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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-855-892-1132

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Welcome to Little Rock! Don't let the name fool you—any Little Rocker will tell you that there's plenty to occupy your time in this pocket of the South. A city that brought cheese dogs into existence and where camouflage is more than just a fashion statement, it's safe to say that Arkansas's capital city is an unpretentious jewel among…Well, rocks.

A good internet connection makes it easy to enjoy all this jewel has to offer. Take AT&T, for example. You have the freedom to choose from several different internet speeds depending on your needs. You can also bundle your services together for maximum convenience. Enjoy all the channels that come with DIRECTV—oh, look! Forrest Gump is on. You know, Lieutenant Dan himself thinks Little Rock is "a fine town."

So go out on this fine town. If it's supper you're after, eggplant casserole is waiting for you at Franke's Cafeteria. Follow that up with split biscuits smothered in chocolate gravy and possum pie at Gadwall's Grill and you'll never feel more satisfied (you'll just need to roll yourself home afterward). Stroll down the Big Dam or Junction Bridge, and watch them both light up come nightfall, reflecting off the river below.

And don't be alarmed—that ungodly noise you hear is only coming from the swarms of dedicated Razorback fans "calling the hogs," whether there's a game or not. WOOOO PIG SOOIE!!!

AT&T Plans & Packages in Little Rock

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Speeds Up to 100 Mbps*

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185+ Channels


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Park Ave Store 300 S University Ave, Little Rock, AR 72205

Enjoy 7123 Interstate 30 Suite 14, Little Rock, AR 72209

Bass Pro Store #6 Bass Pro Dr. Ste. 100, Little Rock, AR 72210

Chenal Store 11520 Financial Center Pkwy, Little Rock, AR 72211

Pleasant Ridge Store 11525 Cantrell Rd Suite 601, Little Rock, AR 72212

Promenade Store 17801 Chenal Parkway Ste. D, Little Rock, AR 72223

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Little Rock

4.6 out of 5 stars | Based on 18 Reviews

CHRISTI Reviewed ATT Reviews

The tech left without check to see that our phone was not working. Not only did he not connect it, but he used Comcast's line, so now we have to pay them to come out to run a new line. The Internet is awful, and we will be calling tomorrow to disconnect it. The is not the first negative experience with AT&T, but it will be the last.

TEISHA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love my AT&T u-verse. The internet speed it fast and I always receive good customer service...

GWENDOLYN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Install took a while but service is good

ERNEST Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. They helped me step by stem , very patiently, until I had everything finished. Thank you all very much.

ALEXANDRIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love the representative that helped us set up our service within minutes and also got us next day installation. If I sign up for tv and cable I want it ASAP and next day installation is what I got. Thank you AT&T!

LISA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am absolutely delighted. The service representative was thorough and I even got a cellphone number to call if I had an issue. I couldn't even get through to my old cable provider. AT&T has my business from now on! Superior customer service. Excellent product.

JOSHUA R Reviewed ATT Reviews

Overall service was great! Had some problems with cords in the wall but he stayed and got the job done! Great service.

KELSEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Not the best service, as far as signing up and getting an installation date, when I first started with ATT. But I love it now. The installer was very helpful and kind. I'll definitely be keeping ATT for a while.

DAVID Reviewed ATT Reviews

After 2 weeks and several failed attempts to have Comcast installed, one call to ATT got our Uverse and Internet connect in just a few days. The service technician was friendly, professional and knowledgeable. We wish we had called ATT first.

JILLIAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service and fast streaming

WILL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Just had AT&T internet installed. Very pleased with the speed. And the installation was done very professionally by a pleasant, knowledgeable tech. But most of all I am very happy with the service. Unlike my previous ISP, when I explained exactly what I wanted, AT&T simply told me what was available in my price range and didn't try to bloat my services with features I didn't want. AT&T actually listened to me. What a nice surprise. I expect this to be the beginning of a very good business relationship.

DOUG Reviewed ATT Reviews

Already much better than my previous provider.

DANIELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everything has been smooth sailing & service is great!

CARROLL Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far so good. Seems to be a bit slower than the previous service I had though. Very impressed with the followup!

JESSICA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service was great however I was on hold for an hour everyday for three days!! Which was very frustrating.

WEI Reviewed ATT Reviews

Had some difficulties during self-installation. Get help from at&t customer service. So far so good.

KATHLEEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I just love ATT uverse. I switched from comcast and never looked back. too bad so sad

MARK Reviewed ATT Reviews

The install was easy and the service has been great. It was a seamless switch from Direct TV.