The Most Popular Halloween Costume in Your State

Thanks to COVID-19, this Halloween will likely look a little different. But that doesn’t mean kids and adults alike won’t seize the opportunity to play dress-up—it just means you may have to get creative. Believe it or not, Americans are projected to stock up on more Halloween candy this year than 2019.

So whether you hand-stitch your costume from scratch months in advance or scramble to whip something together at the last minute, the team at All Home Connections found the most popular Halloween costume in your state. Some of the class favorites require some sort of head mask or face covering (Spider-Man leads the charge), while the least popular costumes (angels, Stephen King’s Pennywise, and Superman) don’t. 

In most years, statewide costume favorites are predictable (think Hawaii and mermaids), but in true 2020 spirit, this year has surprised us (with Hawaiians opting for Harley Quinn instead). 

Whether your MO this year is to stay safe, blend in with the crowd, or avoid donning the same getup as the rest of your Zoom party, now you can know which costumes to choose—and which to avoid.


The breakdown

All Home Connections analyzed Google’s trending Halloween costume list on top costumes to find the projected outcome of 2020’s most popular costumes.

Freaky facts 

  • All the usual suspects are set to trick-or-treat this Hallow’s Eve: pirates, clowns, angels, and princesses. Oddly enough, none of these costumes include a face covering by design, so either Americans are feeling brave or they’re getting inventive. 
  • Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, and Mississippi are all landlocked states, yet they’re due to invest in pirate attire come October 31. Maybe it’s because these states play host to many well-known rivers and lakes (Lake Mead, the Mississippi River, the Colorado River, and Lake Superior, to name a few). 
  • 43% of states will dress up as heroes and villains this year, and Spider-Man and Harley Quinn are the most popular costumes by a landslide. Nine states are set to sport spidey suits, and people in seven states are planning on throwing their hair in blue and red pigtails ala Harley Quinn.
  • As if 2020 wasn’t spooky enough, New Jersey and North Carolina opted to go as Pennywise, Stephen King’s infamous, evil clown.
  • Animals are always a class favorite (ever seen Mean Girls?) but this year the category didn’t do so hot. Only eight states searched for four-legged costumes, with only mice and dinosaurs (ahem, an extinct animal) making the cut. 
  • Usual Halloween staples, like spiders and bats, already had their share of the limelight, apparently. 
  • Dinosaurs, while only popular in three states, will be popular this Halloween in Iowa, Missouri, and Wyoming—all rural states with lots of open land. (Is there something these states aren’t telling us?) 
  • Don’t be surprised if you see people in DC running around in whiskers and mouse ears. The city ranks 5th in the nation worst for mice infestation. Maybe DC locals miss seeing their furry friends on their once-frequent Metro commutes. 
  • Mythical creatures are the least popular costume category, with only six states interested in diving into the world of fantasy. You’d think given 2020’s chaos Americans would want to escape reality, but maybe Americans are just itching to get back to normalcy.
  • Usually popular, the angel costume only topped the charts in two states (maybe an indication of 2020’s bleak outlook. If you want to stand out from the crowd this year, angels are a safe bet.

List of popular Halloween costumes by state

Rhode IslandClown
HawaiiHarley Quinn
IdahoHarley Quinn
IllinoisHarley Quinn
IndianaHarley Quinn
NebraskaHarley Quinn
New HampshireHarley Quinn
New MexicoHarley Quinn
New JerseyPennywise
North CarolinaPennywise
District of ColumbiaMouse
South DakotaMouse
North DakotaSpiderman
South CarolinaSpiderman
New YorkWitch
West VirginiaWitch

What are you wearing this Hallow’s Eve?

Whether you go for Pennywise or an angel, a mask-donning princess or fully-cloaked Spider-Man, make sure to avoid your state’s most popular costume (unless you want to twin with your friends).

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