The Most Googled “Should I…” Questions of 2021

Every year, millions of Americans turn to Google to ask some of life’s most challenging questions. Whether they’re searching for medical advice online—which we wouldn’t recommend—or finding out which internet speed is the fastest for their lifestyle, Americans want answers, and they want them now. So, for the fourth year in a row, All Home Connections found out which “Should I…” inquiries were the most searched in 2021.

With people looking to hit the open road again, asking about quarantining wasn’t a huge concern this time around. In fact, people in 14 states wanted to know if they should buy a new vehicle. Skyrocketing used car prices and a microchip shortage for new cars made people wonder if getting into a new ride was worth the risk. “Should I buy a house” was mainly on the mind of eight states due to the massive drop in interest rates for homes. Want to know what the majority of your state was asking Google? You should check the map out!

The Most Googled “Should I…” Questions of 2021

Should we tell you what our interesting findings were?

  • “Should I buy a car?” Vehicle or no vehicle, 14 states were wondering if they should buy a new car in this new climate. With dealerships offering 30% more for a trade-in than a year ago due to a microchip car shortage, it’s little wonder why people coast to coast were asking if this was the year to buy a vehicle.
  • “Should I buy a house?” From Rhode Island down to South Carolina, eight states wondered if they should buy their new forever home. After a year where people were stuck inside for the better part of 2020, some were anxious for an upgrade. Unfortunately, the housing market skyrocketed during the pandemic, making buying a home more difficult for the average American.
  • “Should I cut/dye my hair?” New year, new you, right? Eleven states were wondering if they should either cut or dye their hair this year (six to cut, five to dye). If you think that’s radical, four other states were asking for a more permanent change: “Should I get a tattoo?”
  • “Should I have a baby? Should I get a dog?” After a year where people were either bored by themselves or bored with each other while stuck at home, it looks as though some sought extra companionship. Five states asked if they should have a baby, while four other states asked if they should get a dog. Speaking of companionship, Alabama, Louisiana, and Washington were all wondering if they should “text him back.” We don’t know who this “him” is, but if he hasn’t texted you yet, maybe you shouldn’t waste your time.
StateShould I...
AlabamaShould I text him
AlaskaShould I have a baby
ArizonaShould I buy a car
ArkansasShould I buy a car
CaliforniaShould I buy a car
ColoradoShould I buy a car
ConnecticutShould I buy a house
DelawareShould I get a tattoo
District of ColumbiaShould I buy a house
FloridaShould I buy a car
GeorgiaShould I buy a car
HawaiiShould I have a baby
IdahoShould I get a tattoo
IllinoisShould I buy a car
IndianaShould I cut my hair
IowaShould I dye my hair
KansasShould I go to college
KentuckyShould I get a dog
LouisianaShould I text him
MaineShould I buy a house
MarylandShould I buy a car
MassachusettsShould I buy a car
MichiganShould I get a dog
MinnesotaShould I cut my hair
MississippiShould I have a baby
MissouriShould I get a dog
MontanaShould I dye my hair
NebraskaShould I got to college
NevadaShould I get a dog
New HampshireShould I get a tattoo
New Jerseyshould I buy a house
New MexicoShould I have a baby
New YorkShould I buy a car
North CarolinaShould I buy a car
North DakotaShould I dye my hair
OhioShould I buy a house
OklahomaShould I dye my hair
OregonShould I cut my hair
PennsylvaniaShould I buy a car
Rhode IslandShould I buy a house
South CarolinaShould I buy a house
South DakotaShould I dye my hair
TennesseeShould I buy a house
TexasShould I buy a car
UtahShould I cut my hair
VermontShould I cut my hair
VirginiaShould I buy a car
WashingtonShould I text him
West VirginiaShould I get a tattoo
WisconsinShould I cut my hair
WyomingShould I have a baby


We looked at the search volume for 13 of the most googled “Should I…” questions from each state in the past year. These 13 questions were chosen based on data from SEMRush, AHRefs, and Ask the People.

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