Your State’s Most Popular Wellness App

2019 is going to be your year. Maybe you’ve decided on some New Year’s resolutions—an annual gym membership or making time for morning meditation. But let’s face it, sticking to a New Year’s Resolution is difficult. In fact, nearly 80% of  resolutions fail by February.

But the “new year, new you” mentality holds strong, and apps and the internet have made it easier than ever to keep your resolutions and achieve year-long success. Whether you’re focusing on saving money, staying healthy, or improving your mental health and wellness, there’s an app for that.

We at All Home Connections researched each state’s favorite wellness app to assist in your journey of self-improvement. Check the full list to see what wellness app your state swears by.

Interesting Findings

We broke down the wellness app results into three categories: physical health apps, nutrition apps, and other apps.

Physical health apps take the cake (but only in moderation), with 27 states getting their fit on. Residents from New Mexico to New Hampshire are lifting, burning, running, and stepping. Fitbit has eight states to thank for contributing to its 1,480,356 trips around the world.

Calm is the coastal states wellness app of choice. Maybe it’s the notoriously long commute times, high-priced housing, or exorbitant work hours, but it seems like seaside dwellers need a dose of mindfulness.

For everyone else, nutrition is top of mind. MyFitnessPal boasts 6 million foods in its database—if you’re eating it, they have it. Tracking food, exercise, and setting goals, is the name of the game in nine states.

Our Methodology

We compiled a list of the top nine free health and fitness apps featured on both the iTunes and GooglePlay stores, then used Google Trends from the past year to determine the search volume for each app by state.

Your State’s Most Popular Wellness App

State App
Alabama Sweatcoin
Alaska MyFitnessPal
Arizona ManFIT
Arkansas Sweatcoin
California Calm
Colorado 30 Day Fitness Challenge
Connecticut Calm
Delaware Fitbit
Florida Relax Music
Georgia Sweatcoin
Hawaii Sweatcoin
Idaho Fitbit
Illinois BetterMe
Indiana Fat Burning Workout
Iowa 30 Day Fitness Challenge
Kansas MyFitnessPal
Kentucky Calm
Louisiana 30 Day Fitness Challenge
Maine MyFitnessPal
Maryland Calm
Massachusetts Calm
Michigan Fat Burning Workout
Minnesota Lose It!
Mississippi Sweatcoin
Missouri Lose It!
Montana Fitbit
Nebraska Fat Burning Workout
Nevada Sweatcoin
New Hampshire Fitbit
New Jersey Fat Burning Workout
New Mexico MyFitnessPal
New York Calm
North Carolina Flo
North Dakota Fitbit
Ohio Lose It!
Oklahoma 30 Day Fitness Challenge
Oregon Calm
Pennsylvania Lose It!
Rhode Island Calm
South Carolina Sweatcoin
South Dakota Fitbit
Tennessee ManFIT
Texas BetterMe
Utah ManFIT
Vermont MyFitnessPal
Virginia Lose It!
Washington Lose It!
West Virginia Fitbit
Wisconsin Fitbit
Wyoming MyFitnessPal

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