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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-877-263-3809

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Nothing brings people from different walks of life together like sports. Except, maybe, music. Kansas City's history is rich with both, especially down near 18th & Vine, where the city's distinctive, blues-derived form of jazz came of age. If you want to learn about the America that existed alongside the story told in history textbooks, one building in this historic area has the truth that's not often told.

Under one roof, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and the American Jazz Museum co-exist. The Negro Leagues Museum, which opened in 1990, was founded by Negro League legends including KC's own Buck O'Neil. The American Jazz Museum opened seven years later and also hosts the Kansas City Jazz & Heritage Festival. By visiting both, you can experience not only the soul of Kansas City—onetime home of the Kansas City Monarchs, the team Jackie Robinson played for before breaking the Major League color barrier—but the true soul of a midwest that people ignore when they talk about flyover states, the Bible Belt, and cowtowns, a hotbed of musical innovation and cultural rebellion.

Education about these important chapters in American history doesn't have to begin and end with museum visits. With AT&T Internet, you can watch old Monarchs games, stream classic albums and jam sessions from Charlie Parker and Hot Lips Page, and keep up to date on the goings-on in the historic 18th & Vine district and beyond.

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Looking for an AT&T Store Near Kansas City?

Westport Store 4015 Mill St, Kansas City, MO 64111

Ward Parkway Plaza Store 8427 State Line, Kansas City, MO 64114

Shops at Antioch & Vivion Store 2516 NE Vivion Road, Kansas City, MO 64118

Blue Ridge Crossing Store 4281 Sterling Ave, Kansas City, MO 64133

Zona Rosa Town Center Store 8454 NW Prairie View Rd, Kansas City, MO 64153

Liberty Store 9152 Northeast Barry Rd, Kansas City, MO 64157

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Now that you’re getting set up with new internet service in your area, you might be considering an upgrade to your equipment or tech setup. Find out where you can recycle old TVs, computers, and other electronics.

MRC Recycling 1560 N Topping Ave, Kansas City, MO 64120

The Surplus Exchange 518 Santa Fe St, Kansas City, MO 64105

Computers To Go 4055 Broadway, Kansas City, MO 64111

Secure e-Cycle 3052 S 24th St, Kansas City, MO 66106

ArtsTech 1522 Holmes St, Kansas City, MO 64108

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Kansas City

4.1 out of 5 stars | Based on 19 Reviews

SAMANTHA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service, however the only two things I did not like was, I had to pay for help on configuring my modem so I could work from home, and had to merge billing, this should be automatic.

JOSHUA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have had att for about 2 weeks now. Before my att service I was with Time warner for about a year with the , "30 meg service". My uverse internet is 10x faster with than Time warner ever thought about! Love my uverse!!! Great job ATT!!!

VEDA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Good Morning, I am a rare case, and I have to laugh to keep from crying..... I ordered a single line land line for work from home, about 2 weeks ago, had to wait till sept. 30th for the tech to come out, less than a week, the line went down and I am offically waiting for someone to come out again to repair.... two day wait instead of one week is good, right? I have spoken to over 22 people, wow I remember back when att was the only company, and customer service was here in the city.

STEVE Reviewed ATT Reviews

switching to ATT was so painless. The costumer service was amazing and completely helpful. I received the equipment very fast and the set up was a breeze.

MACKENZIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent stuff

JENNIFER Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had a very bad experience at first. I called and made an appt to have cable and internet installed and received at date and time that they would come out to my home to get it all set up. I took the day off of work and made sure I was home to let them in. I waited and waited. They never showed. I called customer service and asked if they knew what time they would be coming. I was informed that my appt had been changed and that they had sent me an email to inform me. Well that is all great and dandy but I don't internet to get to my email... because you were suppose to be installing it. So I lost a day of work and still had no internet and cable. I cancelled the appt and said I would have to call them back. I looked into switching into another company but after looking at&t up on-line (at my friends house since I still didn't have any services) I saw that I could get a $150 rebate from signing up on line. I went ahead and scheduled again for the service man to come install internet and cable. This time he was right on time and was very friendly and helpful.

SHANNON Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had the best installers u can get they went above and beyond their duties

SARAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

The customer service is excellent. My only wish is that the prices were lower. Other competing companies in my area offer lower prices for faster internet, but being a previous AT&T customer, I knew they would at least take care of me!

ERIK Reviewed ATT Reviews

Little troubled with the time spent on the phone due to miss-communication through the outsourced ATT sales reps and billing errors. Good service overall.

DEANNE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Multiple problems with this order. The service was ordered for my child who is attending college in MO. No mention of the activation fee when I ordered the service. The equipment was sent to the wrong address initially, then sent to the correct address but addressed to wrong recipient. The self-install instructions were confusing to my daughter, but with calls to me and technical service the DSL is now up and running.

LINDA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have U-Verse package only, at this time. Tech who set up was cordial and efficient. Was a problem that when I set up for service, HD was not presented as an extra. I assumed I would just have HD, but I did not. So was pretty simple process to get it in place several days later. I had been a Dish Network customer for years before I made a move to another state.

JUDY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have returned to AT&T after having strayed to a cable provider for my phone service. I will never make he mistake again of leaving AT&T!!!! It's nice to know that I will have phone service from now on. Customer service was great when getting switched back.

TIM Reviewed ATT Reviews

Had an issue with the installation. Technician was prompted and speed to get me going. Very Happy with my service.

DERECK Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everything has been great so far. I had trouble hooking up my internet on a self install but ATT came out the next morning and hooked it up and got it going. The internet itself is super fast. I love it!

JOTHI Reviewed ATT Reviews

Our new AT&T internet installation went smoothly with easy steps and the internet quality is excellent

BRADLEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

"Installation went very smooth. The technicians were very nice and were willing to answer any questions I had."

RYAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Except for a little hickup with receiving my rewards card (they didn't have record that I was to receive one), which I finally received after making a few calls, the service has been great

MARTIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Seems to be to the point and easy to understand as well as enjoying the improved quality of U Verse. mj

LANA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The Tech was very nice and did a great job hooking up the internet. It did take some time, but the guys did their best in explaining why and what the issues were.