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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-866-277-6029

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Welcome to Waukesha, where Les Paul plucked out his first tune on the guitar, nicknames vary from "Spa Town" to "Spring City" to "Badgerland," and locals feast on a balanced diet of cheese curds, beer brats, and all things made from cranberries ('cause there are a lot around here, ya know?). Summers are hot, winters are cold, lakes abound, and the trees give off such beautiful colors in the fall you'd think you'd stumbled into a Monet.

Unsurprising for a place that served as home to the father of the electric guitar, this christened GuitarTown has so many music events that it seems like the city's constantly moving to the beat of a live soundtrack. Plan your entertainment by the day of the week—Tribute Tuesdays in Cutler Park, Waterfront Wednesdays at Pewaukee Lake (get some musky fishing in while you're at it), or Friday Night Live in the heart of downtown. Beyond the music scene, Waukesha sports the oldest county fair in the state and the Wisconsin Highland Games, where you can witness strong men and women launch entire trees into the air for honor and glory (and honestly just for the heck of it).

If you've gotten distracted by the music or the food (a ButterBurger from Culver's, anyone? How about a Kringle?) and forgot that you are in need of internet, go back to your Brewski and relax. AT&T gives you service that can handle all the concert videos you're posting on social media and will bring the Packs right into your living room with no lag time—booyah!! You can even upload the artistic pics you took of your dinner at Taylor's People's Park the other night in seconds. Your inner hipster should be so proud.

Careful, though. A few hipster vibes are fine but get mistaken for an Illinoisan, and no amount of "booyahs" can get you outta that one.

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4G LTE data

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Waukesha Store 2202 E Moreland Blvd, Waukesha, WI 53186

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4.8 out of 5 stars | Based on 16 Reviews

KEVIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Customer rep & especially the service tech were all very kind courtesy, helpful, kind & CARING. That meant a lot to me when they tested me like a human being & NOT like an animal!!!!!!! On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being perfect but since nobody is perfect, I'll have to give them at least a 12. An old saying that best describes AT&T is as follows::: YOU R THE BEST THAT EVER WAS- YOU R THE BEST THERE IS- & THE BEST THAT EVER WILL B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS TO ALL OF U!!!!!!!!!!!

JEFFREY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Install went very smooth and love the service. Nick, my installer was personable and worked quickly to get everything up and running.

CALE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Overall great experience. Tech was fast and professional, customer service has been fantastic.

JESSE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installation was fast and easy. The technician, Alyysa, was super helpful and on time. We are so excited to be using AT&T!

KERRY Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service has been great, my internet went down once, and I called a representative and it was fixed for me less than 5 minutes later!

KENNETH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everything's great!

JUSTIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great customer service all around.

NADIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Misleading charges and I was pushed into deal that is not what I agreed to. The phone agents were not as educated as the service tech and failed to mention enough.

THOMAS Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installation and set up appointment was scheduled in a very timely manner. Had some issues with the actual installation - sounds like order was entered incorrectly, so it took about 4 hours to complete. All said and done, the job was completed and issues resolved!

KIM Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far so good I'll continue to give us the great service that we expect keep up the good work team AT&T thank you for your for your services

DAVID Reviewed ATT Reviews

6 mbs internet is slower than what I had previously but much more reliable. The advertised speed is constant and doesn't fluctuate.

JASON Reviewed ATT Reviews

When I called the salesman was extremely helpful and patient as I was trying to figure out what services I wanted. He worked with me to make sure I was happy and getting exactly what I wanted. Installer was very punctual and knowledgeable. He was very respectful while working and helpful with all of my questions. He made sure he didn't leave me with questions or uncertainties and I was very happy with how everything was set up when he was finished. I love the services I now have. The ability to record shows that I can't be home to watch, the hundreds of channels to choose from, and the blazing fast internet that I can brag about to my friends! (And I know a thing or two about internet speeds, so trust me when I say blazing fast, I mean I could have friends over for a LAN party while our wives all watch different shows on Netflix and no one will feel any lag time.) Very pleased with the experience from start to finish!

DAVID Reviewed ATT Reviews

From our initial phone call to installation, it was easy. Installation wasn't delayed by a problem with the outside box. Another tech came pretty quickly so it went smoothly. We like the ease of the remote. We are getting more for less than a rival company so as senior citizens, we are happy!

CRAIG Reviewed ATT Reviews

Tech offered great service and was very helpful. Only negative of the experience is speaking to a sales representative over the phone who seemed to keep ignoring what I was asking for and trying to sell me on aprice that was much higher than advertised

CATHY Reviewed ATT Reviews

On time, good manners, kind and explained everything he was doing. We had some problems and his supervisor came over to help out and together we got it working ok.

JUSTIN J Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love AT&T. The best service I have ever had! I have recomeneded your service to family and friends!! Thank you AT&T for your great service!!!