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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-866-665-2250
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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-866-665-2250

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What do Tyler Perry, Sir Elton John, and Shaquille O'Neal have in common? They all call Atlanta, Georgia, home—well, the Rocket Man spends time in both Atlanta and England, and who can blame him? Now you, too, call this fast-paced melting pot home. Here in the Big Peach, you'll celebrate culture, food, and music in true Southern fashion (hold your horses, we'll talk more about that later!).

Now, if you moved to Atlanta to be closer to the ocean, you might get a little tore up when you realize the city's as landlocked as it can get. But that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy outdoor water activities! Head up to Stone Mountain and enjoy some quality kayaking. Or, drive half an hour to Roswell and rent rafts, paddle boards, kayaks, or canoes from Shoot the Hooch so you can enjoy a day lazing about the Chattahoochee River. You can even head to Morgan Falls Overlook Park for some stand-up paddleboarding.

Prefer something a little more ocean-like? Stay in Atlanta and meander through the Georgia Aquarium with your family—aren't you real excited for the shark-viewing gallery?

If the great outdoors paired with music is your scene, snag tickets to any of the annual music festivals Atlanta hosts. With AT&T internet, you can easily search for your favorite celebration, like the Shaky Beats Festival (don't forget to fill up on the BBQ mac bowl from Mac the Cheese before you see Ludacris or Seven Lions perform). After all, "People seem to like it here," and it looks like you will too.

AT&T Plans & Packages in Atlanta

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Speeds Up to 100 Mbps*

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Not just fast, Fiber fast, at our lowest price ever

Stop waiting and start streaming with AT&T Fiber Internet 300. Built on a 100% fiber network, AT&T Fiber delivers the fastest internet speeds so you can surf, work, game, and stream without the wait time.

Internet 300 powered by AT&T Fiber starting at

00 /mo
Plus taxes for 12 mos. when bundled

Looking for an AT&T Store Near Atlanta?

Georgia Tech Store 62 5th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308

Brookhaven Store 105 Town Boulevard, Atlanta, GA 30319

Midtown Store 1544 Piedmont Rd Suite 305, Atlanta, GA 30324

Lindberg Store 2561 Piedmont Rd Suite C110, Atlanta, GA 30324

Lenox Mall Store 3393 Peachtree Rd. NE Space #1020a, Atlanta, GA 30326

Across Lenox Store 3431 Lenox Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30326

Paces Ferry Plaza Store 3523 Northside Pkwy NW, Atlanta, GA 30327

Toco Hills Promenade Store 3005 N Druid Hills Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30329

Cascade Rd SW Store 3695 Cascade Road SW, Atlanta, GA 30331

Akers Mill Store 2980 Cobb Pkwy Suite 160, Atlanta, GA 30339

Cumberland Mall Store 1000 Cumberland Mall, Atlanta, GA 30339

Peachtree Industrial Blvd Store 5485 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30341

Buckhead Store 4600 Roswell Road Suite C150, Atlanta, GA 30342

Northlake Store 4805 Briarcliff Rd NE Suite 101, Atlanta, GA 30345

Perimeter Mall Store 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Road NE Suite 2215, Atlanta, GA 30346

Perimeter Pointe Store 136 Perimeter Center W, Atlanta, GA 30346

Enjoy 3039 Amwiler Rd Suite 126, Atlanta, GA 30360

Atlantic Station Store 1380 Atlantic Drive Suite 14155, Atlanta, GA 30363

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Atlanta

4.3 out of 5 stars | Based on 82 Reviews

MATTHEW Reviewed ATT Reviews

I left Comcast due to horrible connection and even worse customer service. So far AT&T has done a great job, from initial setup of service, to further customer service interactions I've had. The internet is solid too. Highly recommended!

JANAYE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love the services . When ever i have question customer sercices is always helpful.

GIVRTALOR Reviewed ATT Reviews

I can't get the package I sign up for I can't find anyone to tell me my account number I password is not working and there not email sent for me to reset it. No one works at the office AT&T was to call me with information on my plain, but has not. I wishing I would have never believed AT&T I would like some one who can understand English, that may help to understand me.. My name is spelled wrought

ANIYIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Att is the most outstanding internet service provider in the state of Georgia. Faster than any cable provider in the area. I would choose Att again and again..

GLENN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great quick and efficient service

BARBARA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service is great. Tech was very professional.

MORGAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very nice technicians came and installed the line quickly. Internet has been great so far!

DANIKA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great install team!

SHELLEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installer did a fabulous job!!!! Great knowledge, great explanation of new things and refreshing on old... Very courteous, Nice guy.... Service far superior to Comcast!!

DANIKA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Fantastic install techs

EME Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great Service. Quick and efficient!

KRISTY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am enjoying my new services installed by AT&T but getting it started was a hastle and much frustration. My installment was rescheduled more than twice was up upsetting because I'm a college student and needed services asap. It was delayed the first time because they got my address wrong and still made me wait another week they came out was not able to install it because of no connection then was rescheduled again & I finally got taken care of and I love my service. Thanks

STEVEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very professional and timely install service A++

TULIO Reviewed ATT Reviews

Awesome job!

TROY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very Professional and efficient services were installed with quality and knowledge of products. i am a networking professional myself and I was very impressed. Also the Tech called back to see if I had any concerns about my services one day after installation. A-1 Service.

MATTHEW Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service was great!

TEMIKO Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service has been o.k. so fast but there's an issue with my HD channel's and my service was set up incorrectly

ESTHER Reviewed ATT Reviews

We r off to a bad start with AT&T. Stayed home from work for 2 hours to await the service hook up, and 45 minutes after the slot was over, while I was calling to complain, the AT&T men came with some random excuse. Then they asked for my PIN number to reschedule for me, and never actually rescheduled. So far, i am very unimpressed.

CHELSEA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love that i have my own service tech. He called stating he was on his way and also called the next day to make sure I was satisfied. Now that is customer service. Thank you AT&T.

KAREN Reviewed ATT Reviews

At&t came when they said they would. The first time, the service wasn't ready to be installed but the second they did exactly what they said in the time they said.

ASHLEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

The internet is fast and reliable

LOUIS Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far so good.

LAWRENCE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I tried unsuccessfully to connect my new u-verse internet service; however, technical support were able to assist me and I am satisfied with my service.

ROSHIDA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The best service provider I've ever had and the customer service was excellent. Looks like I'm going to be with you all for a very long time. Thanks and have a blessed day

ALICIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love the internet service

ELIZABETH Reviewed ATT Reviews

The technician could not have been more polite and knowledgeable- He was Excellent! Enjoying the high speed connectivity! Thanks AT&T

CARISSA Reviewed ATT Reviews

They were quick and professional!!

BARIAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far I'm loving my new at&t service! Thanks!!

LUC Reviewed ATT Reviews

Complete let down. Contracted service on the 4th of August, installation supposed to be done on the 20th. They never showed up. Escalated to higher management, same stuff playing hide and seek with an 888 number and tons of codes, rarely able to speak directly to person in charge. Last I heard is that my order(s) had been cancelled several times. Go figure. Very disappointed. Won't waste my time again with these amateurs.

JESSICA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Wonderful service!

ELIZABETH Reviewed ATT Reviews

I appreciate the kindness, timeliness and professionalism the technician showed in setting up my new service. He did a Great job installing a brand new line just so I could have service! The customer service personnel were very kind and helpful as well. Thank you for a pleasant experience!

ANDREW J Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very pleased with the install & service. Very friendly & helpful!

SAMUEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

All though it took more then a week to get my service going. At the end everything went good. And the lady who help me call me after two days to make sure everything was good. That was a nice thing for her to do to follow up. You guys are great thank you.

STEPHANIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

1. Our service technician, Eric H., was pleasant and on time. He successfully installed internet and telephone service for our home. Fyi - Any gift cards that you are told that you will receive will be mailed after you have had service for at least 1 month. The customer service representatives are polite. Thus far, I have been peased with our new AT&T service.

JESSE Reviewed ATT Reviews

You know it's sad. I've always had great service from AT&T, but I'm not as please this time around. I opted for the U300 package with Power Internet at up to 45 megabytes of download speed. I've tested the speed and it isn't even half way to that mark. I try calling the technician and he said that I would need a dual band router or to have my computer physically connected to the router to reach those speeds. He said I would have to purchase the router myself since AT&T didn't offer one. Why wouldn't that be clarified when I was purchasing the internet package. I was also told my total price minus taxes would amount to $106 so maybe $120 or so with tax, nope my bill came to $138. That seems a bit off from what I thought it would be. That being said there is an installation fee included which I also thought was strange as I've never had to pay an installation fee and I've had uverse installed in at least 3 separate apartments. I was also cut short on the gift card offer being told I would only receive $50 when many other offers were at least $300 or more for signing up for new services which in this case is a new service according to AT&T. I plan to cancel my uverse because the price was not as expected and I wasn't offered a better gift card tier. I will probably downgrade my internet package as well since it has not been what was claimed. This is really a pitty and I hope that AT&T will act quickly to remedy this situation

HARLTLEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Dominique was a wonderful technician and his manager was also very helpful to me as well. Phone customer support has been equally helpful!

MICHELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service I received was fantastic. The 2 technicians that installed my service were very knowledgeable and informative of the services I was receiving. It was a great experience.

CEDRICK Reviewed ATT Reviews

This is the first time using AT&T cable and internet, and I'm in love with it. I have so multiple choices on my cable and the Internet is great. Thant u AT&t

JANE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Overall it was a good experience. Two areas that weren't were first it took 10 days before they could do the installation and 2nd they charged me a 99 dollars for installing their service - seemed a little high to me since the house had the service in the past. The installer was very nice and did a great job.

GEORGE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have been pleased with your services since 2011. Please keep us pleased. We know other compan ies try to compete for services, however the complete package is very good. George.

CHRISTOPHER Reviewed ATT Reviews

The technician was committed to exceeding my expectations and succeeded. There were still some account setup issues unrelated to my installation, but the overall service was enjoyable. Thanks ATT service engineers!

CINDY M Reviewed ATT Reviews

Our technician was amazing! He was very helpful and extremely nice. Enjoyed having him. Overall it was a wonderful experience. :)

SIMEON Reviewed ATT Reviews

No complaints so far. Things have been straight forward and it's relatively easy to get in touch with customer support if needed.

DEREK Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service has greatly improved from a few years ago. Love the wireless receiver also. Highly recommended!

BRUCE Reviewed ATT Reviews


LAVAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Easy to hook up internet service and for the price the speed is awesome.

NATALIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Slower internet than what I expected. I have put off calling customer service to complain because last time i called to ask if I was going to be sent a phone for the phone service, it took over an hour to tell me that I needed to buy my own phone. Then was told I'd be called back once they processed my request.... and was never called back. Very frustrating...

JOANNA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The internet set up went smoothly and the technician was very professional.

IVORY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I've enjoyed my services. Most importantly my kids caff do their home work and not worry about it slowing down. Loving AA&T no other company like it........

MARCUS Reviewed ATT Reviews

Att U verse is very entertaing

HARLYN Reviewed ATT Reviews

At first my service was terrible but the service on fixing the problems were amazing!! The people were very prompt and nice and patient. I would totally recommend to anyone. My service is now great

SAMUEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Switched from Comcast. Got twice the internet speed for the same price. Wow!

ANTONIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I give at& t 5 stars especially customer service because the getlemsn who helped me was helpful, courteous and knowledgeable about his work. And such as the service the service is great so far so I cant complain..

JUDY ANN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had doubts when I signed up for Internet service with AT&T and I can honestly say all those doubts were completely justified. It may not be the worst service around but it's darn close!

EDWARD Reviewed ATT Reviews

Much better service than comcast. The many apps that support the customer experience is great. So glad I made the switch

TRINA M Reviewed ATT Reviews

The last agent was actually able to set up my phone service. It was the third time I had called to get the phone line connected.

ROMAIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love AT&T s customer service and their service ! I would love to see more diversity in the package in the future but for now it's way better than its competition

LAUREN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I just had installed the U-verse internet and phone. The guy installing was super nice and quick. Also, the internet works pretty fast. I do homework online and I have not had a problem yet. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

RANDALL Reviewed ATT Reviews

After trying to set up a new account with xfinity for a month (a complete nightmare ) for my college student I decided to give the business to ATT U verse. What a great company. The appointment was quick and easy to set up and customer service were amazing. I received numerous emails and text confirming my appointments and when the tech was running late he called to let me know where he was. The tech was friendly and knowledgable wasn't rushed and I felt completely satisfied with this service. Thank you again ATT

HARMONEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Its a great service its a better experience than i thought the speed is great

DAPHNE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent! !!

ADAM Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was very pleased with the speed and ease of signing up with ATT. They were knowledgeable without being pushy and the instal was wholly professional. I'm impressed so far.

BRIGGS M Reviewed ATT Reviews

Awesome so far

LAUREN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Only have had internet for a week, switched from Comcast, and see a MAJOR difference! Faster internet, better support, and better pricing! I am happy that they offer higher speeds at more affordable pricing. I have not had a movie stream wirelessly on my Xbox stop and buffer yet. There was a little speed bump after I ordered the service and getting the internet set up, but the quality of service negates this.

KEVIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very happy with AT&T. Was a little nervous that such a big company wouldn't have good customer service - but was very pleasantly surprised how easy it was to sign up for home internet and how much cheaper it is than Comcast -- who's customer service is awful.

ELISHA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am enjoying my service, there are no problems with the service. Thank you

FRANK Reviewed ATT Reviews

A big upgrade from comcast

YANIRA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Satisfied with all service. Glad to have at &t.

ANGELICA Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far, so good. I've had no issues with my internet. The setup was really easy. I was able to get online in no time. I've enjoy internet streaming with no problems.

JIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Nice and friendly

FRED Reviewed ATT Reviews

Your representative was courteous and informative. He patiently explained every option available at my location. He even explained the relative speeds required to download various types of media and went through my online activity with me. The experience confirmed my opinion that AT&T consistently delivers the best product and service in telecommunications. I only wish U-Verse TV was available in my area.

KAYLA Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far there have been no major problems. We were having a slight speed issue. A technician was supposed to come out on Monday September 2nd but was unable to. However, AT&T rescheduled for the following day with a priority appointment. So far so good!

RYAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I got wifi for the house, works great! Great customer service representatives and easy to understand crystal clear billing!

DRISS Reviewed ATT Reviews

The Internet service is good but some of your call center employees suck. Sorry I don't mean to be negative or having a bad attitude but it's the truth , and some of them have poor English .

KARA Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far, so good. Internet working fine 4 days after installation. Only complaints so far: 1) I wanted to change my appointment time but would have had to wait 3 weeks for installation if I gave up my time. Hire more technicians! 2) The technician called and said he was 15 minutes from my house, but didn't show up for an hour and 15 minutes. But he was very nice and professional and the install was quick.

JENNIFER Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love u-verse!

TIFFANY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Awesome service!

DEBRA Reviewed ATT Reviews

my u-verse has a great internet connection it goes to sites quickly.

EMMANUEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Its Good...

DANIEL J Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service tech was on time, quick, and very knowledgeable. Picture quality is outstanding and my internet service is very fast. Much better than Comcast. I am quite pleased. Dan

ROOSEVELT Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far, so good...Better than Xfinity

MAHSA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service, great technical support....