Our Female-Led Superhero Movie Challenge Winner has Spoken

Female Superhero Dream Challenge Winner Announcement

Quinn Fluet: A Ruthlessly Honest Movie Critic 

Fluet was thorough and detailed in his review of each movie. He called out when CGI fell flat, provided (at times) scathing commentary of actors’ performance, and noted when a movie missed the mark on the whole “feminist” thing. 

He was well-spoken in his video reviews, he paid meticulous attention to detail, and he was brutally honest—which we loved. It’s evident in his breakdown of each film that he’d thought deeply about each movie’s plot as he was able to pinpoint each film’s pits and peaks. Also, his hair—almost suspiciously—always looked perfectly well-coiffed in each video…but that’s by the by.  

Action movie junkie and film afficionado aside, the reason he was born for the role is because he’s a true feminist. He’s Team Female Superhero, and he—like us—is grateful that female action heroes are getting movies of their own.  

If Fluet had it his way, female characters would always be represented and written as fully-realized people in film—not sexualized objects. In a perfect world, women would be humans; they’d be complicated and flawed instead of seemingly simple or naively perfect. In one video, Fluet remarked that we should represent women in films as the people they are around us, and, well, we couldn’t agree with him more. 

If you want to see him speak to the ins and outs of plot lines, poor casting, and missed opportunities in character development, check out his end of challenge recap video

Here’s How He Ranked Each Movie 

1. X-Men: Dark Phoenix

2. Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey

3. Elektra 

4. Wonder Woman 

5. Captain Marvel (2019)

6. Catwoman

Here’s Why He Loved X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Fluet loved X-Men: Dark Phoenix for many reasons, but he enjoyed the fact that the film felt like a comic book most: it balanced the dark and campy perfectly and maintained tension throughout the movie’s entirety.

Our winner loved that the movie wasn’t afraid of letting its characters be more questionable too. The protagonist, Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix, faced an internal battle which allowed for unique character development. The other actors in the movie were able to play around with their characters more, too. 

Fluet also thought the casting was bang on. Unlike critics who scrutinized Sophie Turner’s take on Jean Grey, he thought she hit the nail on the head. Our guy was also impressed with the film’s visuals. He liked that the film wasn’t as generic as most action movies are, and he enjoyed the film’s portrayal of space as quiet/silent.

But X-Men: Dark Phoenix wasn’t completely perfect. According to Fluet, the costumes were a total let down, and the alien villains were lazy, uninteresting, and a ding to the movie overall. 

Here’s Why Catwoman Wasn’t His Jam 

We’re just going to dive right in on this one. Fluet thought that “Halle Berry deserved better.” According to his analysis, the movie was the most sexist flick on the list. It featured one too many body shots of Patience (Berry), and every female character in the movie save for one mentioned sex at least once. (Again, one too many.)

In another movie he reviewed, Elektra, he noted that Elektra’s costume was “basically lingerie,” meanwhile her male counterparts were fully clothed. He shared similar sentiments about Patience’s skin-tight, low-cut costume, too. 

In his words, Catwoman’s script felt as though it was written by a man who is deeply out of touch with women. Scenes of female characters conversing among each other were completely misconstrued, and the way in which Catwoman used her sexualization as a weapon was demeaning. 

Beyond all that, he felt the film’s lighting was harsh and that the 2000 score bogged down the whole movie.

Want to Watch Female-Led Superheroes?

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