Your Guide to the AT&T TV Cloud DVR

In a perfect world, you could lounge around in your pajamas all day and watch your favorite shows at leisure. But let’s face it—life gets busy, and there just isn’t always enough time in the day. Therein lies the beauty of the AT&T TV Cloud DVR. You can record and store up to 500 hours of live TV so you can watch what you want on your terms. 

All you need is an AT&T TV or AT&T TV NOW plan and you’ll be ready to schedule new recordings, manage old ones, fast forward and rewind shows, and even watch on the go on your mobile device.

Your Guide to the AT&T TV Cloud DVR

What Makes the AT&T Cloud DVR so Great?

The #1 reason why you’ll love the Cloud DVR is that it eliminates recording conflicts for good. You can schedule recordings for future shows, record live programming, and store up to 500 hours of entertainment. You can even use Hey Google on your voice remote to record a show you don’t have time to finish, or to manage your existing recordings.

If you live in a busy household with multiple shows airing at the same time, or you just can’t choose what to watch, there’s no need to stress. You get unlimited simultaneous recordings which you can play anytime within 90 days with an AT&T TV plan, and 30 days with AT&T TV NOW. You’ll even get a warning seven days before a show expires, so you can make sure you watch it before then.

What Makes the AT&T Cloud DVR so Great?

Since all your recordings are stored in the cloud, you can stream your favorites on your tablet or phone whenever you have downtime. If you love your local newscaster, you can also record local programs and watch them on your next trip to keep tabs on everything going on at home.

The only thing you can’t currently do with the Cloud DVR is purchase additional storage, but scheduling and managing recordings is simple. Use Hey Google on your voice remote to start or stop a recording, or go to “My Library” to delete old recordings and make room for new ones. You can also select “Upcoming Recordings” to see what you have scheduled and make sure everything is up to date. 

How to Record, Store, and Delete Entertainment

The AT&T TV and AT&T TV NOW Cloud DVR function virtually the same across a wide variety of devices. Both services allow you to store up to 500 hours of entertainment, record unlimited simultaneous recordings until you fill up your storage, and schedule shows on one device and watch them on another.

To schedule a recording on your AT&T TV device:

  • Press the mic button on your AT&T TV remote and tell Hey Google to record a show.
  • Or, hold down “…” on your AT&T TV remote, then “Ok” to record once, or “Record Series.”
  • Select “List” to view all your recorded titles on your DVR playlist. 

For more steps on how to schedule recordings on your mobile device or computer, Apple TV or Samsung TV, or Amazon Fire TV or Roku, check out this support article

To record titles airing later:

How to Record, Store, and Delete Entertainment
  • Go to “Guide” on “AT&T TV.”
  • Find your favorite shows and select “REC” to add one title or a series to your DVR recordings.
  • Choose “All Episodes” or “New Episodes” when applicable.

To watch a recording: 

  • Press the “List” button on your AT&T TV remote to view all your recorded shows and choose what to watch. 
  • Select “My Library” or “Upcoming Recordings” to view all scheduled recordings. 
  • Use your voice and Hey Google to watch a recorded show from your library. 

To delete recordings:

  • Go to “My Library,” view all the recordings on your list, and select all the titles you want to remove. 

You can also remove recordings directly on the AT&T TV app, a web browser, or during video playback. 

So, the next time you’re waiting in line, commuting to work, or at the gym, all your saved entertainment can be ready and waiting with a Cloud DVR from AT&T. You can fast-forward and rewind your recordings—you even have the power to skip commercials. An AT&T TV Cloud DVR is your one-stop entertainment solution to watch your favorite entertainment whenever, wherever. 

Ready for Cloud DVR storage in your life? Choose the perfect AT&T TV plan for your household, and you’ll be ready to roll. 

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