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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-855-791-0329
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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-855-791-0329

Discover the Benefits of AT&T Internet for Your Springfield Home

Queen City is rolling out the red carpet for you. Here the Midwest gently gives way to the South, the city sprawling across the plain before the watchful eye of the Ozarks. Springfield captures that small-town essence while still dancing to the fast-paced big-city beat. And you're fully expected to keep up—which you can't do if your internet slows you down. How are you going to follow the city's Instagram page if you can't get a connection? (It's @LoveSpringfield, in case you were wondering.) Fortunately, AT&T Internet is ready for you with fully customizable packages, so you can not only post to your social media account but enjoy watching the Cardinals play or stream all of your favorite music and movies.

Got that out of the way? Good. Now you can focus on the really important stuff, like where to get the best St. Louis–style pizza (Pizza House is the local foodie hotspot). Take some time to explore the C-Street Market and mingle with other residents. Enjoy a drive along the more rural roads, listening to country music that reminds the locals fondly of the days of the Ozark Jubilee.

Or, for the adventurous fools, drive about 20 minutes north and spend the day meandering through the Fantastic Caverns. But don't stray too far on your way home…You might stumble upon the Albino Farm. Or a cobra. Run in either case.

And try not to get offended the first time someone calls you a hillbilly. That's a badge of pride here, and the mark of a true MOzarker. It means that you're home.

AT&T Plans & Packages in Springfield

AT&T Internet

Speeds Up to 100 Mbps*

AT&T Internet
AT&T Fiber
Internet 300
AT&T Wireless

4G LTE data

Per one line
AT&T Unlimited Elite

185+ Channels


All your entertainment, all in one experience.

  • Live TV & 55,000 on-demand titles
  • 500 hours of cloud DVR storage
  • Access to 5,000+ apps and Netflix, Pandora, and more
  • Voice remote with the Google Assistant
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Pay Your AT&T Bill at These Locations

Town & Country Center Store 2601 North Kansas Expressway Suite 100, Springfield, MO 65803

Springfield Store 2825 S Glenstone Ave #P06a, Springfield, MO 65804

Roundtree Store 1011 S Glenstone, Springfield, MO 65804

Battlefield Towers Store 2737 East Battlefield Street, Springfield, MO 65804

Battlefield Mall Kiosk 2825 S Glenstone Avenue, Springfield, MO 65804

E Battlefield Store 1155 E Battlefield, Springfield, MO 65807

Campbell Store 4160 South Campbell Avenue, Springfield, MO 65807

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Springfield

4.4 out of 5 stars | Based on 58 Reviews

MELISSA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The tech that installed was great and he got me started on an amazing Internet connection

JASON Reviewed ATT Reviews

The tech was great but unfortunately the speed did not work for me. They are talking about fiber overlay in my area, once that happens and I can get something better than "dial up" I will definitely be getting service back.

LAJUANNA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service great way to pay your bill

LORRIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Internet service is awesome, I never knew Internet could be so reliability

TYLER Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service was over a week late. Called numerous times. I was placed on hold more times I can count. Kept being transferred to the wrong department. Service reps kept asking for the same information and not solving the issue. Overall terrible service. Will not recommend to a friend until something changes.

JILL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installation was timely and technicians were helpful. Sometimes takes a while to get to who I need with customer service, but the issues are always solved. Great internet speed!

PHILIP Reviewed ATT Reviews

love the service and equipment.

KRISTIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

From the initial order to the installation of both Uverse and Internet, the experience was excellent. I would highly recommend AT&T to any of my friends or family members.

STEPHEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

After years of horrible cable service, I am so excited to have dependable service. It is wonderful to be able to watch my Netflix without buffering approximately every 4 1/2 minutes. I enjoy the variety of programming I now receive and thoroughly enjoy being able to record the programs I enjoy the most to watch at my convenience.

PHILIP Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far.. I been happy with them...

GLEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

would have nothing before i would use there service

JENNIFER Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love at&t. The only thing I don't understand is why I live in the same city and can't get uverse in one part of the city and can in another. Doesn't make sense.

DAIJA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Pretty good. No complaints

SCOTT Reviewed ATT Reviews

I just want to say that I like my internet that I got installed from AT&T, it's fast and so far no problems at all, my kid plays on line gaming and he loves it as well, and the installation was easy and the installer was very helpful.

KIMBERLEE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Ive had a great experience so far with ATT. Everything works great and I can get done what I need to get done. Thank you c:

SCOTT Reviewed ATT Reviews

everything is great. the installer did a terrific job and went above and beyond in straightening up the cables from old system that were wrapped around the house. thanks.

CODY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Works half the time on wireless

KELSEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

They spoke English and offered me what I asked for instead of a bunch of stuff I didn't ask for! Yay! Thank you!

MADISON Reviewed ATT Reviews

The AT&T team member that helped me pick an internet plan was certainly helpful, especially because I was looking for a good plan that wasn't super expensive, as I am a college student. We hooked up the internet ourselves, in order to avoid an installation fee. It was super easy and we have had no issues with our internet since we got it. Thanks AT&T!

BRET Reviewed ATT Reviews

My first bill showed a different agreement than what was advertised on the phone when I signed up. One quick phone call fixed all of this and I was then given an extra $5 off all future bills. Thank you for fixing this without hassle.

MARINA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The internet service has been great so far. The technician had to update the lines running to our house, and he was very professional the entire time he was here. The speed of the internet has been fantastic as well.

TIFFANY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am so happy I switched my service over to att...thank you for the opportunity.

MATTHEW W Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T has the best customer service, from phone customer service to tech customer service. Had a local provider that lasted 3 weeks. We experienced daily outages that became inconvenient and they were never able to resolve the issues. Switched to AT&T and have had ZERO problems. Installer went above and beyond to cover all bases and confirm all equipment functioned properly and explained every step of his work and explained our equipment functions thourouhly. Very professional tech.

BRYCE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The internet service is very fast, and the cable is wonderful. I love that I can record 4 programs at one time. I am very happy with the service!!

CARL Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have had a lot of different internet providers and I have never really been impressed till I got it from at&t, it has been stable and steady, I have only had to call once and there was nothing wrong, I was just wanting to see if they had any other services available in my area, they will now get all my service, If I could only say one thing about at&t it would simply be AMAZING

ROBERT Reviewed ATT Reviews

5 stars for sure. Eddie was my installer today. He was polite, punctual and got me up and running in this wintry mess. I wasn't sure that I would have internet services this easy. This experience will definitely make me consider AT&T when I move again. Thank you Eddie for a job well done. At &T hopefully will give you an ataboy for a job well done. Thanks for your assistance. Robert

AMY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Having U Verse after being stuck with cable for years, is amazing! It's like when I went from living in the country and getting three channels on a good day to wen I first got cable. I love the DVR! TV is on my schedule now. Another great little feature is the 'favorites' list. I know what I like to watch, so it's nice to not have to scroll through hundreds of channels. Internet service is top of the line with no problems. There have been occasional mini outages, which have lasted less than five minutes. A little annoying, but as long as it doesn't happen too often, I can live with it. Phone service is great. It's better now with VOIP than it was with the old land line system that went out every time there was a heavy rain. I'm DEFINITELY telling everyone to switch to U Verse!

JENNIFER Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love the service. It is super fast. I have no issues with it. I would highly recommend the service to anyone!! The best service in town.

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great customer service. Internet speed isn't as fast as I anticipated, but it'll do.

JUANITA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The installation Tech was very good, concerned that everything was connected and checked my downloading/streaming speed. The installation went well, but the phone number transfer did not--which caused issues with important missed calls.

JORDAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

First time with AT&T the installer was super friendly and made sure I knew how to work everything. I have had no problems with my service.

JOHN Reviewed ATT Reviews

great service on install and so far good internet

GLYNIS Reviewed ATT Reviews

Not only was the technician extremly knowledgible and friendly, but my family and I believe At&T service to be EXCEPTIONAL! Thank you, At&t the internet and TV is fun again!

DEVIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service installer was very friendly and knowledgeable. Everything works great. Thanks again!

TERESA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I got the U Verse AT&T Internet and I can't be a happier customer I'm impressed with the speeds I was impressed with the technician and how fast everything was set up and now I'm just surfing away gaming a way thanks ATT

COURTNEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service all around. A++

ANGELA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The installation was easy the technician was very nice and my service is awesome!

PAULA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was pleased with the set up, technician during the install and connection. I am having difficulty paying my bill since AT&T didn't have the correct email on file to send my paperless bills to( the email was my mothers who passed away 3 years ago). I have called AT&T and the man I spoke with said he would send me an email with the information to pay my bill. It's been 2 days and no email yet. They wanted me to pay a late fee because of all this confusion and they were kind enough to waive it, but the fact remains I am still unable to pay my bill online without paying the $5.00 convenience fee and email with the account information in it.

ANTHONY Reviewed ATT Reviews

best company ever if anything ever messes up or slows down there always able to fix it faster than other company's always there to lend a hand..... I LOVE AT&T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MATTHEW Reviewed ATT Reviews

Internet is fast but took 5 days to get it working properly. Good customer service

GABRIEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Fast and speedy internet and easy to set up!

PEGGY A Reviewed ATT Reviews

I called on a Saturday to change my internet service from a cable company to att. I asked if I could start service with att 3 days later and was told I could by the rep. However, when I received a conformation email regarding the change, it was set up for over a week later. My service ended with the cable company and I was without service for over a week. When I called to get a quicker set up time I was on the phone for over an hour and could not get an earlier date. When I called to work out some problems setting up my router wi-fi, the tech from att helped for over an hour, was very patient, and explainded everything in terms I could understand. So I guess it was a wash. Internet has been working great.

JASON Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am very happy with the quality/speed of my u-verse as well as the customer service I recieved when signing up. The only gripe I have is with not being I formed of an activation fee at the time I started service. I didn't find out about that until I recieved my first bill.

ROCKY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I chose to do the self install, quick, easy, and working great! I am completely wireless, tv, computer, printer, and DTV.

ERIC Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far so great! Thanks AT&T! YOU HOOKED US UP!!!! Hopefully you won't raise our rates!!! Very fast install. Very punctuall!!!

MELISSA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am extremely happy with the speed of the internet service, though getting it connected was kind of a chore. The first guy that came out had some issue of whether or not it was hooked to the right modem and as I wasn't home had to reschedule. When I called to reschedule they put me off for an entire week and the second serviceman didn't seem have the same issues as the first. But overall things went well.

JACOB Reviewed ATT Reviews

Setup was simple. Customer service was good. Product is fast, reliable internet.

DINA Reviewed ATT Reviews

easy, step-by-step instructions. Set up was a breeze!

GABRIELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service I love it

ANTHONY D Reviewed ATT Reviews

Definitely an affordable alternative to cable, very fast and reliable!

DANIEL A Reviewed ATT Reviews

Except for a few snags with delivery date of the router that were quickly resolved I am very satisfied with the speed, latency and general service of Uverse. In my hometown it's basically either AT&T or Mediacom and AT&T wins by a landslide in every category.

BRANDON Reviewed ATT Reviews

Such amazing service. I will definitely be choosing you in the future!!

TIFFANNY Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far its the best internet service we have ever had! thank you for being what you advertise!

JORDAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The installer actually arrived half an hour earlier than expected. Also, during installation he helped me plan for future expansion and gave me the numbers to call when I decided it was time. Great overall service!

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

Easy to install, simple to use, and as fast as I need.

MADELINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very pleased with the actual service of AT&T DSL. Fast and quality internet. However, costumer service via phone was a nightmare; too many connecting lines.

WILLIAM Reviewed ATT Reviews

Awsome Service!

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was upset that I waited from one in the afternoon until six in the evening for my service to be connected. When I called I was told that something did not get proccesed. I had to reorder my package. I was not given the same deal. It was a week later that my service was connected. The person that came to my house was very polite and profesional. My internet is not as fast as was expected. But overall works fine.