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VIRGINIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The actual supply of the service has been fine. My original CS person was new and did not enter my bundle as a bundle for UVerse internet and Direct TV. I have spent approx. 12 HOURS on the phone with customer service to get things corrected, since one call couldn't just suffice. This has been quite strenuous and very much an ordeal. I understand the angst of merging, but pinging back and forth between services has been horrendous. Good service from both providers, just trying to get the all important billing piece correct.

SARA Reviewed ATT Reviews

service not connected in proper name, and disconnected in less than a week, no notification sent. I am overseas with the military, and cannot just stop by a store (and did so on my last R&R for 3 hours in the store, as well as 1 hr on the phone)