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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-866-723-8160
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Get AT&T Services | Call 1-866-723-8160

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Whether you live in a cozy apartment downtown or over the mountain in a house in Vestavia Hills, staying connected is top priority. And whether you're more inclined to watch a movie at home or catch some live music at Iron City, AT&T has you covered. U-verse TV provides Over 180 Channels, so you can watch sports or catch up on your favorite HBO series. Fast AT&T Internet speeds also make sure you never miss a moment when documenting your time out on the town.

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4G LTE data

Per one line
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185+ Channels


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Looking for an AT&T Store Near Birmingham?

Birmingham Store 9256 Parkway E Suite B, Birmingham, AL 35206

Enjoy 135 West Oxmoor Rd Ste 317, Birmingham, AL 35209

State Farm Pkwy Store 220 State Farm Pkwy Ste 104, Birmingham, AL 35209

Palomino Lane Store 2471 Palomino Lane Suite E, Birmingham, AL 35214

20th Street South Store 306 20th Street South, Birmingham, AL 35233

Trussville Store 1616 Gadsden Hwy Ste 102, Birmingham, AL 35235

Inverness Store 4700 Highway 280 East Suite 5, Birmingham, AL 35242

Summit Blvd Store 238 Summit Blvd Suite 102, Birmingham, AL 35243

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Birmingham

4.1 out of 5 stars | Based on 45 Reviews

JESSYKA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Loving my wifi and great company to do business with

TRISTAN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I've used AT&T for years and have always loved the service.

STEPHANIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Installation was on time and very professional and did not insult our computer knowledge (we could have done the install ourselves, but the option was not there for some reason-could have saved the install fee and your time...:( And the speed is not as fast as promised. But, we're used to that, so all in all, the negative only downs it by one star!

KENNETH Reviewed ATT Reviews

install and technician were great above and beyond. problem was with keeping my old number.

CODY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Had some difficulty with installation, but the technition came and helped, and he was great. Had one instance where the DSL signal wasn't being picked up, but this resolved on it's own after a few hours. A technition still came out to make sure everything was working okay on their end.

JANICE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service man who installed the new features was prompt and courteous and very helpful.... no complaints about him. But the sales woman who I talked to in order to order the new services was like a "slick talking" sales person. She talked fast and didn't listen to what I really wanted and changed my phone number and did not even tell me. I had to call back several times to get the order straight and getting to a real person about an order is almost impossible all I got was some robot. You need to improve on the sales end of your deals.

CARRIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was very please with the installation; and so far love the service.

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

2 weeks. So far, so good1

JESSICA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I'm a AT&T fan because your going to run into problems but it's the way in how they fix your problems with you in mind they put their self in the customers shoes and treat you the way they want to be treat, and that's kind and important.

GARY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Internet is really fast! I love u-verse

DEBORAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

I began requesting new service at the end of March, 2016. I was under the impression that everything was set for service to be in place today. I learned on yesterday that I had to sign up again. To my displeasure, I have made more that 5 calls to finalize new service. The last contact lasted over 2hours. my service will not be in place until 4/21. This is not a good beginning and I hope that things will improve.I am leaving one company because of bad customer service, hope that I have not error ed.

KATHERINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I had my equipment installed last week. And although I've had minor issues with the function of my equipment, the service has been friendly and prompt.

DALLIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very friendly representative who installed and a great internet for a reasonable price.

JEMMEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service was great and I like it.

SARAH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very dissatisfied with the costumer service. I had a hard time getting a hold of representatives, had calls dropped and no attempt made to reconnect, when I did manage to talk to a sales rep they were very pushy about what service I wanted to sign up for and trying to pressure me into plans that I had told the rep were not in my budget. The rates listed on the website are misleading and the accurate pricing for plans are hard to find for the least expensive plans. The only reason I am staying with AT&T is this was the only non-satellite internet available in my area.

GAIL Reviewed ATT Reviews

So good! :)

LINDSEY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very professional installation!

SYLVIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Terrific service!!! Thank you so mich!!!

RACHELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service works great, glad a made the upgrade.

SUZANNE Reviewed ATT Reviews

First customer service representative did not actually order our package but the second one was very competent. There was a delay in our set up but they attempted to accommodate us as much as possible.

JEFFERY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Its all been great nice people always on time. Friendly and well prepared and willing I answer my questions

ALEX Reviewed ATT Reviews

The install tech was fantastic, but the sales guy didn't get my order correct. Att ended up fixing it though. So it's ok, but I would suggest correcting that going forward.

ALICIA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love that I can record shows and go to another room and watch it

BRUCE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I'm not sold on the service yet. I came from Charter and had no issues, I left because they jacked up rates. I am concerned about breakdowns in ithe Internet communications so far. Also, my initial order was misplaced and set up was not connected when I was told it was. D+ graDE right now.

ELLIOT Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far, so good. Excellent customer service is a nice plus.

ACAYLA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Its great!!! The customer service is awesome!!

CURTIS Reviewed ATT Reviews

AT&T , a part of my life , on the road and off with friends and family . C.J.

ANNA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The att uverse service was a pleasant experience. I was told what all I was offered in my package as well as an estimate of my monthly payment. There were no gimmicks or surprises. The one thing I would prefer is to pick my own service date instead of waiting for an email informing me when my service date is scheduled.

PAIGE Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service I received in learning about and then setting up my AT&T U-verse service was phenomenally friendly, extremely informative, and very easy. I have no doubt the continued service will remain top notch.

JOY Reviewed ATT Reviews

Our family enjoys the freedom to access internet services literally anywhere in our home. It is fast, quick and enjoyable. Thank you AT&T for making it simple and easy.

RITA Reviewed ATT Reviews

Internet doesn't work 30% of the time and phone still isn't working. I'm going to buy a new phone today & give that a try.

JOSH Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great customer service and super fast internet speed! Thanks.

CORYE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very excellent product and customer service!

BRENDA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I was very excited about finally getting internet in my home for my granddaughter. I really thinking about disconnecting. From the word order its all bern wrong. I have bern misinformed about my order. Monthly frees and services. Very disapointed just to think I have had the same mobile number with Ma Bell, Cingular now ATT for almost 20 years. Where is this companys loyality? I think its one sided. I know u-verse, mobile phone is seperate but its all Att when the bills come. Gofiger

BRENDA Reviewed ATT Reviews

We are enjoying the internet. Now I'm saving on my phone data usage, no more overages. YEA!!!

CHRISTOPHER Reviewed ATT Reviews

" I am very happy and appreciative of the services I receive from wireless to U-verse it's awesome"

JASMINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Pleasant customer service rep. Accomplished my needs. Thanks!

KAMAYA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love everything about my att servic I just love it.

JACQUELINE Reviewed ATT Reviews

So far, I have had a great experience with my new service. U-verse has been a great switch for me!

VELVIOUS Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service is great , the tech was really helpful and friendly . I would recommend the service to everybody.

BROOKE Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love AT&T Internet, it's fast and up to date, very friendly staff

ROBERT Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service. Quick and simple, with NO HASSLE AT ALL!!!!! Couldn't wish for better.

KAREN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I wish I could have an easier password for the wireless router but other than that it seems fine.

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

Service is great I had a tricky time with customer service getting it started

SAMI Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great internet service with no interuption