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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-855-629-7633

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Imagine a world straight out of science fiction. A world where the past and the future collide in one spectacular steampunk explosion of sparks and sheet metal. Believe it or not, this world exists, and you can find it only about an hour's drive away from Madison in the small town of Sumpter.

Sumpter is home to the self-named Dr. Evermore, the visionary behind the one-of-a-kind Forevertron. Standing over 50 feet tall and stretching over 160 feet in length, the Forevertron is the world's largest scrap metal sculpture, a distinction certified by Guinness World Records. It's a monstrous, spaced-aged machine that the doctor has been painstakingly piecing together from disused transformers, gauges, and generators since 1983. And if you've never witnessed it in person, the colossal creation is truly a sight you must see for yourself.

But…what in the world does one man's strange hobby have to do with finding a reliable internet provider in Madison? Honestly, not much. It just goes to show the many wonders and diversions that lie in wait at your fingertips when you have the internet. And the most popular internet plan in Madison from AT&T provides all the megabits per second you need to discover more odd and unusual attractions, more entertaining TV shows and movies to stream, and more eclectic games to play online with your family and friends. Let loose, and let your fancy take flight today with a high-speed internet plan from AT&T!

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Madison East Store 3902 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53704

Madison University Store 3302 University Ave., Madison, WI 53705

West Towne Mall Store 406 S Gammon Rd, Madison, WI 53719

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4.1 out of 5 stars | Based on 25 Reviews

NAOMI Reviewed ATT Reviews

I've had service for less than two weeks. So far the internet has worked okay. I have slow load times once in a while. The install went smoothly, however, ordering service just about gave me a heart attack. The communication and screw ups by the sales rep were horrendous.

JEREMY Reviewed ATT Reviews

The only reason this review isn't getting one star is because the internet works really well so far. Other than that, my experience with AT&T has been horrible. My internet install date got changed more than five times (not by my choice), I spent a cumulative 7 or so hours on the phone (most of which on hold) to try to get service for my apartment, and was constantly told different reasons for why my internet could not be set up. The service representatives were mostly of no help and when I was in touch with another representative via Twitter, after I complained I was told a manager would be put on the situation and I haven't heard anything back in over a week. So overall, the products are fine but the service could not be worse.

LEILA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I'm Happy with my AT&T service , the call center rep. was so awesome, I hope to have a long relationship with AT&T , Very Happy....

WAIMING Reviewed ATT Reviews

The installation tech was very good. He came on time and got everything going in no time. He also explain how to use the equipment. Very nice guy too.

DARLENE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Technician was very knowledgeable and helpful. I am having several loss of coverage each day - is that something that I should expect? Not too happy with that. There is a much longer wait for service to come on than I remember from previous AT&T service.

LAURA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service! They always respond quickly and come out to help if needed. The tv system is very easy to use!

DANIELA Reviewed ATT Reviews

good phone line and internet are working super crisp i enjoy it a lot thank u

LOUIS Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service

JEANNE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I just joined the AT & T family and am ecstatic over the service. Compared to the "other" internet and cable provider they are hands down a 10/10!! Can't believe how fast the internet connection is, the set up for the remote is very simple and everyone has been great in customer service!!!

KRISTINA Reviewed ATT Reviews

He was awesome

CARMEN C Reviewed ATT Reviews

nice people, great service, efficient!

COURTNEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

The internet technician who came out was great. He was respectful and got me connected. I was a little annoyed with the fact that the phone agent who scheduled the technician to come out told me that I did not need to be present at the house, when in fact I did. So that was very frustrating. But the technician was understanding and we made it work.

JOHN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installation was smooth and the service is solid and reliable. We are not able to get the fastest bandwidth that AT&T offers, but what we do have (18 mbps) has turned out to be just fine. We have had no issues with multiple devices or streaming services. The price is reasonable and the bills are easy to read! All I look for in a service is a company that does what it says it will. We are satisfied customers.

KAREN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love it so far!

CHRISTINA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was told that I would not need a technician to install my internet, so it was disappointing to have to schedule an appointment, but the AT&T tech support came promptly and installed the service efficiently.

MICHELE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The best service I could ever expect to get

LYNDSAY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great customer service!

HALIEE Reviewed ATT Reviews

We are so glad that we switched from Charter to At&t. We get better reception and connectivity now.

KATHERINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am pleased not only with the service offered by AT&T, but also the installation. The technician was easy to work with and patient as he worked around the movers. I would recommend AT&T U verse to anyone without reservation.

DAVID Reviewed ATT Reviews

forced to rent equipment when you already own it. have to call and complain to get it taken off

JENNIFER Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everyone has been very nice throughout the ordering and installation process. However, they don't seem to get the details right. We received the incorrect modem and then it wouldn't work. The technician came, again very nice, but had the wrong order (AT&T was charging us for the faster, more expensive option we did not order). Now it is working and all correct.

ERICA Reviewed ATT Reviews

It was awhile before my internet got up and running due to scheduling delays and resending people over. However, once all was finished, the internet works great! Customer service was pretty good too.

PETER Reviewed ATT Reviews

Internet service through AT&T is ok once it is established. Having to deal with support to deal with a service change took days to deal with and left me without service for a week and I had to pay an extra fee to have them re-establish my service. Frustrating to say the least.

SANDRA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I wish I could leave 0 stars. My service was supposed to be set up weeks ago, and it still has not been set up. I wasted an entire day waiting for someone who never showed up. While I had things to do at home, there were more important things that I could have been doing away from home. I called 7 times between 8am and 8pm, and everyone told me something different. It wasn't until around 7:15 that people finally told me that they hadn't even SENT a person to my home, despite people telling me earlier that day that someone had been sent.

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

I like everything about the internet but I don't like that I have to pay $100 for the router.