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Do you love cheese, or no? And do you enjoy ending every sentence with “or no,” or no? If you answered yes to either one of those questions, then you betcha Wisconsin is the place for you.

Wisconsinites aren’t called Cheeseheads for nothing. You can (and should) attend the Cheese Days festival (a.k.a. heaven on earth), and squeak your way through bags of the freshest cheese curds on the planet. Amazing cheese is much more than a stereotype—it’s a way of life. And with nearly 1.3 million dairy cows in Wisconsin alone, it had better be.

If obscure, strangely-specific museums are your thing, use AT&T Internet to book tickets to some of the most random, must-see attractions in the states. You’ll find museums dedicated to paperweights, mustard, polka, accordions, snowmobiles, freshwater fishing, concrete sculptures, and hamburgers (and that’s just the beginning). The Hamburger Hall of Fame even boasts a ketchup slide, which is equal parts impressive and gross. Either way, you’ll want to see it.

Besides the obvious cheese and bratwurst, there are also incredible breweries, and bacon whiskey ice cream at Milwaukee’s Purple Door. Not to mention more snow than the amateurs in the rest of the United States know how to handle, the best scene for geocaching, and the Packers. If the Packers and Bears are playing each other, get yourself to the sidelines STAT and cheer them on. Green and gold all year long, baby. Orange and navy is for chumps.

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Listen: cheese and partying aren’t the only things Wisconsin’s got going for it. But on the topic of fine cuisine and a Good Time, Wisconsin knows what’s up. All schools in the state’s top five are colleges in the University of Wisconsin system—and all schools in the top five have some of the best school pride in the country.

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