Hey Google and AT&T TV: a Match Made in Heaven

Hey Google and AT&T TV: a Match Made in Heaven Hero image

Hey Google (formerly “Google Assistant” or “Google Voice”) is every introvert and multi-tasker’s dream. Now you can dim the lights, adjust the temperature, change the channel, lock the front door, and check your calendar—all without leaving the couch. One great way to take advantage of all Hey Google has to offer is with an AT&T TV plan.

AT&T TV was designed to simplify your life. Instead of fumbling around for multiple remotes and constantly changing inputs, Hey Google allows you to do everything with just a button and the sound of your voice. 

Google login required. Google is a trademark of Google LLC

What Can Hey Google Do?

The better question is—what can’t Hey Google do? Think of Hey Google like your new favorite personal assistant. It’s there to help with all your entertainment, personal, and smart-device needs. 


With just the touch of a button, Hey Google lets you change the channel, find out what a movie or show is all about, turn on closed captions, record shows, and open Netflix (and 5,000+ other apps). You can also fast forward, rewind, and pause your show, control your speakers, change the volume, and play a game on Xbox.

Personal Assistant

Now you can link your personal Google account to Hey Google to keep up with your personal life. Check your calendar, look up directions, check the weather, or get the answer to that math question you’re trying to figure out for your kid’s homework.

Smart Devices

Nothing says “I’m winning at life” more than never getting up from your couch to dim the lights or turn them off, change the temperature, check your home security cameras, lock the front door, or even start the vacuum. It’s the little things—but they add up. And you deserve to take it easy.

For a full list of smart home capabilities, check out this page.

How do I Set Up Hey Google with AT&T TV?

Setting up Hey Google with AT&T TV is easy. First, you need to have both a Google account and AT&T TV account. If you don’t already have a Google account, you can make one here. Having your own account will allow you to customize your experience and save your preferred settings.

Now that you’re signed into your Google account, do the following: 

  1. Locate and press the MIC button on your remote and ask any question.
  2. Look on your TV screen and select “Activate Your Google Assistant.”
  3. Read all the data privacy information and disclosures.
  4. Select “Allow” to activate Hey Google.
  5. Check out this page if you’re having any trouble with your Google account.

Since you’re synced with Google, you can even check what’s on your calendar, get directions, and set reminders.

If you want to sync your other smart home devices (such as your thermostat) to Hey Google, just download the Google Home app onto your smartphone or tablet. You can download the Google Home app on the Apple App store or Google Play.

Google and Google Play are trademarks of Google LLC.

Once you’ve downloaded the Google Home app, tap “Settings” and you can add or remove all your smart home devices. From there, just press the Mic button on your remote, wait for the blue light, and as soon as you see the Hey Google logo pop up on your TV screen, you’re ready to go. Dim the lights, change the temperature, and even double-check that your front door is locked.

If you need additional help troubleshooting anything with Hey Google or getting started, call 855-596-3164 and an AT&T TV expert will help you.

I Want In—How Do I Order Hey Google?

If Hey Google sounds like your cup of tea, all you need is an AT&T TV account and you’ll be set. 

Check out this page to choose the perfect AT&T TV package for you, and discover everything you need to know. 

Or, fill out the form below or call 855-596-3164 to get started right away. Simply enter your information to check availability in your area, and an AT&T TV agent will answer all your questions and help you hit the ground running.

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