pace, its inhabitants taking the time to savor everything from the vowels in their words to the collard greens and fried okra on their plates. You're only twenty miles from bustling Atlanta, but old-fashioned Southern hospitality reigns supreme and the culture here is as diverse as the people.

Life in the Peach State may be relaxed, but internet that doesn't amount to a hill of beans can cause unnecessary stress. Whether you're gaming or streaming an episode of Atlanta, AT&T Internet delivers a smooth connection and offers convenient bundles that cover all of your bases better than a triple play during a Braves game (this is their year—just believe!). From the sticky, humid summer all the way through the colder winter months (it's snowing?? Shut everything down. DON'T EVEN GO OUTSIDE OR YOU WILL DIE), you can rest assured you're getting consistent, first-rate service.

So don't be afraid to delve deeper into the town you call home. Show your true Bulldog pride tailgating at a Georgia State game. Take a day trip to Lake Lanier. Get your fried chicken fix at Church's, or getcha an All Star Special at the nearest Waffle House and never mind what folks say about it. Wander o'er yonder to the nearest grove of trees with a Mason jar and come home with a living lantern full of lightning bugs. You're Southern now—the sooner you start growing those roots, the better.

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With AT&T 5G, it’s not complicated. You’ll get fast, reliable, secure 5G that’s available nationwide. Plus, both new and existing customers get our best deals on a wide variety of 5G smartphones, and all our unlimited plans include 5G access at no extra charge. Discover what AT&T 5G can do for you today.

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Lawrenceville Store 938 Duluth Hwy Suite B, Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Collins Hill Store 722 Collins Hill Rd Suite A, Lawrenceville, GA 30046

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