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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-844-277-1162
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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-844-277-1162

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Welcome to Knoxville, the pride of East Tennessee. Here you truly hit the sweet spot of the South, where unhurried gentility meets a distinctly urban, gritty vibe, and the bumper stickers on passing cars read "Keep Knoxville Scruffy." With the Great Smoky Mountains serving as a distant backdrop and the Tennessee River promising passage from the Great Lakes all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico, this city has beauty to match its culture.

If you're looking for outdoor adventure, spend the day paddleboarding or kayaking at Mead's Quarry Lake. Just make sure not to lasso a fish while you're there—that's a serious law.

For those with fur babies, Knoxville is one of the most pet-friendly communities in the nation. PetSafe has established several state-of-the-art dog parks around the city, and the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley is working hard to make all East Tennessee shelters "no kill" by 2025. So add "making a difference" to Knoxville's list of accomplishments. Along with Mountain Dew.

If there's one thing folks here take as much pride in as the pet friendliness, it's their beloved UT Vols. Deck yourself out in orange on game day, and if you're not tailgating or watching the game at Neyland Stadium, then you're watching at home, which can get frustrating if your internet is slow as molasses and interrupts your live feed. But don't worry—AT&T internet provides strong, dependable connections that resist lag and screen those lovely orange jerseys in a perfect HD picture.

A stronger connection means not worrying about your internet, and when you're not worrying about your internet, you have more time to enjoy Boomsday down on the Riverfront or the food at the Tomato Head. No matter what you do, keep it fun, keep it safe, and above all—keep it scruffy. (Whatever that means to you because honestly, it's up for interpretation.)

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Merchants Corner Store 5400 Clinton Hwy #102, Knoxville, TN 37912

The Northwest Exchange Store 6631 Clinton Hwy, Knoxville, TN 37912

N Broadway St Store 4829 North Broadway Street Suite 104, Knoxville, TN 37918

Harvest Park Store 5429 Washington Pike, Knoxville, TN 37918

KNOXVILLE STORE 7600 Kingston Pike Suite 1170-A, Knoxville, TN 37919

Kingston Pike Store 7041 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919

Sherrill Hill Plaza Store 111 Moss Grove Blvd, Knoxville, TN 37922

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Knoxville

4.4 out of 5 stars | Based on 36 Reviews

LANDON Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everything was easy to set up with really friendly Customer service. Aside from it being activated 3 days later than promised, I'll still give 5 stars.

REBBECA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I ordered internet and cable to be installed on Saturday, 7/2/16. It took all day and two technicians. At least they were nice. Instead of cable, a technician for DirecTV showed up, told me I couldn't have it due to line-of-sight issues. I didn't order DirecTV, I ordered cable. I tried to call to report the mistake, and COULD NOT get anyone to answer the phone.

LYNN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Big upgrade from my Comcast service. Fast and reliable. Thanks.

KATI Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had trouble with my wifi connection and an AT&T service man came to my house and helped me so much. He was extremely nice and willing to fix the problem. He even refused to leave my house with any mess that he had made. He was very personal and always kept my best interest in mind.

ANTONIO Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service is great

STEFANIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I loved My service so much in Houston that I chose them again for my move to Tennessee!

WILLIAM Reviewed ATT Reviews

It"s a lot slower than Comcast. But i am somewhat satisfied.

ANDREW Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very satisfied either my service. They were extremely professional and knew how to handle the situation that arose.

SALLY Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far, the performance of the equipment is great!

GERALD Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far great service!

JASON Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very determined tech installed for us.

BARBARA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Chad from At&t friendly, work very hard, quick and very, very, very efficient. You should have more workers like Chad. I'm very please with the services. Thanks a lot for a well done Job.

DONNA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am very happy with my AT&T service. Everyone has been very helpful, courteous and professional.

JENNIFER Reviewed ATT Reviews

Wonderful service, have had no trouble, technician was helpful. Only problem was the deal we had signed up for was not completely accurate when they came to install our service, we spent more money than we had planned on.

JACOB Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service was great, guy who came out to set up my internet was knowledgeable and professional.

VIGHTER Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was impressed with the level of professionalism demonstrated by the technician (Ray) that installed my service. Also, the customer service personnel whom I spoke to was extremely helpful.

JONATHAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Ok so far. More expensive for a slower speed than WOW. The installer was VERY professional, knowledgeable and courteous. The set up had problems with the registration looping.

CODY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Just moved and was worried about getting everything set up, AT&T went out of their way to make it a smooth process and everyone from the call center to the tech was great!! Awesome services and they get an A++. I Recommend to anyone... Not even pushy about selling either!! Thanks AT&T!!

KELLECE M Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everything is great I am so happy I switched from Comcast. Great Customer Service! Love Love Love Uverse

HALEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

All the staff is extremely helpful. My internet service is not the best but I will stay with the company.

JARED Reviewed ATT Reviews

Timely, efficient, and a job well done.

REBECCA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had Direct TV before (couldn't take the satellite with me) because I moved to an apartment, but before that I had Comcast. Both of those are not as good at the AT&T U-verse that I have now. When I called to talk to someone about getting the service, cost and a bill question, the customer service representatives were very helpful and friendly. Overall, the TV stations are clearer, more channels, no interruptions when it storms, my internet speed, wireless, is fast and I'm actually saving about $70-$80 a month in cost for cable, internet and phone. When I tell my friends how many channels I'm getting and how much I'm saving they are wowed by it. My son also moved around the same time that I did and I talked him into getting AT&T U-verse. He and the family are enjoying it also. That's my two cents and I'd recommend AT&T U-Verse to anyone.

JOHN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installation was very good, tech did a very good job setting up equipment even thro we had a cable failure up the street while he was here. This week I had a modem problem that was taken care of by another tech. Thanks for a good service dept.

ANGELIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installer could not have been more polite and helpful.

PAUL Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far everything is working as expected, no complaints. The technician who came to our house to set up everything seemed to be knowledgeable and explained everything well.

MICHELE Reviewed ATT Reviews

happy with the customer experience and the installation process.

KRISTA Reviewed ATT Reviews

My home service is great! Internet is perfect and tv is awesome, but I do wish that the on demand had more of a selection.

JADE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Customer care was excellent over the phone and the technician was VERY helpful!! Very happy with the service and have been a happy AT&T for over 10 years :)

KEVIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have yet to use my subscription. I signed up on June 12, 2014 and still haven't been able to get it installed. I was told by the sales person that it would be no later than June 16th but received an email stating it would be today, June 26th. When I called to see if I could get that date moved up I was told I would receive a call back and never did. Finally received a call yesterday stating installation would not be today because there were issues with the terminal box and they didn't have an ETA on when I would have my service. The two stars provided, one for the various recommendations of other people and one for each person I've contacted has been polite. But no one seems to have an answer or are able to help.

ADRIAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

what started as a bad experience was made right by a supervisor.

TAYLOR Reviewed ATT Reviews

Install technician dd an excellent job! Also spoke with Shane on the phone and he was also incredibly helpful.

HANNAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

My AT&T products and services are working fine so far. The first person I talked to prior to setting up service was very friendly and helpful. The next couple of people weren't quite as knowledgeable or easy to understand. The self installation was easy but definitely should not have cost what it did.

ANTHONY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent customer service, excellent technician that answers all questions fully. I can't begin to describe how much better the interaction with AT&T has been over the craziness at Comcast. I feel very good about my decision to go with AT&T.

TRAVIS Reviewed ATT Reviews

Sooooo much better than Xfinity!

MEGHAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The technician who came to my house to install my Internet was very helpful and thorough! Wonderful customer service! LOVE AT&T!

ALYSA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The young man who set up my service was fantastic. Typically those long calls are cringe worthy but he was gregarious and kind. Wonderful service!