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42% of ALL HOME CONNECTIONS customers in Wisconsin choose AT&T Internet plans with speeds between 50 and 100 Mbps.

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Imagine a world straight out of science fiction. A world where the past and the future collide in one spectacular steampunk explosion of sparks and sheet metal. Believe it or not, this world exists, and you can find it only about an hour's drive away from Madison in the small town of Sumpter.

Sumpter is home to the self-named Dr. Evermore, the visionary behind the one-of-a-kind Forevertron. Standing over 50 feet tall and stretching over 160 feet in length, the Forevertron is the world's largest scrap metal sculpture, a distinction certified by Guinness World Records. It's a monstrous, spaced-aged machine that the doctor has been painstakingly piecing together from disused transformers, gauges, and generators since 1983. And if you've never witnessed it in person, the colossal creation is truly a sight you must see for yourself.

But…what in the world does one man's strange hobby have to do with finding a reliable internet provider in Madison? Honestly, not much. It just goes to show the many wonders and diversions that lie in wait at your fingertips when you have the internet. And the most popular internet plan in Madison from AT&T provides all the megabits per second you need to discover more odd and unusual attractions, more entertaining TV shows and movies to stream, and more eclectic games to play online with your family and friends. Let loose, and let your fancy take flight today with a high-speed internet plan from AT&T!

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AT&T Unlimited StarterSM
Per one line

AT&T Multi Gig: Fastest Internet. Straightforward Pricing

Now delivering up to 5-Gig Speeds1

  • No Price Increase at 12 months, No Annual Contract, No Data Caps, No Equipment Fee.
  • AT&T Internet Security with ActiveArmorSM included: 24/7 proactive security that helps stop threats before they get to you.
  • AT&T All-Fi delivers a powerful consistent connection with Wi-Fi 6 technology
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AT&T 5G.
Fast. Reliable. Secure.

With AT&T 5G, it’s not complicated. You’ll get fast, reliable, secure 5G that’s available nationwide. Plus, both new and existing customers get our best deals on a wide variety of 5G smartphones, and all our unlimited plans include 5G access at no extra charge. Discover what AT&T 5G can do for you today.

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Madison East Store 3902 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53704

Madison University Store 3302 University Ave., Madison, WI 53705

West Towne Mall Store 406 S Gammon Rd, Madison, WI 53719

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