How Do I Install My AT&T TV? DIY Set Up, Made Easy

AT&T TV Installation

With 40,000 On Demand titles, access to numerous live TV channels, and thousands of streaming applications to watch, the last thing you have time for is a complicated installation process. Lucky for you (and our customer support team), your newly purchased AT&T TV was specially designed for user-friendly installation. We like to think of this less as a “Do It Yourself” guide and more of an “Oh It’s Ready?” guide.

After gathering your AT&T TV, AT&T TV remote, TV, and any stream-worthy snacks, take a look at our handy guide below to make installation (even more) quick and painless.

Installation 101: Don’t Eat the Packing Peanuts

From unboxing to syncing your AT&T TV remote, here’s how to self-install your new AT&T TV in under fifteen minutes.

  1. Unbox your AT&T TV device. Inside you’ll find a power supply cable, HDMI cable, and AT&T TV remote.  
  2. Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the AT&T TV device and the other end into your TV. If your TV has multiple HDMI ports, remember which port number you use.
  3. Insert the power supply cable into the AT&T TV device and plug the other end into a wall outlet. A red light will now begin blinking on the device.
  4. Turn on your TV. Using the “Input” or “Source” button on your TV’s remote, toggle your device’s settings to the correct HDMI input.
  5. Remove the battery tag at the back of the AT&T TV remote. Use this to follow the upcoming menu prompts.

Follow Your Heart (or Maybe Just the On-Screen Prompts)

Follow these easy on-screen steps after completing the steps listed above.

  1. Pair your device and AT&T TV remote. Hold the “Fast Forward” and “Rewind” buttons simultaneously for three seconds on your AT&T TV remote while pointing it at your AT&T TV device. Check the screen to confirm that the remote paired successfully.
  2. Choose your internet source
    • Wired (ethernet): Connect one end of an ethernet cable (not provided) into the ethernet port on your AT&T TV device, and the other end to an ethernet jack. This will connect your device to your home internet automatically.
    • Wi-Fi: Select your preferred Wi-Fi network and enter the password when prompted.
      1. Note: Your device may reboot after connecting to the internet if updates need to be installed. 
  3. Sign in. Enter your user ID and password. Go here if you forget your login information.
  4. Review and accept Terms and Conditions. Read the fine print and click “Accept” when you finish—you know the drill.
  5. Select the appropriate room location. Select the room where your AT&T TV is now installed. You can choose from presets such as “Living Room” or “Kids’ Room,” or create your own custom location. The room location will be set as the hub of your in-home network, meaning this location will be associated as your home Wi-Fi network. The home Wi-Fi network can be changed four times a year, simply by re-installing your AT&T TV device. 
  6. Enter Google ID and password, if applicable. If you decide to make your password “password,” retry step six of this guide.

Turn Up or Wind Down with Remote-Controlled Audio

You can program your AT&T TV remote to control your television audio or third-party sound bars.

  1. Begin by selecting “Settings” then “System” on your AT&T TV.
  2. Select “Remote & Devices” then “Program Your Remote.”
  3. Choose your TV manufacturer or the device name of your sound bar.
  4. Follow the remaining prompts.

Save More Time for Binge-Watching with Your Voice-Controlled Remote

With the Google Assistant AT&T TV remote, you can undercut menu searching and channel flipping with just the sound of your voice.

  1. Press the button with a microphone icon on the remote.
  2. Wait for blue lights to appear on the remote.
  3. Say what you want to do into the remote:
    • Record a show (“Record Mr. Mercedes”)
    • Turn captions on or off (“Turn on subtitles for Love Island”)
    • Watch something on Netflix (“Play Stranger Things”)
    • Watch a channel or show (“Play Loudermilk”)
    • Play music on Pandora (“Play 90’s radio on Pandora”)

For more information about AT&T TV installation, check out our detailed installation guide or contact customer service for additional troubleshooting tips. Check out our entertainment package page for detailed pricing information on the AT&T TV.

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