Geekiest States of America

If you’ve ever LARPed in the park, chased Pikachu with herds of strangers playing Pokémon Go, or watched every episode of Star Wars in Machete Order, congratulations: you’re one of the many geeks across the United States.

But just how nerdy is your home state? Several key factors determine “nerdiness”: the number of pop culture conventions and comic book stores per capita, access to high speed internet, and interest in Star Trek, Magic the Gathering, Game of Thrones, and other popular “Geek Culture”.

If you feel like where you live is especially weird, your state might just be one of the nerdiest in America. And if you can’t beat ‘em, it might be time to join ‘em.

Geekiest States Map

Most Nerdy States

The top five nerdiest states and their favorite fandoms rank high across the board for access to internet, interest in geek culture, and multiple nerd retailer stores and conventions: 

  • New Hampshire—Game of Thrones
  • Vermont—Magic the Gathering
  • Maine—Magic the Gathering
  • Alaska—Warhammer 40,000
  • Montana—Star Trek

These are the states we predict you’ll find full on quidditch battles in your local park, daily D&D marathons, and people who spend more on Cosplay than Christmas.

New Hampshire topped our list overall as the nerdiest state, and they can’t get enough of Game of Thrones. Curious to know what all the hype is about? Catch up on all latest episodes on DIRECTV (and fair warning, don’t get too attached to any of the characters).

Perhaps because there are more salmon in the state than people, Alaska is a nerd haven. Star Trek, Star Wars, Magic the Gathering, Anime, Game of Thrones—you name it, Alaskans are into it. The East Coast ranks high as well, and with so many Ivy League schools, that’s hardly surprising.

Least Nerdy States

The least nerdy states are primarily in the South, although many residents seem to have a secret penchant for Anime:

With a lack of conventions and local places to get your comic book fix, residents in these states might have to turn to the internet. Unfortunately, even high speed internet is scarce in these southern states.

If you insist on wearing your invisibility cloak in public, we recommend you avoid the deep South if you’d rather not be punched in the face.

How’d We get Our Data?

To determine how states are ranked, our team at All Home Connections compared each state by three key factors and their relevant metrics:

  • Geeky Interest Rank—interest in Anime, Cosplay, Lord of the Rings, Magic the Gathering, Harry Potter, etc.
  • Nerd Retailer Rank# of pop culture conventions, video game retailers, comic book stores, and tabletop game stores per capita
  • High Speed Internet Rank—% of households with internet access

We then combined each indicator and weighted each metric to reach the overall score to determine which nerd states reign supreme.

Wherever you’re from, live long and prosper, nerdy friends. And may the force be with you.

Full Ranked List With Most Popular Fandom

  1. New Hampshire – Game of Thrones
  2. Vermont – Magic the Gathering
  3. Maine – Magic the Gathering
  4. Alaska – Warhammer 40,000
  5. Montana – Star Trek
  6. North Dakota – Star Trek
  7. Rhode Island – Game of Thrones
  8. Washington – Star Trek
  9. Wyoming – Magic the Gathering
  10. Idaho – Star Trek
  11. Nevada – Harry Potter
  12. Utah – Lord of the Rings
  13. Ohio – Game of Thrones
  14. Connecticut – Game of Thrones
  15. Oregon – Star Trek
  16. West Virginia – Cosplay
  17. Delaware – Game of Thrones
  18. Hawaii – Star Wars
  19. New Mexico – Star Trek
  20. Kentucky – Cosplay
  21. Colorado – Star Trek
  22. Maryland – Game of Thrones
  23. Indiana – Star Trek
  24. Oklahoma – Star Trek
  25. Massachusetts – Game of Thrones
  26. Virginia – Game of Thrones
  27. Missouri – Star Trek
  28. South Dakota – Magic the Gathering
  29. Iowa – Magic the Gathering
  30. Nebraska – Star Wars
  31. Pennsylvania – Game of Thrones
  32. Kansas – Anime
  33. Illinois – Game of Thrones
  34. Wisconsin – Game of Thrones
  35. Michigan – Star Trek
  36. Arkansas – Anime
  37. New Jersey – Game of Thrones
  38. Alabama – Anime
  39. Arizona – Cosplay
  40. California – Anime
  41. Minnesota – Game of Thrones
  42. Tennessee – Cosplay
  43. Texas – Cosplay
  44. Florida – Cosplay
  45. New York – Game of Thrones
  46. Louisiana – Anime
  47. Georgia – Anime
  48. North Carolina – Game of Thrones
  49. South Carolina – Anime
  50. Mississippi – Anime

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