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Boost Your Connectivity with AT&T Internet in Louisville

When you think of a big city, Louisville doesn't often come to mind. Which is a pity, because it's the biggest city in Kentucky and the hometown of knockouts like Jennifer Lawrence and Muhammad Ali, so you'd think it would get more street cred. Louisville is anything but a podunk town—sure, we take pride in our quaint traditions, Southern hospitality, and fantastic comfort food (anyone for a good Hot Brown?), but Louisvillians know that a city that can host an event like the Kentucky Derby every year lives life in the fast lane. Still not convinced?

Louisville: "Hold my mint julep."

If you're not really into the controlled chaos at Churchill Downs, you can still catch the pre-party, Thunder Over Louisville—the largest annual fireworks show in America (4th of July fireworks? Those are cute). During the other 11 months of the year you can explore Mammoth Cave, or chug down the Ohio river in the Belle of Louisville riverboat. And if you can't quite get into the mint julep, stop at the Two Keys for an Old Fashioned or a bourbon, because there's SO much bourbon here. Please drink some bourbon.

If you're new in town and are stuck at home eating a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken by candlelight among a sea of boxes, don't worry—it's going to get so much better. Especially when you discover that AT&T dominates the Louisville internet scene, and it's no wonder: with speeds up to 100Mbps1 offered in the area, you can download a movie in seconds or stream a Louisville Cardinals game with no lag whatsoever. That's what's known as slugging it out of the park.

1Geographic and service restrictions apply to AT&T Internet services. Not all speeds available in all areas. Call or go to to see if you qualify.

AT&T Plans & Packages in Louisville

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Speeds Up to 100 Mbps*

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Internet 300
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4G LTE data

Per one line
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185+ Channels


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Stop waiting and start streaming with AT&T Fiber Internet 300. Built on a 100% fiber network, AT&T Fiber delivers the fastest internet speeds so you can surf, work, game, and stream without the wait time.

Internet 300 powered by AT&T Fiber starting at

00 /mo
Plus taxes for 12 mos. when bundled

Find Your Closest AT&T Store

Bardstown Rd Store 3014 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205

Breckenridge Ln Store 128 Breckenridge Lane, Louisville, KY 40207

Outer Loop Store 4426 Outer Loop, Louisville, KY 40219

Hurstbourne Pkwy Store 1890 S Hurstbourne Pkwy Suite 1, Louisville, KY 40220

Shelbyville Rd Store 7801 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40222

Holiday Manor Store 4936 US Hwy 42, Louisville, KY 40222

Middletown Store 13315 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40223

Enjoy 6315 Poplar Tree Court Unit E, Louisville, KY 40228

Mud Lane Store 5006 Mud Lane Suite 100, Louisville, KY 40229

Summit Plaza Store 4007 Summit Plaza Dr, Louisville, KY 40241

Factory Lane Store 12923 Factory Lane, Louisville, KY 40245

Dixie Hwy Store 6661 Dixie Hwy, Louisville, KY 40258

Valley Station Store 10717 Dixie Highway, Louisville, KY 40272

Fern Creek Store 6529 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40291

Tyler Center Store 12605 Taylorsville Rd., Louisville, KY 40299

Map of Louisville, KY

Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Louisville

4.4 out of 5 stars | Based on 87 Reviews

CHRIS Reviewed ATT Reviews

Technician arrived promptly, did all work in a professional manner. Was helpful in explaining features of the product.

EDIZA MARIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

is the best!!!

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service has been great so far! Moved from CT and much prefer AT&T to Cablevision. Installation was fast and the gentlemen couldn't have been nicer.

LEJLA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love it that I choose ATT the service is great. I don't have any issues what's so ever. My family has been having ATT as well w/o any issues. I recommend ATT.

TERI Reviewed ATT Reviews

Nice technician, but couldnotmakethe installation for the Internet and the televisions installers never arrived.

HEATHER Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service is great when it works. The day we had installed and a few days after we kept having to restart the receiver every time we turned on the TV. I called the tech that installed it as well as his supervisor but never heard back from either of them

CINDY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very user friendly, not just the equipment but the employees too! They were very knowledgeable and were able to meet my needs with no pressure to get the most expensive package. Setup was fast too!

WILLIAM Reviewed ATT Reviews

customer survives was great but the internet speed is not so great it fill a lot slower then it was when we hat time warner

APRIL Reviewed ATT Reviews


JAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The installer was excellent.

CLARISSA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love the internet service.

BYRON Reviewed ATT Reviews

Had excellent service from first call to installation. Installer was very professional and knowledgeable and friendly. The only problem was the sales person did not ask me if I wanted to keep my phone number and it got changed and had to wait two weeks to get it back.

CINDY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very friendly and knowledgeable service!

JOCELINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

You guys the best!

COLEEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service & speed

KACEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service! Also the tech that came out and set everything up for us was wonderful. Very nice, polite and helpful. Very satisfied with the service. Thank you!!

MARY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Im so glad it was easy for me to get cable and internet at my new place and keep just internet for my child to use. I wouldn't choose any other place

SARAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Everything is working out great! Phone correspondence was easy and friendly and the tech was professional and helpful. Satisfied. Thank you!

COURTNEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

It took you all almost 2 weeks to get someone to install the internet but the technition was great!!

DANIELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had a lot of issues with the installation but in the end, they did try hard to make it right. So far I am pleased with my internet and tv.

CHANTELL Reviewed ATT Reviews

I really enjoy my AT&T service. It's reliable and if I have any problem they fix it immediately.

LYNDSAY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I absolutely love my new service with at&t. My cable works great and i have all the channels i want and so much more, i also have internet and it as well works perfect. Shout out to at&t!:)

CHRISTI Reviewed ATT Reviews

Good service and friendly technician

MELISSA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Efficient and high speed

JUSTIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The rep I spoke to about setting up service was very polite, and helpful. The serviceman that set up the hardware was punctual and knowledgeable. Setting up service was very easy and enjoyable. I am disappointed in 18mbs being the fastest internet only option available. I would gladly pay more for higher internet speeds. Overall I had a good experience, but I hope that they increase speeds for their internet only plans because I would be very interested in upgrading. Thanks!

KRISTIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love it! Best service thus far

HERMAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent service; very professional discussion of my needs and quick turn around time for install which went smoothly

CARMELLA Reviewed ATT Reviews

No problems keep up the good work. Thanks

BRADLEY A Reviewed ATT Reviews

Pleased with the service

JAIMIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Our installation rep was amazing. Had no trouble with installation or service at all. Will never go with another company!

ANGELA M Reviewed ATT Reviews

They had to do some extra work for a signal but they were prompt and professional. No complaints here.

AYNN C Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installation was a long and drawn out process. The technician showed up bright and early at 9:00 a.m. and, I thought to myself, we are off to a great start. I thought I'd be able to get into work fairly quickly. I was wrong. Installation took all day, with a short time out for the thunderstorm that rolled through. The technician finally left at 5:06 p.m. Through it all, the technician was very polite and diligent. Not how I had planned to spend a vacation day.

MEGAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far I'm mostly happy. I was told I had paid for guaranteed 18 mb but I haven't been getting 18 all the time. I hope it improves because I work from home and I need fast internet.

SHANNON Reviewed ATT Reviews

Internet service is great when it's working. Has went out a few times, but has been efficient here lately.

ERICA Reviewed ATT Reviews

My internet runs great! It is very fast and I can do basically anything I want to online quickly! I did have trouble getting my internet hooked up, they rescheduled multiple times and I spoke to a few rude customer service/IT people. Finally though, I spoke to a supervisor who had everything set up to be fixed in less than 24 hrs and was very nice! The guy who came out to install the internet was super nice and made sure everything worked before leaving. Overall I am happy with my new AT&T Uverse service.

EVERLENE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Cable is great! Internet is fast. I have great services.

KHADIM Reviewed ATT Reviews

I used to work a lot, but now with AT&T I enjoy my TV lot, they have too many channels you can enjoy it too with low price.

KAREN Reviewed ATT Reviews

My technician was great! He went the extra mile. He cleaned up his mess and was super polite.

WESLEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Worst customer service. Spent two hours on the phone talking to an Indian woman one minute saying one thing then an American saying another. Customer service rep told me I'd get a discount for 18mbps for the same as 6mbps after messing up my install date and changing it by a week without telling me. Bill came through for 18mbps at regular price and American rep had no idea what she was talking about and was dismissive. Don't believe their pricing, it's a bait and switch. Go with TWC.

MARY Reviewed ATT Reviews

your installer was knowledgeable and polite. But no one ever came to bury my cable. I had to call several times. My neighbors are very inconvenienced to have to keep moving your cable every time they'd like to mow their yard. I think you should fire all the people that answer your telephone. all of them had the idea its not my problem. maybe a little more training would be nice. I finally spoke with a supervisor who understood the problem and was so nice about it. I think you have some serious customer service issues. the situation became so ridiculous your supervisor credited my account for my first month. you did not make a very good first impression

KRISTIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I absolutely love how affordable Uverse is! And love how it's set up, no cable wires all over the place.

NESLIE M Reviewed ATT Reviews

Even after the issues on the day of installation , I was glad I called customer service, they were more than happy to take care of my issues and service has been working great since installation. Glad I made the switch!

MAUREEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had to reschedule my appointment on the day of the appointment. It was EASILY rescheduled through three text messages. I can't wait to finally have in the house and working. I will not only be saving $70.00 a month, but I have more channels. I have not experienced customer service like this at TWC. My family and friends told me to make the switch..... I waited too long! I'm looking forward to a working with ATT

WISSAM Reviewed ATT Reviews

The internet is not bad, the tech guy who installed the router is an expert, i know this because i used to do his job back in my country. HOWEVER your sales are liars telling me that i will get dedicated FIBER connection!!! Worse lie was when i asked that sales lady if the bandwidth she is talking about is in MegaBITS or in MegaBYTES!!! she told me its MegaBYTES!!!!! i asked her twice to make sure she heard me! You can fool someone else but not me. Check that call that you recorded when i ordered U-verse... I will use this plan for now... but not for long

JULIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love the option of streaming from your phone, I can use my account and watch from anyone's TV, and recording to the DVR from my phone. Installation was painless and fast.

PHYLLIS A Reviewed ATT Reviews

we had a few problems with our internet and had to have a couple of different people come out and they were all professional and polite and efficient. now that we have it fixed i love it and could kick myself for staying with time warner so long!

CARESSIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The best service I've had yet!!! My family absolutely loves the cable. Overall service simply incredible!!!

OTIS Reviewed ATT Reviews

I'm N love with my service

FAYE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I am a former twc customer and very glad I made the switch! I've had such a positive experience with att! Ive told all my family and friends about the quality of service and how friendly everyone has been! I see myself keeping my services with att for a very long time! I give them a A+!

ZAINAB Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service is well. I had troubles will installation but called for assistance and everything was good. No problems with service thus far.

DONNA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service is great installation was fast glad I made the switch to At&t.

SCOTT Reviewed ATT Reviews

Nice fast internet service. Awesome customer service . I would recommend to everyone who needs' Internet , TV, And Home Phone. Thank you all.

DANA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Uverse is the way to go. I've tried many others internet options and providers. AT&T remains the best.

KRISTINA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I have internet hooked up which works great, was told I don't have cable service available even tho the installer said I am already wired for it and the townhouse two doors down has cable thru At&t

TRACY Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love Uverse! The installation was very quick, and my installer Landon was very professional and knowledgeable. He insured I was comfortable with my new service and encouraged me to call his cell for any problems. Thank you for your assistance and service!!

CHARLES Reviewed ATT Reviews

Excellent service. On time, courteous and knowledgeable. Just hope the service overall rates as high. Kudos!

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

The guy arrived on time and completed all the work in a neat and timely fashion. I'm very satisfied with installation.

GEORGE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Super job great work love it at&t

TIMOTHY Reviewed ATT Reviews

thank you for everything AT& T we appreciate your service and will continue to stay with AT&Tthe tech came to my home were polite and friendly and explained everything to me.

PRISCILLA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great customer service

LEAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service and great price! The employee that installed my services was friendly and efficient. I also LOVE the tech support and reminders through text! I would recommend AT&T to everyone!

KATHRYN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The technician that came to my house was friendly, knowledgable, and punctual. He explained everything, and was in and out in a timely manner. My service works great and fits all of my needs for a great price, I wouldn't go with anyone else!

MOLLY Reviewed ATT Reviews

My technician, Will, was beyond accommodating and friendly. He made an extra effort to make sure he was covering all his bases and options while trying to set up my connection, which was not easy. He walked me through what he was doing step by step and was thorough in his explanation of my service. He did an excellent job!

ANGELA Reviewed ATT Reviews

When I called and set up our service I was told I would get 6 mbps and after arriving at our new home, our internet wasn't working at all. They came over to fix it and told us they don't know why we were told we could get that plan, because in our area we can only get three. They said they lowered our plan for us, which I hope they did. I was disappointed with this but the help has always been helpful and pleasant.

EMILY J Reviewed ATT Reviews

We had great service on the phone and the installer was knowledgeable and friendly!

KYLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

We have been very pleased with the service we have received from AT&T. The tech was very personable and we haven't had any issues so far. Thanks!

STEVEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far our experience have been great with AT&T.

ALEX Reviewed ATT Reviews

Awesome service

BRIAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

internet works great! Installation took a little while longer than anticipated, however, installer was nice and helped in getting our home network set up and secure!

SARAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Wonderful service from the technician!! He went above and beyond!!!

PENNY Reviewed ATT Reviews


JOSEPH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Looking forward to my internet installation. Long lead times have me waiting almost a full month before I can get it. Also, would switch my TV service over, but all the nodes are full in my neighborhood. Hoping upgrades are coming soon!

BHAVESH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Awesome !! No complains about ATT customer service over phone this time.

SHARON C Reviewed ATT Reviews

We had a slow start with the Internet and getting techs out here. I am not real happy with the Internet, but it is all we can get. Thanks agains to the Supervisor that got the ball rolling.

ANDREW Reviewed ATT Reviews

The customer service is so friendly and they do not stop until every issue has been addressed. They even call back and follow up to ensure the service is up to where it needs to be. I am completely satisfied switching from time Warner to AT&T.

MARGO Reviewed ATT Reviews

Feeling VERY frustrated and impatient with repeated errors. I have finally found a couple of kind and patient employees to deal with problems and try to solve them..,still not solved but trying to be patient!

EDOARDO Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great customer service...just takes a really long time for the installation

JOY Reviewed ATT Reviews

My At & T internet connections keeps losing the connection and has to continuously recover whatever page I am on. The initial set up of my equipment was awesome because the tech who came out and installed everything was extremely knowledgeable and stay here to make sure that everything was up and running. The price is much better that the local cable company Time Warner.

NINO Reviewed ATT Reviews

I switched to AT&T and am very satisfied, especially with the customer service. The guys always listen to your requests and very fast to accommodate them.


it is a fast Internet it cool

KRISTEN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The installation went smoothly. The installer quickly resolved the issue when the work order did not include information for all three televisions. My only thought is that I should have gone with one of the faster internet options since I can tell a difference when streaming videos on my computer.

ANJALI Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service was excellent and on time.

SUSAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

The installer and all of the AT&T customer service and customer care associates, that I dealt with, were very pleasant and professional. It was a real pleasure to conduct business with each and every one of them (Robert, Dean, Star, Margie and Ben-installer).

GRACE Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far the internet service has been good and the customer service has been excellent. However, it was frustrating to take of work to wait for a service technician who came well after the service window. Regardless, he was very helpful and amiable while working with us.

BIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I just have used the U-verse in one week only, but I am very satisvercaion on it, not only the speed but also stable was professionalism.

ROBERT Reviewed ATT Reviews

Good service if you will take the time to understand how to use ATT's online support, chat and telephone support system. My service has been uninterrupted. The special offers are very helpful. Robert M

JANNET Reviewed ATT Reviews

There was a little miscommunication but AT&T keep in touch. They gave the best customer service that won me over! Thanks AT&T :-)