The Most-Googled “Should I” Question in Your State

Nowadays, everyone relies on Google. Don’t know how to change a tire? Skip the car shop. Can’t remember that recipe for that one meal you made at that one place that one time? Ditch the cookbook. You don’t need either—you can ask the magic crystal ball that is Google.

Google has become more than just your above-average, billion-dollar search engine. People around the globe use it, web trotters of all ages rely on it, and we all drop it casually as a verb.

But we turn to it for more than just top tricks and how-to’s. People turn to good ol’ Google for advice on making major life decisions. Should you break up with your boyfriend? How do you start saving for retirement? Google tracks a million and one answers to our million and one questions.

For the second year in a row, our team at All Home Connections pulled data on Google Trends to see each state’s top Google searches for “should I” questions (e.g., Should I move? Should I break up with my boyfriend?). What’s the most googled “should I” question in your state?

Californians are wondering if they should shave their heads or not. More than one person in Ohio is asking Google if they should quit their job. Read on to see what your state’s “should I” question is.

Most Googled questions by state in America

Top Searches 

  • 11 states googled “Should I move,” more than any other question. In 2017, around 32 million people in the US moved. 31 million of those people moved within the US. 26 million stayed within their same state.



  • Arkansas and Wisconsin seem concerned about catching the flu—for good reason. Last year, Arkansas and Wisconsin were some of the last states to get the flu, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. If you came out of flu season unscathed, in Arkansas and Wisconsin, you could still be at risk.  


  • Idaho, Alaska, North Dakota, and Vermont all made the top ten list of states that down the most alcohol per capita. North Dakota is the highest of the group, ranking at fourth in the nation for alcohol consumption. Healthy People 2020, a government initiative, sets the healthy drinking amount at 2.1 gallons per year, and North Dakotans drink 3.26 gallons of alcohol per year.


  • People in Pennsylvania wonder if they should break up with their boyfriend. PA is a top state for singles, so if googlers did break up with their SO, they’d be in good company. 


  • Illinois was the only state that posed the question, “should I take probiotics.” Illinois has been known for its gnarly flu outbreaks, and since probiotics help prevent certain illnesses, Illinoisans might be taking preemptive measures to stay healthy. 


  • Alabama, Louisiana, and Missouri—states wondering if they should diet—all have an above-average obesity rate. In fact, the three states have some of the highest obesity rates in the nation.


  • New York and Massachusetts wonder if they should lease instead of buy. As two states with some of the highest rents in the country, it’s easy to see why. In New York City alone, rent averages $3,514 per month. Boston’s livability rate isn’t much better—the two cities’ rent rates are neck and neck.  



We looked at each state’s search volume on fifteen of the most googled “Should I…” questions to see what each state has questions about. 

State"Should I" Query
Alabamashould i diet
Alaskashould i drink
Arizonashould i buy a house
Arkansasshould i get a flu shot
Californiashould i shave my head
Connecticutshould i care
Delawareshould i care
District of Columbiashould i care
Floridashould i join the military
Georgiashould i text him
Hawaiishould i move
Idahoshould i drink
Illinoisshould i take probiotics
Indianashould i diet
Iowashould i fast
Kansasshould i drink
Kentuckyshould i fast
Louisianashould i diet
Maineshould i move
Marylandshould i fast
Massachusettsshould i lease
Michiganshould i care
Minnesotashould i care
Mississippishould i move
Missourishould i diet
Montanashould i move
Nebraskashould i fast
Nevadashould i fast
New Hampshireshould i move
New Jerseyshould i lease
New Mexicoshould i care
New Yorkshould i lease
North Carolinashould i move
North Dakotashould i drink
Ohioshould i quit my job
Oklahomashould i move
Oregonshould i move
Pennsylvaniashould i break up with my boyfriend
Rhode Islandshould i move
South Carolinashould i move
South Dakotashould i drink
Tennesseeshould i buy a house
Texasshould i join the military
Utahshould i diet
Vermontshould i drink
Virginiashould i cut my hair
Washingtonshould i quit my job
West Virginiashould i move
Wisconsinshould i get a flu shot
Wyomingshould i drink

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