The Most-Googled “Should I” Question in Your State

We Google everything—hilarious, private, embarrassing, painfully obvious questions at all hours of the day, all week long. Fortunately for us, no one can track our Google search history. Except Google Trends, of course.

We at All Home Connections took the liberty of using Google Trends to look up your state’s most-asked “should I” questions. We found that most states are curious about health, appearance, life decisions, and whether or not they should care. Curious what your state is asking? Read on to find out.

All Home Connects Most-Googled "Should I" Question State Map

The Top Questions

If you’re asking Google what you should or shouldn’t do, you probably already know the answer. “Should I vote” was the most-popular question in seven states, which isn’t surprising, given the exciting races in many areas. Indiana and Michigan, on the other hand, are more concerned with the other four-letter v-word: vape.

Forget “Virginia is for lovers.” According to our data, Virginia is for nap-takers! And we salute them. While Virginians sleep, multiple states decide on big life decisions. “Should I have a baby?” Pennsylvanians want to know. Maryland residents ponder buying a house. And young adults from Connecticut ask Google if they should go to college (fun fact: 73.4% of high schoolers in Connecticut decide to pursue higher education).

Minnesota, on average, has the highest credit score of any state. So it makes sense that they’d be interested in freezing their credit and keeping identity thieves at bay. And considering that Lamassu (a company that makes bitcoin ATMS) is located in New Hampshire, buying bitcoin is a relevant topic there.

People from Idaho, Maine, New Mexico, Oregon, and West Virginia ask themselves, “should I care?” All while Floridians, Georgians, and New Yorkers agonize over whether they should text him (whoever he is), and Texans debate about apologizing. And with all that good ol’ southern cooking, residents of Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi wonder if they should lose weight.

Whether you’re considering if you should cut your hair, take vitamins, delete Facebook, or break up with your boyfriend, Google has your back with all the answers.


Using Google autocomplete, we looked at over 100 of the most popular Google search queries that start with the phrase “Should I…”. From there, we found the most distinct search for every state using Google trends data from the past year.  

Here are the “Should I” questions from the map above, broken down by category:


  • Should I take vitamins (Alabama)
  • Should I lose weight (Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Wisconsin)
  • Should I diet (Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee)
  • Should I fast (Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska)
  • Should I cut my hair (Arizona, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio)
  • Should I nap (Virginia)
  • Should I vape (Indiana, Michigan)


  • Should I freeze my credit (Minnesota)
  • Should I buy bitcoin (Nevada, New Hampshire, Rhode Island)
  • Should I delete facebook (Washington)
  • Should I update to ios 12 (Massachusetts)

Life Decisions

  • Should I move (Colorado, Hawaii, South Carolina, Utah)
  • Should I move out (California)
  • Should I buy a house (Maryland)
  • Should I go to college (Connecticut)
  • Should I have a baby (Pennsylvania)


  • Should I apologize (Texas)
  • Should I break up with my boyfriend (Illinois)
  • Should I text him (Florida, Georgia, New York)
  • Should I care (Idaho, Maine, New Mexico, Oregon, West Virginia)
  • Should I vote (Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming)

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