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We know what you're thinking, and it's not true. Milwaukee is not just all about beer and cheese—although it's certainly earned its nickname as Brew Town, nurturing American classics like Pabst and Miller. And Cheeseheads are more than just die-hard Packers fans; they'll tell you all about the best dairy product known to man. But this city refuses to be typecast! As the place where the Fonz strutted his stuff and the first Harley-Davidson bike came roaring to life, Milwaukee has earned its cool card. There have even been sightings of a lion wandering around town!

Here summers and winters rival each other for things to do. You can hit up the biggest music festival in the world, Summerfest, or catch a Brewers game at Miller Park. During winter you can skate on the Slice of Ice rink in Red Arrow Park, or take the Polar Plunge in Lake Michigan on a chilly New Year's Day. Just be sure to stop at the OP to get gas and stock up on snacks before it snows.

If the weather is too brutal for ice skating, staying home curled up with your favorite TV show is just fine. However, you might be in danger of the frigid wind that blows off Lake Michigan interrupting your signal. Fortunately, AT&T internet provides 99% reliability*, with lightning fast speeds and packages you can tailor to fit your needs and devices. Believe you me, it's worth looking into if you don't want to spend the entire winter watching only two episodes of American Vandal because the rest of the time your connection was buffering!

Oh, and just so you're aware—the Milwaukee lion is still at large.

*Claim based on U-verse High Speed Internet service.

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185+ Channels


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4.4 out of 5 stars | Based on 122 Reviews

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Instalation went Smoothly. Service was great and the Internet is awesome.

FORRESTER Reviewed ATT Reviews

Faster and cheaper service than Time Warner Cable.

ASIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The best ever.!

CARL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Easy to navigate system. Seems reliable, though we have only had it a few days. Technician was knowledgeable, got it right the first time, and he arrived in the time window specified. So far, so good. If I had a wish, it would be that the channel guide could more easily be permanently modified to only the channels we are receiving.

NICHOLAS Reviewed ATT Reviews

Works great, awesome value

KEVIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very Happy with service so far. Install went smoothly and internet connection is fast!

WENDY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love my verse and my new iPhone!The process was easy and the prices are great!I wish I would have made the switch sooner.

DANIEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Internet has been an upgrade over a (supposedly) faster Time Warner service. Also changed over my wireless phone from Verizon and can now use my phone in my kitchen for the first time in 5 years! Needless to say, happy with the switch.

CHESTER Reviewed ATT Reviews

My husband and I are new customers to Att u verse services. We've had our services for about 2 weeks now and I have had to call technical support everyday concerning my internet service going in and out and my cable service losing signal and my T.v. channels showing black blocks around them. I have talked to several people concerning my issue. It has yet to be resolved. Although the customer service is somewhat nice. The service my family is receiving is not that great. We eere with Time warner cable for 6 consecutive years. And we decided to try a new company... We are still experiencing similar issues... We also had an issue because I received a bill the first 3 days of service. The rate I was quoted was wrong. So the retention department had to fix it... We are just a family of 6 with 4 children on a fixed income trying to have decent internet and cable service... Thank you for your concern.

NICOLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far so good

AIDA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Good service and very friendly

AIDA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very Good, excelent

CARRIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Amazing customer service, spectacular employees & quality care love my paper free billing also I can do everything within one app which is my AT&T!!! They answered all my questions and my kids are stoked!!!

MARGARET Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far so good. I like the service and have no issues with it. I also enjoyed making my network name what I want.

LISA Reviewed ATT Reviews

John the technician arrived early and went straight to work He was very friendly and professional .

JASON Reviewed ATT Reviews

Ok because you only provide DSL in my area and is not the fastest service.

MARY Reviewed ATT Reviews

This is my first internet service and I love it!

IVAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The tech was great made sure everything worked and that I understood everything. Left me questions free on everything and the best part also he respected my wooden floor by wearing footsies.

JOHN Reviewed ATT Reviews

This past week I was getting my internet service connected. I was told I needed to be at my condo to let a technician in. After 3 calls to ATT and waiting for 2 hours I was told that was not the case. Wasted my time

ASHLEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Tech did come right on time. He also installed everything quickly and answered anything I was unsure on.

DANIEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

I just received the complete choice enhanced package and wasn't getting a dial tone into the house, I called and the following morning had a technician at my home. Immediately fixed the problem and was able to have my phone working with in minutes. I've had tech's come to my home from other companies in the past, never once were they able to resolve the issue in such a timely and efficient manner. Thank You AT&T for everything you guys promised. Great service.

AUSTIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service works very well, and the installation was incredibly quick.

RICHARD Reviewed ATT Reviews

The men arrived and surveyed the house to find the best location for the dish, and hooked up 2 TV's. Went through all setup instructions, and made sure I was completely satisfied. These man worked well together.

NOAIL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent service

CHRISTIAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Awsome service. Had a lot of problems with TWC internet. Switched over and got a awsome deal! Had a awsome installation tech that walked me through everything he did and stayed to give me a lesson on it! I'd never pick another provider again!

RICHARD Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service tech was great,fast,on problems thanks at&t

AARON Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service person knew what he was doing and did an excellent job.......................

JESSICA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I really enjoy AT&T I haven't had any problems yet, and am completely satisfied with my services

JERRY Reviewed ATT Reviews

The person doing the installation was great, but beyond that the customer service is poor with no email address available for customer support.

VICTORIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great technician and awesome service in switching our AT&T from Oakland, CA to Milwaukee, WI.

RONALD Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent service.

NADINE E Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service at a great price. Installed on time with very courteous technicians. Thank You!

CHRISTOFER Reviewed ATT Reviews

It's good for the most part, had major problems in the beginning with customer service, and with installing. Felt kinda bitter liked no one cared, but I got over it.

LESIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

It's a quality service and the installers were curtious and proficient.

ARIEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love the service! I use internet and home phone and have never had a problem. I love at&t! Thanks for being great.

PERRY A Reviewed ATT Reviews

my service was fast and complete. the technician was a good man, who worked well in the rain. no cleanup was needed. he was also very informative ,and sociable. I learned a whole lot from him

BASIL Reviewed ATT Reviews

5 stars

PAUL Reviewed ATT Reviews

U-verse-so far ok. Wish there was a simple single screen directory of all channels. Too soon to rate. Internet Elite- great. Installer- excellent!

WENDI Reviewed ATT Reviews

Thank you for helping me

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

It is great

YASMINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very Good

JEREMIAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

The guy who set up my internet and tv was friendly and knowledgable. The service seems pretty good so far. It is just a little more than I wanted to pay for sure.

MARK Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everything working great

JASMINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Cable is great! I feel like I get all channels and some for a good price. I'm excited for my interest services when class starts back. Customer service has been very helpful!

GABRIELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great internet speed. A little pricey.

BERNARD Reviewed ATT Reviews

The whole process was really easy. I was set up for a self installation at my residence. All the equipment was in the box I received. I didn't like negotiating a lower monthly bill. Yes, I want great quality at a great price.

MAGGIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am still new to this service. I have been enjoying having what feels like unlimited internet access. Even when it is running a bit slow, it is still available. It hasn't quit entirely yet and I feel confident that it won't. AT&T U-Verse has opened a whole new level of connectivity for me. I have been around since before computers were available in the home. And this service is like an ever blooming plant with a new flower that is bigger and better than anything that has come before. I am thrilled. The technician that installed my service was knowledgeable and competent. He was able to answer all my questions. Before I knew it I had Internet service! Just like that! As if by magic! Thank you AT&T!

WILLIAM Reviewed ATT Reviews

"AT&T I wanted to thank you for the best customer service and prices in town. Its a breath of fresh air knowing there's companies out there that still care. Feels good saving lots of money, and having extra money for family outings. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

MELISSA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The technician came within the service timeframe and installation went smoothly. The service has been working great, and is exactly what we expected. Thank you!

KEVIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

It took forever to get service. I keep getting transfered from person to person for 3 to 4 hours. I finally got someone who helped me and got it installed. I was supposed to get HBO and Cinemax free for 3 months but I still don't have it. Only reason I gave 3 stars is for the guy who got things done for me, otherwise I would only give 1 star.

DONNA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have the new fiber optics in the apartment building I just moved into and all I can say is wow! No Lagging with Roku. I chose 6 mbps, the elite internet package. No problems at all. Customer service has been outstanding as well.

RYAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T has been nothing but great! The DVR accessibility from all TV's in the home is the best service! All employees are very kind and helpful whenever needed.

NICK Reviewed ATT Reviews

Customer service on the phone was excellent. Internet is far faster the TWCs top internet package. Would not go back to regular cable provider

RICHARD Reviewed ATT Reviews

My installation was ok, but the technician disconnected my mothers phone service. I had to delete a lot of fussing to get her service turned back on, and a few hours of calling and dropped calls from AT&T th get my issue resolved. Thank you very much. My service is working well and I am satisfied and would recommend AT&T to my family and friends.

KALIB Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service was great. When I caled they were there the next day to install my internet after I thought I could do it myself. (Previous owners had snipped the line downstairs). The phone app makes it easy to monitor and pay my bill too. No issues as a first time customer.

ROBERTO C Reviewed ATT Reviews

The Internet is not as fast as they say!!!

JEREMY A Reviewed ATT Reviews

Fast Service.. Had No Problem With Connection..Only Problem Was Added Charge On Bill. But OverAll Great.

JEFF Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love AT&T! I previously had TWC for internet and had nothing but issues. I had techs several times to solve the issue to no end. As a result, I dropped them and went back to AT&T. Not really sure why I ever left! So glad to be back! Thank you AT&T!

TOM Reviewed ATT Reviews

Once I got to the right person things went great, too many times I was routed to your computer voice guide and got no where

SHATOYA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love it. Its work great. I try other but they not measure up. I getting cables next month

BRIGID Reviewed ATT Reviews

Self install was easy for my internet service. Customer service was helpful with billing issues.

KAREN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love the U-verse U300. I have many channels and none are repeat programs.

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am very pleased with how quickly someone was able to come and set up our cable and internet. Way faster and better than time Warner cable. The service in general is great and we couldn't be happier! Thank you AT&T for your assistance and services.

ALONDRA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Just signed up for AT&T and its GREATTTT!!!!!!

DEMETRICE Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far I'm enjoying it...

PAUL Reviewed ATT Reviews

im very happy

CLAUDIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The customer service was very good and painless. My installation was very complicated due to the outside line being damaged by squirrels, but my installer, Mike Hall, stayed until every last detail was complete, which involved getting a line man to go pole to pole with new line, all the way to the main connection box. I don't know the lineman's name, but many thanks to him for all his hard work, on a very cold day. My installer, Mike, assisted me with complete set-up of every thing from the wireless, the DRV, the remotes, the computers, new email, my wireless printer, and with a kind smile. I am very satisfied! Thank you all!

MICHELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

ATT is better than Time Warner Cable in reliability and signal strength. I felt a little hoodwinked when the sales person did not describe to me how payment would work; ie. that I would have to pay for a new modem, but ended up having it rebated.

REBECCA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service is great. Only problem I have is with the boxes. Sometimes they reset themselves multiple times in an hour, kind of annoying. customer service is great and very helpful.

RONALD Reviewed ATT Reviews

horrible service when it came to getting an appointment and when someone finally came there was issues with the line which they thankfully fixed same day and was able to get here the next day. I have no faith that the amount I was quoted will be the actual amount on my bill and will most likely have to talk to someone to fix that. I was very happy with the tech that did the install. he walked us through everything we needed to know and am happy with the service he was able to provide. other than him I was not happy with the service I got.

JANINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far I really like u verse!

PAUL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Five stars Thank you

NICHOLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love my u-verse! I had the u200 cable and internet and it was great being able to record and rewind everything. The on demand is so much faster and easier to use than time Warner. However after your one year they jack up the prices...

CARL Reviewed ATT Reviews

excellent customer service!

TYLER Reviewed ATT Reviews

My AT&T service has been great so far. I enjoy the modern feel the services allow and enjoy them thoroughly. The guy who installed my services was extremely professional and courteous. I'm glad I chose AT&T!

MATT Reviewed ATT Reviews

amazing customer service. everytime i call i have an amazing experience. i would never think of switching to anyone else . i never have a problem with the cell phone , internet , or the uverse.

STEVEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Personable tech. Good service.

KIMBERLY J Reviewed ATT Reviews

The technician that came to my home was not able to connect my U-Verse. However, he called in reinforcements and between the 2 of them they were able to get it working. They determined that there was a problem with one of the boxes and made sure that the replacement was working before they left.

JERRID Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very helpful with setting up everything and making an installation appointment. Able answer all my questions and price is not too bad.

ANGELIC Reviewed ATT Reviews

installation and the plan was a painful process but once everything was installed paying the bill was easy and i love the channels i want are great

BRIDGET Reviewed ATT Reviews

The customer service at AT&T was extremely hit or miss. Some people knew their stuff but some couldn't even read the previous issues occurring with my order. It took countless hours on the phone and four visits to my home for my internet to work. I only stuck with AT&T because it cost a lot less than the other provider. Make sure you have plenty of patience and time if you order fr AT&T!

HANNAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Awesome services. Always friendly staff and able to answer questions any time I need!! Wouldn't chose any other provider

CATHERINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent service from the technician and very helpful with my questions.

MARK Reviewed ATT Reviews

Absolutely awful since it was never installed. The night before the scheduled installation I was sent an email telling me they were going to cancel the installation if I didn't call them. I called the next day when I saw the email. I had taken a vacation day for it. The number in the email wasn't the right one. After being redirected three times, they told me they would try and get someone out to my house as soon as possible. At the end of the day I called back since nobody showed up. I was then told the installation was rescheduled for the following Monday. I was never notified of this. The person on the other end of the phone told me he would reverse the installation charges if we could do it the rescheduled Monday. Especially since I had to take another vacation day from work to have this done. Again, they sent an email the night before saying I needed to call and cancelled the installation. Having lost 2 vacation days, I didn't bother calling when I saw the email that day. As far as I'm concerned, I wish I could sue them for my lost wages and vacation days. Again, I never bothered to call them to reschedule. I will not use any more vacation days and waste my time.

SUSAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The workers that came to install internet were friendly and professional. They were very patient, answered all our questions and explained everything clearly. Best experience with installers to this day.

DAVID Reviewed ATT Reviews

Our family is very satisfied with the service and we are glad to be back on line.

KAREN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was very pleased with the service I received today with my AT&T U VERSE connection. Both of the technicians were very nice. They explained everything to me and made sure I understood it all.

AMAL Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had my services installed the technician was very helpful.

KENDRA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had some questions about the services that AT&T provides. And all of them were answered clearly for me.

DANA Reviewed ATT Reviews

My tech was prompt, and he made little complaint about having to squeeze through my entertainment center to get to the cable jack. What I really wasn't expecting: he wanted to review my brand new laptop with me to make sure I understood Windows 8. Great internet, but even better service.

KEYLA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love AT&Ts internet service. I like that i can always relly on its speed to get things done. Its a great service i recomend ir 100%. Great wifi connection as well.

BENJAMIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Initially I was not happy with the service because my installation date got messed up, but when I called they sent a service tech out that night and he stayed and worked until after 8pm to ensure I had internet that night. Internet is fast at a good price. Would recommend!

SUSAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very helpful, not long hold times when call customer service.very good internet service and customer service operators are very patient and helpful.

ANDREA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very personable service call, after many mis-communicaions via phone calls it was nice to have a quick, to-the-point installation.

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T has been incredibly helpful so far. I had some issues with the internet initially, and they walked me through things I could do to remedy them. Turns out they needed to run a new line to my house, which they did promptly. The costumer service is great.

SARA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Good Internet. Great customer service from the tech who came to help set up my router. Very Friendly, professional and helpful.

ABIGAIL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very disappointed.payed for my service almost a month ago yet still haven't received my service.and i still won't get anything until the week after next because there are no technicians around my area....all that even tho its a Self Install yes Self Install..

SEAN A Reviewed ATT Reviews

When I called to setup my internet service it was an easy setup want on hold long the representative listed to my concerns & considering my options the call to set-up service was very quick and great

MARY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Simple and fast to get set up. .

ANNA F Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service, easy to get a hold of. Love UVerse so far!