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For nearly 30 years, Jennifer Lopez has been a fixture in American culture. Although she’s done everything from music to producing to directing, many of us love J.Lo for her star turns in several classic rom-coms. 

J.Lo rose to fame in 1997, when she played the titular role in Selena, but her rom-com career didn’t start until 2001 when she played opposite Matthew McConaughey in The Wedding Planner. Since then, she has starred in 10 rom-coms, with her 11th romantic feature, Shotgun Wedding, due out this year. With her newest movie on the way, the team at All Home Connections decided to find the most searched J.Lo rom-com in each state. 

Each State’s Most Googled J.Lo Rom-Com

To find each state’s most searched J.Lo rom-com, we first gathered a list of J.Lo’s rom-coms using IMDb and excluding movies where she is not the lead role. From there, we used SEMrush to find the search volume for each movie. Finally, we used Google Trends to determine which movie is searched the most in each state.

 Interesting Findings

  • Out of Sight was the most Googled rom-com in 18 states, making it the most searched movie in the most states.
  • The second most searched movie in the most states is Monster-in-Law, with 11 states Googling it the most.
  • Marry Me, which came out in early 2022, was the most searched in six states.
  • J.Lo’s new movie Shotgun Wedding was searched the most in four states, making it the fourth most searched J.Lo rom-com in the most states.

Most Successful J.Lo Rom-Coms, Ranked

After finding the most searched J.Lo rom-com in each state, we decided to rank each rom-com based on their overall success rates. To generate a ranking system (1–10, with 1 as the best and 10 as the worst), we considered five variables and assigned each rom-com a value according to their importance:

  1. IMDb Fans’ Score (50%): The IMDb fans’ score for each of the 10 rom-coms. 
  2. Tomatometer (15%): The Rotten Tomatoes ‘Tomatometer’ is a score calculated by reviews of approved critics.  
  3. Global Gross (15%): The amount that each movie grossed worldwide. 
  4. Audience Score (10%): Calculated from ratings submitted to Rotten Tomatoes by users. 
  5. Search Volume (10%): The search volume of each movie calculated by SEMrush. 

Once we identified the most important variables, we calculated a score for each film based on the weighted values shown above. 

From our ranking system, we determined that Shall We Dance? (2004) is the most successful J.Lo movie. The 2004 film has the best scores on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, and it also generated the highest gross. 

Most Searched J.Lo Rom-Com per State

StateJ.Lo Rom-com
AlabamaMarry Me
AlaskaThe Back-Up Plan
ArizonaOut of Sight
ArkansasShotgun Wedding
CaliforniaOut of Sight
ColoradoOut of Sight
ConnecticutOut of Sight
FloridaOut of Sight
GeorgiaShotgun Wedding
HawaiiMarry Me
IdahoShall We Dance?
IndianaOut of Sight
IowaSecond Act
KentuckyShotgun Wedding
MaineThe Wedding Planner
MassachusettsMarry Me
MichiganOut of Sight
MinnesotaOut of Sight
MississippiOut of Sight
MissouriThe Wedding Planner
MontanaWhat to Expect When You're Expecting
New HampshireMonster-in-Law
New JerseyOut of Sight
New MexicoMaid in Manhattan
New YorkOut of Sight
North CarolinaOut of Sight
North DakotaSecond Act
OhioShotgun Wedding
OregonOut of Sight
PennsylvaniaOut of Sight
Rhode IslandMonster-in-Law
South CarolinaOut of Sight
South DakotaMonster-in-Law
TennesseeOut of Sight
UtahMarry Me
VermontMarry Me
VirginiaOut of Sight
WashingtonOut of Sight
West VirginiaWhat to Expect When You're Expecting
WisconsinMarry Me

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