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42% of Tennessee ALL HOME CONNECTIONS customers choose AT&T Internet speeds between 50 and 100 Mbps.

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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-855-993-5873

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There's nothing like a GooGoo Cluster. Any Nashvillian will tell you that the peanutty, caramelly, marshmallowy candy is as much a part of life in Music City as the Grand Ole Opry. As strange as that sounds, as you adjust to the country music capital of the world, you'll start to discover that this city has too many layers to count.

Spend the hot, sticky summer exploring the replica of the Greek Parthenon in Centennial Park, or discovering your new favorite artist at one of the 150 live music venues across the city. Get in a daily argument with a friend over what you should have for lunch—a Krystal Burger or a meat and three from Prince's Hot Chicken Shack.

While you're checking out the city, make sure you take a gander at the AT&T Tower (more commonly referred to as the Batman Building; Google it and take a look!) as it dominates the city skyline. If you think any other service is going to outpace AT&T in one of its central hubs, think again. You'll enjoy speeds of up to 100Mbps1 if you need your internet lightning fast! And with installation included, you basically won't have to lift a finger. So don't worry—you'll be able to catch up on those episodes of Orange Is the New Black in no time.

1Geographic and service restrictions apply to AT&T Internet services. Not all speeds available in all areas. Call or go to to see if you qualify.

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Stop waiting and start streaming with AT&T Fiber Internet 300. Built on a 100% fiber network, AT&T Fiber delivers the fastest internet speeds so you can surf, work, game, and stream without the wait time.

Internet 300 powered by AT&T Fiber starting at

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Plus taxes for 12 mos. when bundled

Find AT&T Providers Near Nashville

Wedgewood-Houston Store 2018 Lindell Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

West End Ave Store 1900 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

Vanderbilt Store 2509 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

Charlotte Pike Store 6702 Charlotte Pike Suite 101, Nashville, TN 37209

Enjoy 1650 Elm Hill Pike Ste 11, Nashville, TN 37210

NASHVILLE STORE 433 Opry Mills Drive Suite K88, Nashville, TN 37214

Green Hills Store 4106 Hillsboro Pike Ste B, Nashville, TN 37215

Belle Forest Shopping Center Store 7032 Hwy. 70 S., Nashville, TN 37221

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Nashville

4.5 out of 5 stars | Based on 71 Reviews

CHARMIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great customer service and easy to setup services. I am extremely pleased with my U-Verse Internet.

LAURA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I'm very happy that I switched my service to AT&T. I could not believe how easy the installation was and how diligent the technicians were in problem-solving the two issues that did arise. The technician arrived when he said he would and called me ahead of time to let me know he was on the way. Thanks so much!

AMANDA Reviewed ATT Reviews

My family is really enjoying the service I did the self install and it was pretty easy I didn't have any issues.

HALEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great overall ! Arrived on time! Left in the van numerous times during installation. The whole process was quick& less than a hour. Very helpful . Thanks !

BRENDA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love ! excellent service, excellent internet connection, you communicate to customer service and are attentive, friendly and answer all your questions. No exchange are excellent in customer service and overall service.

KORINA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Our service tech was awesome - showed up early and was very quick to get things set up. He provided us with all needed information and was very helpful.

KINSEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

This was my first experience with ATT's internet. My technician was personable and great with installing a difficult situation in my apartment complex. He even gave me a call at the end of the day to see if everything was still running correctly. I will be recommending ATT to all my other students/friends relocating to Nashville!

ELIZABETH Reviewed ATT Reviews

My experience was great! Since my installment everything has gone perfectly. The ATT installer could not have been more helpful and assistive. Could not be happier!

SARAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Recently had my internet connected to AT&T fiber and it is awesome! Super fast internet and the installer plugged all of our devices directly into our modem for us. Because of that extra effort all of our streaming is hard wired and not wireless, therefore, even speedier. Im very glad to be back with AT&T internet already.

KORY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Customer service is easy to get ahold of and is great about answering questions. They don't try to trick you into buying products like other companies.

SAMIR Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T inverse had been a far better experience than the other megamonopoly option in town. The customer service is far superior, and the service is good. Speeds aren't quite as high for the same amount, but the ease of setup, billing, and customer service far outweigh the negatives compared to the other guys.

STEVEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service guy was punctual and kept me informed as to what he was doing. He was attentive to my preferences and got done quickly. He did a great job!

SEAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installation was explained to me well, the technicians were very friendly and courteous, and took care of the job even though my apartment building is relatively old and needed some extra work. So far the internet has worked well, except for one slow night downloading files from Dropbox. Thank you!

MADISON Reviewed ATT Reviews

The man who installed our internet was absolutly wonderful! I've never been so impressed!

JAIME Reviewed ATT Reviews

Awesome service the tech was all polite and professional in coming in the house

JOSHUA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Good and speedy service. ☺

SARAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service was great!

SARAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service has been excellent. The technician who came out was very professional and effecient. He even arrived early for our appointment!

LESLIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service was fast and the agent was kind and knowledgeable!

JULIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very kind service tech, but had to wait a few days longer than expected for the service to be connected due to an administrative error. Was also given incorrect information about owning my own modem/router and my bill price.

ALIMA Reviewed ATT Reviews

All services render were excellent!!!

LATANYA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent customer service

SCOTT Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service guy was super. On time and very courteous.

JAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Happy so far…😊

MEGAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

We recently upgraded from AT&T DSL to U-Verse. The activation did not work initially and AT&T sent a technician out the next day. This technician was wonderful. He not only fixed the problem, but ran a second line so that we could have our phone in a different room from the computer. The job took longer than he anticipated but he went out of his way to make sure everything was working well by the time he left. While he was here, I called AT&T customer service to make sure we would not be charged for this extra work. The resolutions specialist handled the matter in a professional and friendly way, speaking directly with the technician about the issue. All in all, we have recently had a very positive experience with AT&T customer service and technical support, including relatively short wait times on the phone.

MELINA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The tech that came out was great.

CHARLI Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service guys were awesome! So far, the Internet has been great as well. Consistent and dependable connection as I steam my shows and surf the web. I'm a happy newcomer!

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT & t is absolutely the best in customer service, way better than Comcast could ever be. AT & t is readily available to help their customers and go above and beyond the expectations when it comes to customer service. WAY TO GO AT & T!!!!!

CYNTHIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I Recommend AT&T Wireless, Digital Life, & U-Verse To All My Family, Friends & Co Workers....Excellent Customer Service

EAVEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great Job! Loved our Tech!

BRYAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The Internet service I ordered was what I'm looking for in Internet quality and usage capabilities. The problem I had was with the installation. I received the Uverse equipment and self installation kit on time, but I had difficulties with my Uverse communicating with AT&T. I called customer service and the agent told me to wait one more day. An AT&T employee would turn on the line. The next day, my Uverse still wouldn't connect. So, I called customer service again and he said that it was definitely a problem with Uverse and not to my fault. However, the next available tech couldn't come to my area for two days. When the tech finally came to check out the Uverse and line, he said that there was a problem with the line. The next day, service was finally established and I had Internet. While the internet is great (pausing only a little here and there), actually starting the internet was a nightmare.

COLBY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Chuck was awesome! So efficient and friendly.

THOMAS Reviewed ATT Reviews

Came on time. Did everything right. Checked back in with me.

CAMILLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service from Eric! Friendly and helpful

JENNA Reviewed ATT Reviews

it was painfully difficult to get connected even though I was assured self installation was simple and I could use my own equipment. I ended up trying three different modems before giving up and buying one directly from a retail store which would have been no big deal had I been told that from the beginning. Instead I was told I could go to target or Walmart and find one there that would be compatible and cheaper. There's no such thing according to the three different stores I went to. It has been almost three weeks now and I still haven't got my wifi working. I am almost to the point where I'm going to cancel and get another provider.

JESSE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The installation of my service was absolutely the most professional service I have EVER SEEN. They went above & beyond to be sure everything was right. The service itself SMOKES what Comcast was charging me more money for. I could not be more pleased. Many thanks for good customer service!

ABBY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Joel was awaeome! He very quickly helped me change my service and was very nice. Thanks, AT&T!

JUSTINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Customer service is good, everyone I talk to does their best to help me. I feel very mislead about the price of my services. I was not told about additional fees such as HD, addition receivers, and internet being separate from cable. Also, I have daily issues with the wireless not connecting and therefore I have cable issues in my other TV's. I thought it would be significantly cheaper than Comcast and it's only $20 cheaper, and a huge hassle. I hope that the services improve, otherwise I may disconnect completely after the year.

LAUREN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great Savings and my customer service rep was outstanding on helpings me start my UVerse!It was fast and easy!

TIMOTHY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Happy with the service and speed of the Internet. Install took a bit too long (4 hours) and had to call back a tech the first day after install.

KEISHA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very helpful operator and was very good about telling me about my appointments!!

GUY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Initially there was some confusion regarding my order, however, I found the whole AT&T team to be very honest and genuinely concerned about correcting my issues which were addressed and corrected in a timely fashion. The installation tech was great, very knowledgeable and willing to accommodate any particular needs we had. The quality of service, equipment and installation is first rate. I would highly recommend AT&T over the other major internet, phone and TV provider in our area.

KATHLEEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Being a comcast client for many years, I have a perspective that spans decades. AT&T has handled each phase of our installation (as it required some special attention) very well. The customer service aspect is superior, as is the cable experience as well. AT&T has a better handle on practical aspects of delivering cable, internet and phone service to the client, as well as the customer service dynamic-----which is very significant. Also, AT&T has a more user-friendly and intuitive remote. Comast's remote was ridiculous and poorly laid out. So far we are pleased with AT&T, and look forward to many years of service.

THERESA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I've had excellent service so far ! I look forward to a long relationship with AT&T!

MIGNON L Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far me and my kids love AT&T uverse. It's completely different from what we're used to but it's so user friendly and there's a lot more channels that are offered.

MARGARET Reviewed ATT Reviews

It took a week and a half to get my account straight due to an error made by an AT&T Rep. Finally everything is working as it should. What happened to our more competitive market and prices with AT&T coming to town?

SON Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was with at&t about 2years ago in california. I was always unhappy with all things that they gave to me. They said 14.95 month but ended up 60$ untill first 6months with un-reasonable. I quited Now i moved to nashville, TN, and i did give at&t another change. They wave out my instalation fee when they messed up my appoint. So far so good with their service.

KATHERINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

This review is for the technician who installed our cable and internet. He was professional, thorough and knowledgeable. I have only had the service for a week and still trying it out. I can speak on the great customer service. He went out if his way to update me on my service and options.

MORGAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

My experience with setting up my AT&T service was excellent. My representative, Kyle, was incredibly friendly and easy to talk to. I told him what aspects I wanted in my services and he helped me choose the exact one that was perfect for me! If I could give him 6 stars instead of 5 I would!

KAMRON C Reviewed ATT Reviews

Quick, easy set up. The guys at AT&T were very helpful and accommodating. They did not tell me that my bill will go up after the first 12 months however.

ELLIOT Reviewed ATT Reviews

Wish there would have been mention that I needed to purchase a specific type of router for this service.

CAROL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Att installer was early and got it completely right. He was great and the service works better than the company I had switched from. S Will recommend to friends who are in need of new service.

DANIEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

The installation process took a bit longer than expected, but It was no fault of the installer. However, the installer failed to properly instruct me on setting up the internet, which resulted in the speed being slower than it should have been. This was eventually fixed after calling tech support.

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have never had a worse experience than I have with AT&T. Strictly because of their administrative mistakes I have had my service delayed for over a month. When I call the call center, every person I speak to is unwilling to listen and unwilling to help. I believe that if an employee of a company makes an error, it is that company's responsibility to remedy the problem. Instead, AT&T has placed me on hold (I have spent over 10 hours on the phone with customer service), and tried to run around every issue that arises. When I went to the AT&T store, the people told me that they had moved up my installation (after three hours) and then the installation never happened. If I had a choice, I would not use AT&T, and I will never again use their customer service line. This company runs a terrible business model and has zero care for their customers.

NICOLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The person who came to make sure my apartment had the correct hook-ups for internet was so nice and so helpful! He stayed for over an hour making sure everything was working in the highest possible way.

JULIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I ordered Uverse over the phone. I was told my router would be sent to me within 5-7 days and that when I received it, I could simply call Geek Squad and set it up. When my router did not arrive, I called back. I was told (in unclear, confusing terms), that I had to wait an additional THREE WEEKS for a technician to come to my neighborhood. The employee I spoke with was very unsure of the purpose of the technician and was unable to explain the reasoning behind the discrepancies in my order. I started law school two weeks ago and am still waiting on Wifi, while my peers who ordered Comcast had wifi within a day or two of ordering it. Needless to say, I feel foolish for signing a year-long contract with AT&T and will not be doing so ever again in the future.

SARAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Overall very kind. My only critique is that it took too long on the phone to set up the service. No other issues than that. They shipped the material quickly and we have fast great working internet.

JESSI Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had trouble with setting up my Internet and I had two very helpful guys come out to try to fix it! Even though they were unable to help me they were very nice and by the next day the problem was fixed! Great customer service!

JULIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Easy to install on your own. Disappointed because we did not receive service on the day AT&T had set up with us. They said people were living in our apartment with a different service which was a misunderstanding. Otherwise they have been very helpful.

KRISTOFOR Reviewed ATT Reviews

Costumer service was wonderful help me setup my service and have had no problems since. Thank you very much.

ERIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I wish they had installed in the house, and didn't require so much info, including credit check to give price quote.

JEFFREY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I just purchased your 3mps Internet service yesterday after being with comcast's 1 mps for almost 10 years. I pay around $10 less a month with AT&T for the first year and will be paying a little less after the first year while enjoying an Internet speed that is 3x as fast! My wife and I can already see the great difference in our phones and Netflix streaming on our smart tv. AT$T's costumer service is much better than comcast's. we look forward to enjoying the services AT&T provides for us over the years!

ABRAHAM Reviewed ATT Reviews

The internet is great!!! No issues and very fast. Installation team answered all of my questions knowledgeably.

DAISY Reviewed ATT Reviews

The personnel were professional and helpful. The wiring at this 1980 vintage building is inadequate and the determined that an installation of U verse was unwise. We have frequent phone dysfunction. I appreciate their judgement innot proceeding with an installatio that would not have been satisfactory.

MOLLY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everything went great on setting up our services! It's been great.

PATRICIA Reviewed ATT Reviews


TRISHA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The tech that came to install was quick and infromative. I love the service!!! Quick, easy, awesome features, and cheap for how much we get!

HERBERT Reviewed ATT Reviews

The guys who installed our system were excellent and delightful to be around.

KODY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have been with att for a few months now and it has been one of the best internet providers that I have ever had. I have never had to call them like I have with my others. Thanks for giving me great service!

ANN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Despite a few glitches with set up, I am now overall very pleased with my ATT internet service. The customer service agents were very interested, reassuring and apologetic for the problems faced & the technician that came to my home was professional and worked expediently. Internet speed is good!

ROBIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had some issues with customer service. I couldn't get straight answers about my questions, my installation appointment was scheduled wrong, and I was told I would get a discount when that wasn't true. BUT, I finally talked to an incredibly helpful employee who made everything right. AT&T needs more employees that take the time to listen and mend the situation.