How Much Do Professional Quarterbacks Make Per Hour?

Professional Quarterback Salary Breakdown

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We all know that many professional athletes live a life of luxury, but how much do they actually make for their time?

On average, each quarterback only plays roughly 11 minutes per game. With each team playing 17 games in a regular season, that’s often just a little over three hours per year of game time for thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Sign us up!

For the second year in a row, the All Home Connections team looked at NFL data to find out how much the top quarterbacks in the league made per minute of game time in 2020—and the results may have you wishing you threw on a set of shoulder pads at a young age.


To find the salary breakdown, we calculated the estimated total time played for every professional first-string quarterback for each NFL football team in the 2020 season. We calculated their number of total snaps in the regular season and playoff games and multiplied that by their offense’s average seconds per play. We then divided this by their 2020 earnings to find out how much they made per hour of playing time, which was used to find the per minute rate.

Note: Our data is based on the 2020 NFL rosters. Due to the nature of NFL transactions, select quarterbacks may have switched teams since the data was pulled.

Top 25 Highest Paid NFL Quarterbacks

Additional Salary Facts, Figures, and Statistics

  • Although Tom Brady is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, he lands on our list at #21 for income per minute of playing time. He may not be pulling in the most per minute, but he still stands strong as the top NFL earner of all time with pay totaling over $291 million across 22 seasons.
  • Jacoby Brissett was the highest ranked quarterback per minute of playing time—after playing only 22 minutes and 20 seconds in 2020, he averaged $956,975 per minute.
  • Russell Wilson is the highest paid quarterback on our list, bringing in $31 million in 2020. For his just over eight hours of game time, he made over $3.7 million per hour
  • Last on our list is Joe Burrow at $1,848 per minute. Though he may be in last place, he still pulled in $610,000 in 2020—more than seven times the annual household income of $79,900.

Aaron Rodgers played the most of any NFL quarterback in 2020 with 8 hours and 47 minutes of game time. His 2020 annual income levels out to $41,024 per minute. Even with this impressive salary, he fell from #2 in our 2020 report to #32 in this report.

First-String NFL Quarterback Wages per Minute of Game Time in 2020

Player TeamTotal Snaps (2.0)Total Season Play Time (HH:MM:SS)Team Seconds per Play2020 EarningsDollars per Minute of Play TimeDollars per Hour of Play TimeRank (Highest Paid per Minute of Play Time)
Jacoby BrissettINDIndianapolis Colts480:22:2027.92$21,375,000$956,975$57,418,5171
Easton StickLACLos Angeles Chargers20:00:5326.53$744,391$841,754$50,505,2322
Matt SchaubATLAtlanta Falcons90:03:5726.32$2,375,000$601,570$36,094,2253
Case KeenumCLECleveland Browns150:07:0628.4$2,833,333$399,061$23,943,6594
Marcus MariotaLVLas Vegas Raiders650:30:4328.35$9,125,000$297,110$17,826,6185
Tyrod TaylorLACLos Angeles Chargers750:33:1026.53$7,500,000$226,159$13,569,5446
Nate SudfeldPHIPhiladelphia Eagles180:07:4625.91$1,690,000$217,419$13,045,1567
Joshua DobbsPITPittsburgh Steelers90:04:0927.72$825,000$198,413$11,904,7628
Nathan PetermanLVLas Vegas Raiders110:05:1228.35$1,000,000$192,400$11,544,0129
Jameis WinstonNONew Orleans Saints540:24:5727.72$2,860,000$114,638$6,878,30710
Alex SmithWASWashington Football Team4593:22:5326.52$21,400,000$105,482$6,328,92711
Geno SmithSEASeattle Seahawks180:08:2528.07$887,500$105,391$6,323,47712
Matt BarkleyBUFBuffalo Bills530:25:1828.65$2,025,000$80,016$4,800,94813
David BloughDETDetroit Lions150:06:3526.32$476,472$72,412$4,344,72914
Drew BreesNONew Orleans Saints7175:31:1527.72$23,650,000$71,395$4,283,72215
Chase DanielDETDetroit Lions650:28:3126.32$2,000,000$70,143$4,208,55716
Logan WoodsideTENTennessee Titans210:09:0625.99$610,000$67,059$4,023,52617
Tim BoyleGBGreen Bay Packers220:11:2431.09$752,000$65,967$3,958,01018
Russell WilsonSEASeattle Seahawks10478:09:4928.07$31,000,000$63,288$3,797,30219
Jared GoffLARLos Angeles Rams10478:01:5827.62$28,842,682$59,843$3,590,60620
Tom BradyTBTampa Bay Buccaneers10257:32:3226.49$25,000,000$55,244$3,314,64221
Carson WentzPHIPhiladelphia Eagles8085:48:5525.91$18,656,536$53,469$3,208,15122
Philip RiversINDIndianapolis Colts10448:05:4827.92$25,000,000$51,461$3,087,64023
Ben RoethlisbergerPITPittsburgh Steelers10107:46:3727.72$23,750,000$50,898$3,053,87724
Matthew StaffordDETDetroit Lions9697:05:0426.32$21,300,000$50,110$3,006,57825
Ryan TannehillTENTennessee Titans10517:35:1525.99$22,500,000$49,423$2,965,35026
Chris StrevelerARIArizona Cardinals300:12:3225.06$610,000$48,683$2,920,99027
Chad HenneKCKansa City Chiefs750:33:4927.05$1,625,000$48,059$2,883,54928
Derek CarrLVLas Vegas Raiders10067:55:2028.35$21,500,000$45,231$2,713,87529
Kirk CousinsMINMinnesota Vikings10828:18:4827.66$21,000,000$42,101$2,526,05230
Aaron RodgersGBGreen Bay Packers10188:47:3031.09$21,642,000$41,028$2,461,67931
Blaine GabbertTBTampa Bay Buccaneers490:21:3826.49$887,500$41,024$2,461,46032
Matt RyanATLAtlanta Falcons11138:08:1426.32$18,962,500$38,839$2,330,32833
Mitchell TrubiskyCHIChicago Bears5704:18:3027.21$9,327,591$36,084$2,165,05334
Ryan FitzpatrickMIAMiami Dolphins4963:48:2027.62$8,000,000$35,038$2,102,26335
Jeff DriskelDENDenver Broncos1150:50:0526.13$1,750,000$34,942$2,096,54136
Colt McCoyNYGNew York Giants1451:06:2227.46$2,250,000$33,905$2,034,30737
Brian HoyerNENew England Patriots500:24:0228.83$750,000$31,217$1,873,04938
Teddy BridgewaterCARCarolina Panthers9297:27:2828.9$13,953,125$31,182$1,870,94239
Nick FolesCHIChicago Bears4963:44:5627.21$6,666,666$29,638$1,778,28340
Mason RudolphPITPittsburgh Steelers790:36:3027.72$1,069,620$29,306$1,758,37641
Sam DarnoldNYJNew York Jets7395:43:3827.9$8,339,374$24,268$1,456,08742
Deshaun WatsonHOUHouston Texans9787:20:0627$9,808,207$22,286$1,337,17943
Taysom HillNONew Orleans Saints4723:38:0427.72$4,841,000$22,200$1,331,99444
Tua TagovailoaMIAMiami Dolphins5724:23:1927.62$5,504,625$20,905$1,254,32645
Ryan FinleyCINCincinnati Bengals900:41:5427.93$872,414$20,824$1,249,42946
Jarrett StidhamNENew England Patriots850:40:5128.83$834,028$20,421$1,225,23547
John WolfordLARLos Angeles Rams730:33:3627.62$685,000$20,384$1,223,05748
Garrett GilbertDALDallas Cowboys720:28:1823.59$529,411$18,702$1,122,10949
Baker MayfieldCLECleveland Browns10468:15:0628.4$9,003,540$18,185$1,091,10350
Kyler MurrayARIArizona Cardinals11037:40:4125.06$8,080,601$17,540$1,052,42151
Ben DiNucciDALDallas Cowboys940:36:5723.59$633,787$17,149$1,028,94052
Brett RypienDENDenver Broncos830:36:0926.13$595,590$16,477$988,62753
Daniel JonesNYGNew York Giants8686:37:1527.46$5,922,740$14,909$894,55154
P.J. WalkerCARCarolina Panthers1070:51:3228.9$685,000$13,291$797,46555
C.J. BeathardSFSan Francisco 49ers1861:25:5627.72$1,122,751$13,066$783,93556
Andy DaltonDALDallas Cowboys6194:03:2223.59$3,000,000$12,327$739,61457
Taylor HeinickeWASWashington Football Team250:11:0326.52$132,354$11,978$718,66458
Josh AllenBUFBuffalo Bills10358:14:1328.65$5,867,191$11,872$712,30859
Patrick MahomesKCKansa City Chiefs10277:43:0027.05$5,346,508$11,547$692,84360
Joe FlaccoNYJNew York Jets2501:56:1527.9$1,275,000$10,968$658,06561
Justin HerbertLACLos Angeles Chargers10968:04:3726.53$4,832,501$9,972$598,31162
Mike GlennonJAXJaxsonville Jaguars2882:05:4026.18$1,161,719$9,245$554,67963
Jake LutonJAXJaxsonville Jaguars1911:23:2026.18$655,437$7,865$471,87964
Jalen HurtsPHIPhiladelphia Eagles3342:24:1425.91$1,095,486$7,595$455,71765
Dwayne HaskinsWASWashington Football Team4293:09:3726.52$1,150,301$6,066$363,98566
Lamar JacksonBALBaltimore Ravens9177:31:5629.57$2,583,176$5,716$342,95467
Drew LockDENDenver Broncos8346:03:1226.13$1,593,368$4,387$263,21768
Gardner Minshew IIJAXJaxsonville Jaguars5584:03:2826.18$897,721$3,687$221,22869
Cam NewtonNENew England Patriots8767:00:5528.83$1,137,500$2,702$162,14670
Brandon AllenCINCincinnati Bengals2772:08:5727.93$339,703$2,635$158,07171
Joe BurrowCINCincinnati Bengals7095:30:0227.93$610,000$1,848$110,89672

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